“In this series you will see one woman, an average young professional, depicted in routine daily situations. The concept of male entitlement is represented by male arms and hands performing a variety of actions that are overwhelmingly intrusive on her body and her life. In each situation she maintains a blank expression, a visual choice that demonstrates how conditioned we as women have become to accept this atmosphere as excusable and even normal.”

“Boundaries” by Allaire Bartel


Illustrations by Annie Stegg, Jen Bartel, Elsa Chang  Cuddly Rigor MortisTara Nicole Whitaker, Heather Franzen RuttenEva Vilhelmiina EskelinenRovina Cai & Rich Pellegrino.

Part of the Through Dangers Untold: A Labyrinth 30th Anniversary art show, now open at Gallery Nucleus. Artwork available HERE.