75ml gin
75ml raspberry vodka
75ml triple sec
50ml tequila
4 litres of lemonade

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Unlikely friendship (open rp)

it was a sad and rainy night as Vanessa sat at the front counter of the lonely bar. It seemed partially empty other than the two bartenders and the small group of people in the back. The news reported looked around for her partner waiting for them to arrive.

A tall brunette walks through the doors carrying her umberella. The woman looks around before making her way to the counter.
“Please don’t let this bitch sit next to me.” Vanessa mumbled. The woman approached and stood next to her. Excuse me I’d like a drink please.“

(Anyone wanna play bartender?)

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any fics/one shots where Louis is a bartender?? Thanks! You're fab :)

Hopefully you’ll enjoy those, love! :)

No One Does It Better

once like a spark

I No Longer Feel I Have To Be James Dean

Like Everything That’s Green

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Bartender Harry: Your Silhouette Over Me


{bartender, Graze Restaurant}  bartending is a challenge, a grind, an adrenaline rush, fun, boring, a creative outlet, a work out.  bartenders are gatekeepers, babysitters, enablers, corrupters, pleasure-mongers, bouncers, entertainers, therapists.  the best ones can do six things at once, remember even more, look good, and still smile and be nice.  


How to open a beer with a lighter!  This always comes in handy.

More Bartending mechanics here:

Bartending Mechanics