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I can’t believe they literally want to coincide the date Iris is supposed to die with the upcoming break.

From what I hear, after this week, The Flash is on break until April 25th, which would land the 23rd episode (AKA the season finale) on May 23rd, 2017, the date in the future that Barry saw Iris die.


Fam, it’s gonna be one hell of a season finale.

Okay, TBH Dirk Gently has the most awesome depictions of friendship and people in general I’ve ever seen, and here’s why -
They show us that Bart kills people and doesn’t care, by movie/tv law she should “logically” be the bad guy, and ditto for Ken. But they’re not. They’re both super cute and sweet (*cough* and totally shippable *cough*), but that doesn’t stop Bart from killing, she doesn’t end the series a reformed person. She’s just better.

Amanda is the character who could easily be pitiable, her whole struggle is battling her disease. But she gets rid of her scary hallucinations in a couple episodes, and her real development is that she learns that just because someone is family, doesn’t make them worth your time and just because someone isn’t traditionally nice or because they’re not an angel on your shoulder doesn’t mean they won’t look out for you or that you can’t make your own choices. The Rowdy Three are the cutest lil shits too. Not just with Amanda, but they are overprotective and close - not family, again. In DGHDA, ohana doesn’t mean jack. It’s the people you choose who’re important.

Farah, Dirk and Todd are also such great characters. None of them are perfect, and you could even say, as with Bart and Ken, that they’re objectively bad. But they’re all still standing, and they all feel real. It’s a testament to the actors and the writing that these characters, despite being very flawed, are likeable. They are sweet, they are funny, they are the sort of people we would love to know in real life. This is why I love Dirk Gently, because it can show how important friendships are and how unimportant what you’ve done in the past is to that, and I think that this will forever hold a place in my heart for that.


Left a note at st barts because that’s what people do… It’s the only note in the telephone box lmao, left straight above the phone! ❤️

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"I hope yall calm with this "everyone is out to use bts!" mentality during bbmas. don't make it awkward for bts to interact with other celebs maybe they met bts and discovered that they're lovely ppl so followed? or were interested in their music? stop assuming the worst every time" I understand Army's want to protect the boys from people like Bart baker and all but not everyone will be doing this to the boys. The only thing that matters is BTS having fun, enjoying their time (1/2)

Meeting their favs and everything. Army’s are the face of BTS so please be respectful to other western artists when they meet BTS. I don’t like chainsmokers but seeing BTS meeting them and they look so happy? I care about that a lot. (2/2)

Anonymous said: I’m honestly more annoyed by how whenever bts interacts with any American celeb y'all always accuse them of just using them (when half of them definitely don’t even need them for fame) Don’t you all realize that that’s only going to make artists keep a distance from them if every time army’s keep attacking them for dumb stuff like this. Kpop is still unpopular here so be happy that they’re possibly expanding their fan base by interacting with these celebs instead of alienating them

i completely understand everyone’s hesitance in trusting these celebrities true intentions… but you just gotta get over it. you want bts to get respected and recognized in the west, but then the second they’re pictured with someone well-known it’s “they’re leeches, just using our boys.” if you’re saying that a celeb can’t watch one of bts’ mvs and then become a fan, then how do you expect people to become fans of them in the first place? you don’t know maybe they were out there and chainsmokers saw dope, fire, or save me, and thought yo these guys make cool music and their dancing is sick – kind of just how we all did when we first got into bts. it doesn’t have to be automatically cynical. yes, there’s going to be opportunistic celebrities that try to get on with them bc of their fame, but people try to do that with every popular celebrity. it’s fine that bts are having fun and meeting their favorite artists. i just don’t get why people are jumping on them… especially an artist like chainsmokers who are plenty popular on their own, and if anything are introducing more people to bts than the other way around, by posting about them, and what’s negative about that?

If we assume that Dirk Gently takes place on a world that’s a giant computer trying to work out the question to the answer (42) then I think the Project Blackwing subjects are crucial to that function. Dirk finds problems in the programme solves them and sets everything back on track, Bart removes people interupting the programme and the Rowdy 3 remove excess energy that might led to a crash in the other psychics.
Dirk Gently is Earth’s anti-virus software.


get to know me meme: [5/5] favourite female actors ➩ Gillian Anderson 

Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need. ❞

Let Bart be a kid, and stop putting him in intimate relationships with older teens and adults. The development that happens over the teen years is RIDICULOUS and Bart, no matter how sharp he can be for a kid his age, is still a kid and WAY too young to be in a relationship with a 16-year-old.

Additionally, age-ups ultimately do not make the ship any less inappropriate, as they don’t change the fact that the ship was developed and popularized based on their canon ages: if you need to age them up in order to make the relationship ethical, it’s a relationship that you shouldn’t be glorifying anyway.

