TGIF? Check out the Bartendro and ShotBot!

A modular and open-source cocktail dispensing robot called Bartendro has launched on Kickstarter this week looking to make the jump from concept to production.

The device is run via a Raspberry Pi connected to a router board, which then is connected to up to 15 of what the creators call ‘dispensers’. 

These are peristaltic pumps that dispense a certain amount of liquid with each rotation of their motor. 

Custom electronics let the dispensers know how much liquid to pour. A standard RJ-45 cable is used to connect the dispensers and the custom electronics to the Raspberry Pi. 

To get started, users simply connect to a WiFi network called Bartendro and go to a web browser. 

Regardless of the web address they type, they’ll be directed to Bartendro’s main drink menu screen, where they can select the alcoholic beverage of their choice.