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Can you do a h/c on Flashmom meeting Bart for the first time?

-When Barry comes home with a red headed teenager following behind him, you’re more than a little confused

-You get even more confused when he runs across the room, wraps his arms around your waist and calls you “Grandma” you wig out a bit

-When Barry just gives you a sheepish look, you want to smack him

-Bart explains everything to you, talking a mile a minute

-it reminds you of Barry in his early Flash days

-You get him settled into his room, and once he’s asleep you go to Barry

-Your husband gives you a sheepish grin

-You just stare at him and says “Our kids will not do any superhero stuff until they are at least sixteen.”

-Without another word you go pour yourself a drink and try to not think about chasing after toddlers with super-speed.