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not to be gay but what about a dirk gently star trek au


ok but dirk as the captain of a fleet ship (dirk as kirk ha) wearing yellow and zooming through the galaxy and just being excited to explore new things and find new races. farah as a vulcan (amen for black, female vulcans), the only one on the ship to be slightly level headed but who just happens to have an extensive knowledge of weapons and be a damn good shot with a phaser (look its for science ok). todd as the reluctant, grumpy chief engineer who doesn’t have the faintest clue how anything works and leaves all the fixing to his second in command ken so that he can traipse after dirk as he charges on to the latest planet. amanda and the rowdy 3 make up the pretty intimidating but also excellent med team, they may break bones but its only so they can set them properly, and amanda gets a real kick out of hypospraying people. bart as the ships navigator & pilot, who can never really tell you where theyre going, only that they’re 100% supposed to be wherever they end up (she’s also a klingon and still scares everyone on the bridge with some of her brutal ideas). maybe even have blackwing as a corrupt faction of the federation who are chasing down and manipulating dirk and his crew a la admiral marcus in into darkness??

theres so much you could do with this omg

Love is Confusing - Jaime Reyes x Bart Allen x Reader

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Requested by Anon- A Jaime x Bart x Reader imagine.

Requested by Anon -  Jaime and Bart being in a relationship, then meeting the reader and both of them being attracted to them. After talking they agree to try wooing the reader together and try to form a poly relationship.

“I still don’t understand why Nightwing assigned us to guard the outside of the building,” Bart complained for the fifth time. “If I was in there, I could save the senator dude in a flash.”

“Right ese,” Jaime answered, rolling his eyes. Even though, he loved Bart, sometimes he wished he would let things go.

Jaime and Bart were sent on a mission with Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Beast Boy to protect an important senator from a possible assassination attempt. When Bart and Jaime were assigned to watch the outside of the building from a park bench across the street, Bart was miffed. He claimed it was because Nightwing had it out for him, but Jaime knew it was simply because Bart was too energetic to follow the senator around all day. 

“I’m bored,” Bart lamented as he rapidly tapped his foot.  

“Bart, stop that,” Jaime ordered, placing his hand on Bart’s knee. Both boys were dressed as civilians. “You don’t want to blow our cover.”

Bart sighed, slumping over on the bench. “But I’m bored,” he grumbled before a frisky smile broke onto his face. “Maybe we should go find something better to do.”

Jaime frowned at him, unimpressed, but a blush burning onto his face proved he wasn’t too displeased. “We need to focus on the mission,” he reminded. 

“I’m totally feeling the mode,” Bart groaned making Jaime roll his eyes. Bart laid down on the bench, placing his feet in Jaime’s lap. Jaime’s face became even redder as people began to stare. 

Pushing Bart’s legs off of him, Jaime stood up and motioned him to follow. Bart obeyed, trotting next to Jaime with the enthusiasm of a puppy. 

“What are we doing?” Bart asked happily, glad to be moving at last. 

“We’re checking the perimeter for any sigh of someone entering the building,” Jaime answered as they both preceded around the block. Bart frowned at the tediousness of the task, but said nothing.

They were about halfway around the block when Bart started walking backwards. Jaime just smiled at him, not having the heart to scold him. Bart took Jaime’s smile as permission to start jogging backwards. He kept going faster and faster to the point Jaime had to run to catch up to him. Bart was so amused by Jaime’s expression that he failed to notice you.

“Bart, look out,” Jaime shouted as Bart ran right into you. You both fell to the ground with Bart landing on top of you. Jaime ran over to you as Bart scrambled off of you. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry,” Bart apologized rapidly as you groaned in pain. Jaime and Bart offered their hands. You took both, wincing as they pulled you into a standing position. 

Bart brushed you off while Jaime finally got a good look at your face. His heart skipped a beat. You were breath-taking. Bart stopped brushing you off, and looked into your face. His heart skipped a beat as well. 

“It’s alright,” you said as you checked yourself for any injury. “Accidents happen.” You glanced at the two boys only to find them both staring at you with stunned expressions. “Are you two okay?”

“Yeah…yeah, we’re fine,” Jaime coughed, clearing his head. 

“Crash,” Bart breathed, still staring at you. 

“Well, I’ll be going now,” you said, self-consciousness appeared on your face as you stepped away from the two boys. Just when you were almost out of reach, Jaime grabbed your arm.

“I’m Jaime, and this is Bart,” Jaime stammered, letting go of your arm once he had your attention. Bart continued to stare at you.

You studied them for a long moment before a tiny smile broke onto your face. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”  

“(Y/N),” Bart whispered, grinning wildly at you. You bit your lip, finding yourself wanted to smile right back at him. 

