Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Chapter Eighteen: Dobby’s Reward

“Listen to me, Harry. You happen to have many qualities Salazar Slytherin prized in his hand-picked students. His own very rare gift, Parseltongue — resourcefulness — determination — a certain disregard for rules,” he added, his mustache quivering again. “Yet the Sorting Hat placed you in Gryffindor. You know why that was. Think.”

 “It only put me in Gryffindor,” said Harry in a defeated voice, “because I asked not to go in Slytherin… .”

 “Exactly,” said Dumbledore, beaming once more. “Which makes you very different from Tom Riddle. It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Scream Queens Playlist 11.30.2016

Walking - Old Maybe

The Weekend - Palberta

Burini - Massicot

Rubber or - God Is My Co-Pilot

Intentional Community - Coughs

Anhedonia - Inverts

Sex Realm - Mens Room

I Really Care (About You) - Sister Fucker

What it’s Like/ Grievance - Sister Blanche

Loner For Life - Marissa Magic

Men - Witch Titz

Magic Thinking - Macho Blush

Tell My - Odwalla88

Drip - Waxy Tomb

Intro - Earthbound

Cheap Drops - EC8OR

From Affection To Affliction - Black Sheet Servitude

Seck Abduxshn - DROMEZ

Demolition Derbyshire - Weird Habit 

Labella - Nessie & Her Beard


The DIY music community in Oakland and all who are connected to it are devastated by the Ghostship fire. Three trans women who were loved have been taken from us, along with many other artists, musicians, freaks, and weirdos who did so much for the scene, who were so loved, who were so revered by chosen family. 

Our underground spaces are being threatened by this rhetoric about “unsafe housing” and “code violations” but thankfully so many of us are using our voices to combat this narrative by pointing to the Bay Area’s housing crisis, to explain why this precarity exists in our lives, as people who are refused access to resources because of various systems of patriarchy, transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc. FUCK LIBBY SCHAAF AND HER GENTRIFICATION MACHINE, it gave me fucking life to see her mayoral ass get booed the fuck off the stage at the vigil last night.

Trans sisters are being deadnamed by the media. The press are vultures and leeches feeding on our emotions. We know what real stories and truths we hold about our loved ones who perished, and what we feel now. Listen to what we have to say, not the LA times or whatever predatory money-making bullshit news outlet. Support Trans Assistance Project for all that they’re doing fighting against misrepresentation and VIOLENCE by these fucking losers.

This is too much for any heart to bear. Joey, Cash, Ara, Feral, Denalda, Em, Jason, Kiyomi–and that’s not even close to the full list– our extended family is broken over your deaths. We’re sending love to you, so much love.

This is last week’s show, before our entire world’s changed. We read a letter from a Loyal Queen Revolutionary comrade from a CA prison. This week on the show we will mourn our loved ones and a huge hole in our community. Fuck.

Imagine #105

Imagine Tom is in an interview and he is asked whether or not he likes his co-star on his new movie which is you

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