Working Girl.

I have this customer who is one of the most outspokenly sexist and offensive men I’ve ever met, and I’ve been bar tending, and generally existing, for a long time. I try to avoid going over to his side of the bar because I know I will hear something I don’t want to. Despite his generally upbeat and friendly demeanor, he is condescending, makes comments about my body, does not hide the fact that me being smart is surprising, tells me I should do porn, and told me I’m not smart enough to keep a man but I am hot enough to at least get one. He likes to spread his offenses out though so he’s also racist; he says white girls shouldn’t get tattoos on their legs because only black girls do that and I shouldn’t want to look like them. Just, like, a real winner.

But he tips an outrageous amount. I’m talking above 50% on average for relatively high bills considering he always comes in alone (not too surprised though, are we?)

Bar tending and serving are kind of like low-grade prostitution jobs and this guy really reminds me of that every time he walks in. I could refuse to serve him and explain to him why, but I don’t. I make it clear I don’t want to hear whatever offensive thing he has to say, but I serve him his alcohol and I make small talk and I take his money. Am I winning or is he?