“I have to get going,” you stated, turning away from them. “It was nice meeting you.” With that, you were gone. 

Jaime and Bart stood there for several minutes, trying to recover from the shock of your beauty. “Were they real?” Bart asked, glancing at Jaime. He was surprised that Jaime had the same love-struck expression on his face. 

“Yeah, I think so,” Jaime replied softly, looking back at Bart. The two stared at each other for a moment. 

“Did you feel the same way I did about them?” Bart questioned after opening and closing his mouth several times in uncertainty. A blush burned onto Bart’s face as Jaime nodded in confirmation. 

“I don’t know what this means, because I’m in love with you, Bart,” Jaime responded with slight panic in his voice. “You can’t feel something like that for more than one person. It’s not right.”

“What do you mean it’s not right? People fall in love sometimes only once in their lives, so when you get the opportunity twice, you can’t pass it up,” Bart insisted, gesturing wildly. People started staring at them, so Jaime pulled Bart into an alleyway for some privacy. 

“Bart, you just met (Y/N). You can’t be in love with them,” Jaime protested, lowering his voice. 

Bart rolled his eyes. “I knew I loved you when I first met you, in this timeline anyway,” Bart admitted, making Jaime blush. 

“You did?” Jaime face was now completely red. A fluttering grew in his chest as Bart gazed at him with adoration. 

“Yeah, and I feel the same way about (Y/N). I know you felt the same way about them too. That’s why we have to act upon this now, Jaime,” Bart explained, pacing to satisfy his need to move. 

“Are you suggesting we try polyamory? I don’t know if (Y/N) is going to be cool with that, ese,” Jaime answered, eyes wide with the idea of asking you in his mind. He found he wasn’t against the idea as much as he initially thought.

“We don’t know if we don’t ask them, Jaime,” Bart replied. “Besides, then we would get a chance to see them again.”

Jaime pursed his lips, deep in thought. “Okay, we’ll try it,” Jaime agreed. Bart let out a cheer before super-speeding around Jaime. Jaime almost fell over from the wind, gasping, “Stop Bart. We’re undercover.” 

Bart slid to a halt. “Oh, right…” Suddenly, their comlinks beeped. 

“Blue, Impulse, where are you? The senator is under attack. We needed you five minutes ago,” Superboy barked through the comlink. Jaime and Bart looked at each other and winced before running off to help.

The next day, Jaime and Bart formed a plan. They used the Justice League’s computer to look up your address and phone number. Bart wanted to just call you, or randomly show up at your house, but Jaime stopped him by informing him that would be creepy. However, Jaime did let Bart leave flowers on your front step with a note from ‘secret admirers.’ 

Thus, it was decided with much debate that Jaime and Bart would ‘casually’ run into you again. After all, it was the best way to meet you again without making you feel like calling the police. 

“It’s simple, ese,” Jaime began as they waited outside the library. According to the security cameras they had Robin hack for them, you were inside. “We’re going to look like we’re talking, and when (Y/N) comes out…”

“…We’ll act like we’re surprised to see them, and then ask them out,” Bart finished, annoyed. “You have been telling me since we arrived.” 

“That’s because I’m afraid you’ll forget it,” Jaime interjected. Bart glared at him before shrugging his shoulders, admitting Jaime was probably right. 

Suddenly, you exited the library. Pausing on the stairs to place a book into your bag, Jaime and Bart nudged each other, trying to get the other one to approach. Eventually, Bart pushed Jaime forward. 

“Hey, (Y/N),” Jaime called out, making you jump in surprise. 

“Oh, Hi Jaime. Hi Bart,” you answered, pressing a hand against your heart to recover. “It’s nice to see you both again.”

“It’s really nice to see you again, (Y/N),” Bart said enthusiastically. You simply raised your eyebrows.

“So, you can form sentences now,” you commented, laughing when Bart blushed. “I’m kidding, Bart.”

“What are you doing here?” Jaime chimed in, blushing despite his determination not to. 

You gestured to your bag. “I had to pick up a few books,” you replied, smiling when Jaime and Bart nodded in unison. “Why are you two here?”

“We were just in the neighborhood…,” Jaime answered causally. 

“…Looking for you,” Bart interjected happily. Jaime smacked him on the shoulder as you frowned at them. 

“I told you not to say that,” Jaime whispered to Bart. Bart looked down in shame. “Now, we freaked them out.”

Laughter shook your body, shocking both Jaime and Bart. “You haven’t freak me out yet,” you chuckled, having overheard what Jaime had said. “Why were you looking for me?”

