【マギ:シンドリアのジュダル】337夜 pt. 1

「自由に王を選び、そいつと生き、共に戦い、国を作る… そんな自由な生きかたが… 待っていたんじゃなかったのか… !?

”The freedom to choose a king, to live for that, to fight alongside him, and build a country… That free life…was waiting for me, right…!?” ー Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Night 337

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Sindria’s Judar

Judar ジュダル:@arisatounox

Photo カメラマン: Shiro

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Broken Bones

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do an imagine for either Tim or Jaime? The reader is new on the Team and they’re sparring with her, but it gets sort of intense bc the reader’s had previous training? But then they do a move on her and it either aggravates or reinjures an old injury that the reader has. They start feeling bad and freaking out but the reader is basically just like dude. Chill. It can be either romantic or platonic, I really dont mind.

Jaime sighed as he watched you leave the room.  Since you had joined the team, Jaime had been pining over you.  You were the most beautiful girl on the team; and you were pretty badass.  When Bart appeared in front of him, he didn’t flinch.  Bart’s speed didn’t phase him anymore.

Bart slinged his arm onto his shoulder and turned him away from the door.  “Jaime my man, just ask them out already.”  Jaime moved out from under his friend’s arm. “No way Hermano, there’s so many things that could go wrong.”  The speedster raced in front of him and grabbed his shoulders. Bringing his own face closer he said, “What if they said yes?  Dude that would be so crash!”  Moving away from Bart, Jaime walked towards his room.  One of the benefits from being on the team.

“Bart I’m not-”  Suddenly he was being pulled towards the opposite direction.  And fast. Speedster fast, which meant that Bart was the only one who could be doing it.  Next thing he knew was that he was nauseous, and you were in front of him.  Jaime casted a look at Bart trying to get a silent message across.  Bart clearly didn’t get it as he stepped forward and opened is mouth.  “Hey Y/N, Jaime wanted to spar with you.  Ok Seeya.”

After that he speed out of there as fast as he could. You placed your hand on top of his shoulders and smiled.  “Sure Jaime, I’d be happy to.”  Your hand slid down from his shoulder to his arm and you pulled him towards the training mats.  The two of you got into position, legs bent, arms blocking your face.

Without warning, Jaime threw a punch in your direction, forcing you to turn to the side.  You moved a little too slow, as his fist grazed your arm.  Trying to recover, you threw a punch into his side, but he dodged it by sliding onto the ground.  His leg slid under your; knocking you on you down.  The impact of your back hitting the mat left a sting.  Feigning  a surrender, you stayed still on the ground.  When he held his hand out to you, you pulled on it and jumped over him.  

It would’ve been a perfect flip, except for the fact that did something wrong.  When you landed, you put too much pressure on one leg.  And that leg happened to be the one that was healing from a fracture.  You crumbled to the ground holding your leg.  Jaime dropped to the ground to see what was wrong.  “I’m so sorry Y/N.”  Your head shook as you tried to stand up.  “It’s just an old injury.  You didn’t do this.”  You tried to chuckle, but it turned into a grimace when you tried to stand on the leg.  You fell forward, but Jaime caught you before you hit the ground.  The scarab was heard in his head.  “Her leg has refractured Jaime Reyes.  I suggest taking them to the nearest medical clinic.  

 “Here let me help you.”

He put your arm around his shoulder and picked you up; careful not to hurt your leg.  You blushed at how close you were to him.  Sure you dreamed of being carried by him, but not in this type of situation.

You were sitting on the edge of one of the beds, with Jaime sitting next to you.
“I’m still really-” you cut him off.  “Jaime really, it wasn’t your fault.  I shouldn’t have even been out here with my leg still healing.”  There was a long silence after you talked.  You stared at Jaime as he looked at the floor.  He looked up at you with a grin across his face.

“How about I make it up to you.  Maybe dinner with me Hermosa.”  You slid your body closer to his and snaked your arms around his neck.  “You know,” you said.  “I thought you’d never ask.”  His eyes looked down to your lips, and he leaned in and was about to kiss you.  “This is so crash!”  Your heads turned to find Bart in the doorway, taking a picture.  “I gotta tell everyone.”  He sped out of there, yelling through the hallway.

Jaime turned his face towards you and grinned at you sheepishly.  “Sorry.”  Instead of saying anything, you pulled him forward and kissed him.