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the-negotiator  asked:

Consider this: Like the goddess figures of old, fertility enhances Kylo's power - his pregnancy doesn't bring moodswings, it brings surges of nigh-uncontrollable Force, crackling through his fingers, billowing his robes. Hux is terrified & in love

aaahhh yes this is glorious. Thank you, this got me through a hellish hour just daydreaming about it :D 

Kylo, who struggles with outward stimuli, who wore the mask and the heavy robes to help him cope when overwhelmed, finds it easier to meditate and commune with the Force when he’s pregnant. He didn’t even realise what he was focusing on the first time, just that there was a slowly expanding point of Force energy in his abdomen, and it functioned like the candle flame or plants that Luke had tried to get him to focus on as a padawan. Except this worked. The Force came more easily to his fingertips, people’s minds were laid bare at the slightest nudge, he could sense others over greatest distances and fight with more grace. Then the little thing got brainwaves and he freaked out for about three hours until Hux (who actually pays attention Ren) laughed at him for not realising what was going on. And having paid more attention Hux can prove its not just better focus (he has a spreadsheet), it’s actually more power. 

He never tries to interact with it beyond surface observations and absolutely never tries to touch its mind- something in his Force connection suggests that would be a bad idea. He loves Hux but it still hurt the General to develop a mental connection with Kylo as a fully grown strong willed adult. He has no idea what would happen to a developing mind with no concept of language (*whispers: Alia Atreides*) but he doesn’t want to take the risk. It’s healthy and it’s safe, anything else is irrelevant until it can make it’s own choices.

When Kylo starts walking around the Finalizer without his mask, in looser robes that still disguise his teeny bump and with barefeet because he’s trailing sparks across the decking, hair floating wild around his head, and smiling beatifically (if slightly creepily) because he has a sense of balance for once, 25% of the crew request immediate transfers to other ships and Mitaka ends up on medical leave. Hux thinks he looks amazing and frequently stops mid-rant just to stare at him. Even though its not always possible to tell with the robes, all the portraits of Kylo in the Imperial palace were painted during one pregnancy or another. 

View of the interior of the Whittier apartments. Photograph of a lobby area with a chandelier, tables, and chairs. Stamped on photo back: “Chas. N. Agree, architect. Received. Dec.30, 19–. Book Tower, Detroit, Mich.” Stamped on photo back: “The negative of this photo is on our files. Extra copies may be had at a small cost. Commercial Photo Service Co., 25th floor First Nat'l Bank bldg. Detroit, Mich. Cadillac 3432.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library