“We wanted to ask you out for a date,” Bart stammered when Jaime failed to speak. “With the both of us.” You froze, glancing between Bart and Jaime for any sigh of amusement. Instead, they both appeared nervous for your answer. 

“You both want to ask me out? At the same time?” you clarified, feeling a little uneasy. It felt like a prank, after all you only met these two once and that was when they knocked you to the ground.

“Si, (Y/N),” Jaime confirmed, taking Bart’s hand. “Bart and I have been dating for a while, and we love each other very much…”

“…But when we met you, we both felt attracted to you in a way that we have only felt for each other,” Bart finished, staring at you with sparkling green eyes. Jaime was looking at the ground, kicking his feet into the pavement. Bart pursed his lips for a moment before continuing. “Most people are lucky to feel this way once in a lifetime, and we have been lucky enough to feel it twice. When you feel something that deep, you can’t ignore it.”

Bart looked at Jaime, who met his gaze before turning to stare at you with stunning brown eyes. “’That is why we wanted to ask you if you would consist having a relationship with us. I know it’s strange and it might not work, but it feels right somehow.”

“Will you go out with us?” Bart asked as he turned his eyes back to yours. You were stunned, glancing between both boys. Thoughts and possibilities roared through your head as you made your decision. 

“Okay,” you agreed with a small smile playing upon your lips. Giant grins broke out on both boys’ faces. Bart started laughing, letting out a whoop of joy. He sped forward, trapping you in a tight hug. You looked at Jaime with confusion having just seen Bart’s super-speed. 

“I’ll explain later,” Jaime mouthed with a grin. You hugged Bart back while keeping eye contact with Jaime. When Bart finally let you go, Jaime stepped forward. “Are you free now, because we found this bakery down the street.”

“It has the best muffins I have ever tasted,” Bart added, taking your hand. 

You laughed, nodding your head. “Sure, It sounds nice,” you answered, loving the excitement on their faces. Bart grabbed Jaime’s hand in the one that wasn’t holding yours, and began to pull you both down the street.  

“This is going to be so crash,” Bart cried as you and Jaime stumbled along behind him. 

“Don’t worry,” Jaime reassured. “He’s like this all the time.” You laughed in response, glad that you had the courage to say yes to their offer. 


Hi all! 

So this year I started carrying a pocket sketchbook and it’s been a real trip! It’s helped me loosen up a ton and it fits right in my pocket. Super easy to creep on folks riding the subway.

I’ve been posting sketches like these a lot more frequently on Instagram, so if you guys dig, you can follow me right HERE! :)

Blue Beetle Headcanon: Sometimes Khaji Da Asks Jaime Really Weird Shit

As a superhero sometimes Jaime keeps really weird hours. Sometimes so weird that Khaji Da is all that is keeping him awake in school or with whatever he’s doing.

Thing is sometimes it’s Khaji Da’s fault that he’s keeping such weird hours in the first place. Jaime can always tell when Khaji Da is thinking really hard about something (Khaji Da does this thing where he fires off electrical pulses which makes it feel like he’s drumming his ‘legs’ against Jaime’s back around his spine), so he can usually tell when Khaji Da is going to ask him about something.

Sometimes Khaji Da’s questions are random as hell, or downright weird– especially if he’s been awake too long. Such as:

* “What is the purpose of blogging?”

* “What does the term ‘shit post’ mean? This does not make sense.”

* “I am confused about why there seems to be disapproval for polyamory. Is that not the sort of relationship we are in with the Bart Allen?”

* “Why do people share things they find embarrassing for public consumption online?”

* “What is the purpose behind having 50 sports channels?”

* “What is a ‘ship war’? I thought I understood this term, but I think I do not based off of what I have found.”

* “I have done the math and considered all probabilities. I would like to ask the Bart Allen how it is physically possible for him to eat 5 pounds of food per day. Probable volume dimensions of his stomach indicate this should be an impossibility.”

* “Query: is it possible that some branch of dinosaurs may be currently alive, and what is the estimated probability that if encountered they would try to consume us?”

* “I have been studying weapons-designs online. I have compiled a list. How many of these would you deem acceptable?”

* “If dragons were real would it actually be accurate to state that they are giant scaly fire-breathing cats with wings?”

* “After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that having back-up organs is a viable way to ensure against lethal damage. Would this be acceptable?”

* “Why does cheese not obey the laws of permeability?”

* “Is ‘supercalifragilisticexpialodocious’ an actual word, and if so what is its use?”

(Sometimes Jaime is so much at a loss for how to answer that he just has to switch out control with Khaji Da so Khaji Da can ask Bart instead. Bart might not know the answers to a lot of Khaji Da’s random questions, but he can usually derail Khaji Da if he has to, or convince the scarab to finally go to sleep.)