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West-Allen Family Fancast

these are admittedly less-than-inspired choices, but here are some fancasts I can’t get out of my head for the members of the West-Allen family and those who are important to them.

I can’t believe they literally want to coincide the date Iris is supposed to die with the upcoming break.

From what I hear, after this week, The Flash is on break until April 25th, which would land the 23rd episode (AKA the season finale) on May 23rd, 2017, the date in the future that Barry saw Iris die.


Fam, it’s gonna be one hell of a season finale.

Everyone from N52/Rebirth : Tim Drake is an amazing Genius™ who can build anything and has done amazing innovations that even the most hardcore DC Scientist Geniuses™ can’t understand. He is so awesome he thought of putting mini computers in his gloves and it’s really useful when fighting with a staff. He’s also such a Good Person™ he wants everyone to be helped under the BatBrand. He has amazing Relationships™ with people and he can connect with others since they almost only talk about him. That’s the real and most awesome Tim Drake eVeR..

PreN52! Kon-El & Bart Allen : Okay….Sounds fake but okay

is anyone else really concerned by the video max landis posted on instagram where he’s just. doing weird stuff with a stick but they’re filming and people are screaming in the background. all the caption says is “this will make sense later” which part max?? the screams?? the stick?? what is going on

Dirk’s “power” as I understand it

This deserved it’s own post. 

Dirk is the Universe’s tool, same as Bart. Right? The Universe sends Bart to kill people that the world needs killed, who otherwise wouldn’t be stopped. That’s pretty simple.

Dirk is a bit more complicated, but similar.

Dirk is kind of, circumstantially, coincidentally, and conveniently clairvoyant. Thats a lot of alliteration but I’m serious. He knows things about the situations he’s adjacently involved in, if and when The Universe needs him to know.

He says a lot of things that seem strange and random, and if The Universe needs him to be right, he is. Like he was about the dog being Lydia (but wrong about the hypnosis). There are several more times when he rambles and one or two things (usually the more innocuous and out there) are correct. 

He’s not “psychic” in the classic sense. We can see this because he can’t complete any of the simple tests administered by Black Wing. Yet somehow, he knew what Todd had drawn on the napkin. That’s weird right? Because that’s a similar test to those at Black Wing, and it seems like his “power” cannot be forced. So how and why did he know about the cowboy drawing? I think because The Universe needed Dirk to know what Todd had drawn so that Todd would stick with Dirk. And so Dirk knew.

At Black Wing his powers don’t work. The tests are meaningless, and thus isn’t granted any insight into the solutions. Plus the tests are for HIM, to test Him, and his power cannot be used for himself. Dirk has said so himself. 

That’s what separates Todd’s “test” from the tests at Black Wing. Dirk knew what Todd had drawn because Todd needed him to know, and Todd was needed for the case to be solved.

Which brings me to this: Dirk’s power CAN be used by others! If someone hires him on a case The Universe will grant him the understanding to solve the case! Not right away of course, bits and pieces, only at the right time, usually at moments that are simultaneously convenient and inconvenient. Because then he is connected to but not the center of the events. 

Did I make sense?

I love how the three main male leads (Estevez excluded as he’s a police officer) are never narratively punished or made into a joke for not being naturally good at fighting and for deliberately trying to avoid conflict.

Todd manages to get a good few punches in against the cultists, but he doesn’t stand a chance against the Rowdy 3. He actively defines himself as a caretaker by means of his relationship with Amanda (and everything he does to keep her safe). Ken is visibly distressed when Bart murders people but his response is never presented as unreasonable or something to be ashamed of. Dirk’s got a history with the military and seems to fall apart when faced with violence (the times he fights back, he fights back with words rather than fists). But we’re never told that Dirk’s victimization at the hands of the CIA is his own fault. For better or worse, whether an active choice or not, he’s survived thirty-odd years without learning to throw a punch and it’ll be interesting to see whether any of this changes in season two.

Okay, TBH Dirk Gently has the most awesome depictions of friendship and people in general I’ve ever seen, and here’s why -
They show us that Bart kills people and doesn’t care, by movie/tv law she should “logically” be the bad guy, and ditto for Ken. But they’re not. They’re both super cute and sweet (*cough* and totally shippable *cough*), but that doesn’t stop Bart from killing, she doesn’t end the series a reformed person. She’s just better.

Amanda is the character who could easily be pitiable, her whole struggle is battling her disease. But she gets rid of her scary hallucinations in a couple episodes, and her real development is that she learns that just because someone is family, doesn’t make them worth your time and just because someone isn’t traditionally nice or because they’re not an angel on your shoulder doesn’t mean they won’t look out for you or that you can’t make your own choices. The Rowdy Three are the cutest lil shits too. Not just with Amanda, but they are overprotective and close - not family, again. In DGHDA, ohana doesn’t mean jack. It’s the people you choose who’re important.

Farah, Dirk and Todd are also such great characters. None of them are perfect, and you could even say, as with Bart and Ken, that they’re objectively bad. But they’re all still standing, and they all feel real. It’s a testament to the actors and the writing that these characters, despite being very flawed, are likeable. They are sweet, they are funny, they are the sort of people we would love to know in real life. This is why I love Dirk Gently, because it can show how important friendships are and how unimportant what you’ve done in the past is to that, and I think that this will forever hold a place in my heart for that.