Jaime and Bart from Young Justice! 

I thought I really loved the first season’s cast, but then Impulse appeared, and he’s so sweet and awesome. Kind of amazing to he was able to keep a friendship with Jaime, knowing his backstory… But I love friendship stories so hey, it’s even more awesome. I really loved the scene of these two breaking rocks, it was adorable. Just like the rest of the show… Would have been cool to see what would have happened with a third season…

Also, Jaime needs to work on his wardrobe… a bunch of hoodies and dark colors, haha. And his shoes are just black. A big, shoe-shaped block of black. Even a guy from some apocalyptic-type world has a better fashion sense.

This picture took a while, and they still aren’t quite right, but that’s ok. I actually like it, for the most part. Was also somewhat emulating the show’s style, but not totally. 

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The Best Two: Fanfic (Bluepulse)

The Best Two

So this is my first shot at a real BluePulse story.

I read a book a bit ago, and I’ve just wanted to write a BluePulse fic based on it since I reached its last page.

I do not own Young Justice.

Hope you enjoy!

WARNING: Some coarse language, adult themes and slash pairing (BluePulse)

“So, how do you say ‘I love you’?”

The black-haired boy tried to force his upturning lip corners down, staring at his plate of food. He furrowed his brow, “I’ve told you a billion times before; you’d think you would have caught on by now, ese.”

Bart pouted, taking out a small book from his backpack. He flicked through it with speed, stopping abruptly on a blue page. Clearing his throat and smiling, he nudged Jaime with his sockless foot, “J-Je tu aim? Aime? Je t’aime.” Bart struggled to read orally, pausing for a few moments after he had managed to sound out the phrase. He then beamed, looking to his boyfriend for praise.

Jaime rolled his eyes, and moved his fork around his plate, “That’s French, hermano.”

Bart opened his mouth in mock surprise, before smirking, “I know. Language of love, remember?” His eyebrows did a little dance, before coming to rest above his bright eyes.

Jaime snorted, “You’re so cheesy, man.”

The auburn nodded in agreement, before shuffling off his seat, taking his bag with him. “I’m just gonna go throw this into your room and get changed, m’kay? Thank your mom for dinner.” He paced off, up the stairs, before Jaime could even mumble an okay.

Jaime slurped up the rest of his pasta, hoisting Bart’s plate up as he left for the kitchen.

His mother was washing the dishes in the sink. “Thanks Mami.” Jaime smirked, placing the dirty dishes into the accumulating, somewhat heaping pile, next to his mom.

The woman looked his way, beaming at him, “No problem Son.” She looked around his shoulder, standing on tiptoe to do so, before looking at him in surprise, “Where’s your novio de?”

Jaime looked behind himself, before shrugging, “Upstairs, probably trashing my room. I better go find him.” He turned on his heel, stopping in the doorway and clutching onto the frame, “He says thank you, by the way.” He continued out, leaving his mother to hum to herself as she wet another plate.

The Hispanic had just about reached the stairs before the doorbell rung. He half contemplated letting his sister get it, but he guessed the person on the other side wanted to talk to someone urgently- they began to knock hastily.

Jaime got to the door in two large strides. He pulled, groaning slightly as it stuck. After another try, it threw open, and Jaime was looking into the eyes of someone hereally didn’t want to see.

He forced a smile, motioning for the girl to come in. “Nice to see you, Rosa.”

The delicate form before him was pushing a stroller. She left it beside the door, taking a seat on the tattered Reyes couch after slipping out of her gray boots. Jaime sat opposite her, wringing his hands, “Can I help you with something, Amiga?”

Rosa smiled, her dark brown ringlets somewhat obscuring her face from his. She sighed, before looking over at the pram. Jaime followed her gaze, before grimacing slightly.

“Who are you babysitting for?” He queried, snapping his eyes away from the gurgling, squirming body sat in the buggy. He really hoped it wouldn’t get saliva on the floor.

The girl pushed her hair away from her face, exposing sad, dark eyes. “For myself, Jaime. It’s my daughter.”

