Hey everyone! I’m excited to share with you a bird art project: Decembird!

Justine (the other Bartels Intern and astoundingly great bird/wildlife artist–website here) and I were discussing developing a little birdy challenge for ourselves in December, since Inktober was so much fun. It morphed into the challenge you see above, and we realized other bird-inclined artists (or people who want to get better at birds!) might enjoy it, too. You can use the prompt list if you like, but the important thing is to have 31 drawings of birds by the time 2017 rolls around.

Inspired by Jake Parker’s fantastic Inktober challenge, Decembird invites you have fun making birdy art and to grow as an artist. Tag your Decembirds with #Decembird and #decembird2016 if you want to take part!

I look forward to getting better at birds with you! :)