bartholomew hospital

Okay, I went ahead and did something SUPER geeky …

I was running around London in ‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’, when I saw a landmark marked as, “St. Bartholomew’s Hospital”, which I recognized as being the famous hospital that Sherlock jumped to his “death” from, in BBC Sherlock Season 2.

I decided to investigate the building, and try and find the exact spot that Sherlock jumped from.

AND LO AND BEHOLD, not only did I find the exact spot, YOU CAN PERFORM A LEAP OF FAITH FROM THE SAME SPOT. O___O I dunno if the game’s creators did this intentionally as a nod to the Sherlock TV series, or if it’s just a happy coincidence.

Either way, it’s confirmed – Sherlock is one of the Brotherhood! He probably has a hidden blade inside his violin or something


Guess where this hoe was today, that’s right I went to Bart’s, I found so may awesome notes written there! And none of them were Sherlolly #faithinhumanityrestored tho some of them were Sheriarty and there was a Hannilock ????????? there were lots of s4 quotes , all of them are Ew (especially those who quoted Mary’s second dvd, wtf(tho the “I know what you could become” part is p good but no-one wrote that so eh)) except, of course, it is what it is, which is just s a d ,,,, also, the building opposite to Bart’s isn’t the one we see in TRF which is really weird???????? Anyways, I’ll hopefully visit more Sherlock locations in the next 9 days!

Prequal - Another Dr. Blake Mysteries drabble

This is in response to @it-is-bugs drabble challenge. Here ya go @crinklybrownleaves This is from Lucien’s point of view to go with the first prequel challenge  here.

Lucien walked up the drive toward his childhood home and his dying father. The rock that had been sitting in the pit of his stomach seemed to grow heavier as he approached the front door. He may not have the closest relationship with his father, but he was still his father and may well be the last relative he had on Earth.

When his father told him he was dying, Lucien had promised to come home, live in this house, and take over the surgery. It was not a promise Lucien intended to keep. He had only agreed so his father would have peace at the end of his life.  Lucien was in line to become the youngest ever chief of Surgery at St. Bartholomew’s hospital in London, and he had every intention of filling the position as soon as his father died. 

He would let the housekeeper his father was so fond of live out the rest of her days in the house.  Despite all of his faults, Lucien Blake was an extremely loyal man.  He knew the housekeeper had taken very good care of his father, and had probably been the reason Lucien had not had to make this journey much sooner. 

Lucien stood on the doorstep and took a deep breath before knocking on the door.  He had always pictured the housekeeper to be a bit old and rather frumpy, so he was surprised at how quickly his knock was answered.

As the door swung open, Lucien’s jaw almost dropped to the ground.  The woman holding the door was rather slim and absolutely beautiful.  Lucien had always been an observant man and had been trained to see people through any disguises they may wear or facades they may create.  Despite her work clothes, minimal makeup and practical hairstyle, Lucien immediately recognized that this woman was extraordinary.

As he felt something stir deep inside his body - something that had been dormant for years – he had to remind himself that, as far as he knew, he was still a married man. Still, there was just something about this woman.

He was vaguely aware that she had asked if she could help him.  He took off his hat and finally looked into her eyes to introduce himself.  God, look at those eyes.

For whatever reason, the housekeeper looked every bit as flustered as he felt. He supposed it was because he arrived earlier than expected, and the small noise he heard coming from her throat must be one of surprise.  As he walked past her and down the hall, Lucien thought he might stay in Ballarat a little longer than he had originally planned.

I apologize if Chief of Surgery is not the correct title.  I tried to find the position on the hospital’s website, but had no luck. 

full name: John Hamish Watson
other names:   Johnny, Johnny Boy, Doctor Watson, Watson, Boswell, Bachelor John Watson, Confirmed Bachelor John Watson
title:  Dr., MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine ), MRCGP ( Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners )
age:   36-43 ( verse dependent )
gender: Cis male
sexuality: Bisexual
origin: Chelmsford, Essex
current location: Marylebone district, London  
nationality: British
ethnicity:  Caucasian
spoken languages:  English, bit of French, some Arabic
height: piss off 5’6 /169cm )
body type:  short, average to fit
eyes: blue/gray
tattoos: one ( RAMC logo on his right upper arm )
piercings: none
scars: left shoulder
educational background: King Edward VI Grammar School (Chelmsford), King’s College (London), Broomfield Hospital (Chelmsford), University College Hospital (London), St. Bartholomew’s Hospital (London)     
social media:  Facebook (but uses it rarely), his blog
smoking: no
drinking: has been known to enjoy the occasional tumbler of whisky pint
drugs: no
athletics: jogging, boxing
hobbies: writing, going to the local
virgin: no
favorite drink: english breakfast, whisky
favorite food: sausage and mash
favorite music: classic rock
clothing style: old school, pragmatic, good quality/well-made
underwear type:  boxers and boxer-briefs

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So today I was in London and stopped by St Barts because the girlfriend hadn’t visited it yet

It was nice to see the phonebox is still full of messages, notes, artwork and all kinds of things from sherlockians worldwide-in fact it filled me with pride to see it’s still going after I was among the very first people to leave something there (it was a sticky label with ‘we believe in sherlock holmes’ on it, no longer there sadly.

However it upset me to see people have started actually writing on the wall of St Barts again, so this is a polite message to remind people to not do this. This is the reason the phonebox notes started because they can easily be removed without damaging the building or surrounding area, we wanted to leave a message too but do it respectfully. Actually writing on the building is vandalism and is ruining an iconic building and more importantly it’ll give fans a bad reputation. The messages in the phonebox are sweet, but if you’re going to make the effort to bring a pen, bring paper and some blue tack-don’t write on the box itself or the building. It’s more of a pain for people to clean off. Honestly it’s really upset me that members of this fandom think writing on a building as old as St Barts is an okay thing to do. Guys, I’m really disappointed.

Patient Care

Alecus was finishing up with a cancer patient in one room when he heard a commotion in the other. He could feel the panic from here, and heard yelling. He hurriedly went over to see if he could help.

He found a young man, who looked only a few years younger than himself, flailing against the doctors’ grips and looking terrified and angry. Alec rushed to his side.

“Hey,” he murmured softly, putting the slightest bit of power into his voice to help calm him. “Sir, it’s all right. You’re at Bartholomew Hospital in San Francisco, you’re safe.”