Jaime gawked at the girl in shock. Instantly, he began to judge her. She, like him, was only 18. She wouldn’t get to go to college (a dream of Jaime’s), her dating pool was severely restricted, and her life was pretty much over. He glanced back at the baby, who craned its neck from its spot to smile at him.

You have a daughter?” He finally spat out, clutching his legs and leaning forwards to look at the teen in disbelief. It was really difficult to believe that someone as goody-goody as Rosaline, would have a child that looked over a year old.

Rosa rolled her eyes, before softening her stare, “We have a daughter, Jaime.” She stressed her words, quickly looking away from the boy.

Jaime stood up from his spot, shaking his head. “That’s impossible, Rosa! We dated when we were 16- for like, four months!”

The girl stood as well, crossing her arms over her chest, “And in case you’ve forgotten, we were quite reckless while dating, hence why we broke up!”

Jaime gaped at her, shaking his head once more, rolling down his sleeves and taking a shallow breath, “Is this a sick joke?” He’d been with Rosa for such a short time; everything had happened so fast. She’d just been someone who happened to be interested when Jaime was going through a tough phase in his life.

Jaime had just wanted to try to like girls.

She hadn’t been much help. In fact, she’d just helped Jaime see that he definitely would never date a girl again.

Rosa exhaled slowly, completely calm, “No, Jaime. I’m telling the truth. You were the last and only guy I was with.”

“Are you here to collect child support? Or shout at me for not being there? Heck, you didn’t even tell me! You just disappeared off the face of the earth one day- so don’t try to yell at me now!” He glanced around the room, scared that his voice had been too loud. The last thing he needed was his mother rushing in to interrogate them both.

The girl closed her eyes, her thick dark eyelashes cutting off above her nose. They fluttered a moment later, and Rosa was watching Jaime once more. She strolled over to the child, placing a shaking hand to the stroller handle, “No, Jaime. I’m not going to do any of that. The day I chose not to tell you, I decided I wouldn’t throw you into this mess either. When I found out, I ran off to live with my Grandmother in California. I was in the area today and just decided to drop by.”

Jaime sat back down, holding his head in his hands. Rosa rubbed her eyes, before tapping back over to him, and bending down in front of him. “I know this is sudden; but I need to go to my parent’s house. I’m not ready to tell them about Maria. Can I leave her here for a few hours?”

Jaime looked up at her, nodding. His mouth was too dry to give her a coherent answer. He supposed it was the least he could do.

Rosa grinned, “Gracias, Jaime!” She paused, before grimacing, “It’s really tough for me, you know.”

Jaime didn’t reply, his eyes completely glazed over as a million thoughts whizzed around in his confused mind. His ex-girlfriend rushed over to the pram, kissing the child on its forehead. “I’ll text you later, Jaime. See you!” Without further waiting, she let herself out, loosely shutting the door behind herself.

Mierda.” Jaime whispered, barely noticing how he quivered. He stood up, swaying due to the weakness in his legs, and looked at the thing in the pram. “Thank God this is only for a few hours.”


“Dude, I’ve been up in your room for like four hours! Where are you?” Bart sauntered down the stairs, missing the last few steps and jumping onto the wooden floor. His attention was instantly caught by the smell of baby wipes and the sight of a few baby toys strew across the floor. Jaime was sitting amidst the mess, holding a child in his arms. He wasn’t interacting with it; in fact, he was just gazing at the wall. His jaw was clenched; Bart could tell the guy wasn’t enjoying himself.

The speedster skipped over to the duo, crouching down and smiling at the child, which shook its rattle and squealed as it looked at him. Jaime snapped out of his trance, holding the child out to his partner, “Give me a break?” He pleaded softly.

Bart let a concerned look drift upon his features, before taking the child and sitting down in the blue, tartan armchair across the room. “She’s adorable, Jaime. Is this some cousin I don’t know of?” He began to bounce his leg up and down, smiling eagerly as the child clapped its hands.

“She’s related.” Jaime muttered, more to himself.

Bart perked up, turning the child around to face him. “What’s her name? How old is she?”

Jaime scowled, “You’re incredibly excited by it, aren’t you?” He snapped slightly, not bothering to apologize.

The redhead raised an eyebrow, “Don’t get sensitive on me, amee-gow. I was just-“

Jaime’s phone buzzed and he threw himself at it.

It was a message from Rosa.

He quickly opened it, skimmed its contents, and then kicked the couch in front of him in anger. “That perra!” Jaime spat, clutching his head. He sighed after a few fury fuelled moments, “Pardon me.” He felt guilty and appalled by his choice of wording that he had used to describe the poor, obviously delusional girl.

Bart stood up, holding the child tight to himself. “Is everything okay, Jaime?”

Everything was NOT okay. The mother of the child in the room had sent Jaime a short text;

It’s too hard for me, Jaime. I don’t want to do this; but I really can’t care for her anymore. I’ve left cash and all her documents in a plastic pocket in her baby bag. I’m really sorry Jaime, but from his moment on I’m cutting off all contact.

Jaime’s breath hitched, and he glared at the fidgeting kid his boyfriend was carrying. He shut his eyes, trying to take in a deep breath.

He didn’t want to cry. He couldn’t cry.

He felt a hot droplet squeeze out of one of his eyes, and he bit his lip angrily. There- he’d already failed the first step. He thought about what that meant for future prospects. Surely if he, a man, couldn’t even keep himself from sobbing, he’d most certainly fail everything else.

He’d never felt so lost in his whole life.

It’s not REALLY a cliff-hanger. Right? Hehe.

I hoped you enjoyed enough, or it left some sort of imprint in your minds.

Thanks for reading!


Jaime..... WHY?!?!





Young Justice FanFiction

Prompt: It was always the wrong time…..
Dick/Babs Jaime/Bart Wally/artemis
I found 3 differant ways to interpert this prompt from graysonsflight so wrote them all with diff pairings
They oviously take place at differant points in the series but I think its pretty clear.

Dick/Babs - Love
Dick wanted some alone time with Babs. But they both had school, friends and being part of the team. Even if Babs found some free time, Dick had to be with the team.
They tried to be together many times.
One day Batgirl came to the wearhouse on her bike to hangout with the boys. But mostly to see Dick. He was busy with alien tech but he took a break to watch TV with her on the couch. But it barely lasted an hour because Superboy, and Beastboy came back so they were’t really “alone”.
Sometimes they would meet up at Wayne manor. When they did that Tim would always come in and ask Alfred to being them all snacks. It was fun and they both loved Tim and Alfred with all their hearts but than and there that love didn’t want to be shared. They just wanted eachother but it was always the wrong time.

Jaime/Bart- Communication
Bart had always had trouble keeping things to himself. He loved the feeling of talking. He loved any quicks movements at all. But sometimes opening his big mouth gets him into trouble.
Why did he tell Jaime so soon? He was glad that Canary knew because he trusted her. But he didn’t think he could trust them all. There was just no way. Canary he knew was good. Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl too. And Blue Beetle, well he knew Jaime Reyes was a good person. A very good and very likeable person. But the scarab didn’t seem to be.
If only Jaime had waited though. Given him more time to think. Make a plan. But regardless. It was always the wrong time to open his big mouth.

Wally/Artemis- written purely for humor (kinda cheesy)
For Christmas two years earlier Artemis ha gotten Wally a watch. Not that she thought he’d ever be that late, but it was nice and always good to know the time. Regardles Wally acctually started being late to things.
They were supposed to meet up for pizza at 6. He came at 6:30.
The next week he was supposed to get home from the library at 7:00 he got home at 7:45.
Eventually he started being an hour late to everything. It was getting annoying.
Artemis asked him why he was so late and he said he wasn’t holding up his wrist.
Artemis took his wrist and looked at the watch. She rolled her eyes.
“Wally!” She said now laughing “the battery’s almost dead! The watch will its always the wrong time on the watch!”
“Well than its a good thing im a speedster.” Wally said smiling.

The End