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Bluepulse Fluff - College AU

“Hey, Bart.” Jaime interrupted M’gann’s train of though to look down at the freshman beside him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Bart had, ostensibly, just walked up next to where Jaime was sitting in the lounge outside Starbucks and wrapped a polyester cuff around his arm without saying anything.

“Huh?” The younger looked up from his work, his bangs falling in his face. “Oh, I’m taking your blood pressure. It’s for a class.”

“And you couldn’t have… said something first?” Jaime smirked at him, only a little bit amused by this whole business.

“I figured you wouldn’t mind.” Bart shrugged him off, going back to what he was doing before.

Jaime tugged his arm away. “Well, I do mind.”

“Quit fucking with me, I need this for my nursing class.” Bart protested, flailing and trying to catch the dangling bit of the device.

“What’s in it for me?” Jaime’s smirk was back. He jerked his arm further away, Bart’s already off balance figure falling into his lap.

Bart blushed when he realized their position. “You want a kiss?” He couldn’t seem to make eye contact for some reason.

“I want you to wear that thing I like.”

Bart’s eyes went wide. “The… the lace thing or the leather thing?”

“Dealer’s choice. I like ‘em both, mi amour.” He purred, their lips barely touching.

A groan from what sounded like Connor’s chest interrupted their little game of cat-and-mouse. “Could you guys be less gross, please?”

M’gann smacked his arm, chiding him. “After two years, you need to learn how to keep things interesting. You could learn a thing or two.”

Practice Makes Perfect [Tim/Bart, Tim/Kon, Bart/Jaime]

Sooooo, this is a fic that was only supposed to be like 1000 words long about my headcanon of how, in literally any AU I think of, Bart and Tim TOTALLY practiced kissing when they were young tweens/teenagers. It’s almost my favorite mental image ever.

But, this thing, which is now over 5k, essentially just contains my headcanon about that, Bart’s sexuality, and just in general how these two fell in love with Jaime and Kon. It takes place in a weird sort of teen titans/comic world, but doesn’t follow any particular story– I just mashed stuff together, really.  It’s just really adorable and probably doesn’t make much sense, but enjoy anyway!

“Kiss?” Bart curls his nose at the very mention of the word, making a face. “Why would I want to kiss anyone?”

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The Stars are Not in Position

Word Count: 1,561

Title Credit: Dreamworks’ The Road to El Dorado.  The motto of Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers also gets a nod.

Prompt: Written for kiragecko - “Tim hiding with the (preboot, who cares about canon?) Titans because he can’t deal with his Damian-is-back emotions?”

Author’s Note: It’s all preboot except for Batman, Inc.  It’s also freakishly long.  I’m blaming the Lady Gecko for that one and also the complete lack of Tim and Damian.

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Police Shooting in Oakland Provoked a Protest 8/13/2015

Afro-American suspect Joe Bart was shot yesterday afternoon in Oakland. Police found him when he was carjacking, armed with a gun. Joe Bart was critically wounded in the shooting and died later at hospital. His death provoked the protest. Oakland residents even burned a couple of confederate flags. The protesters claim that Bart was shot in the back while surrendering.
It is another sharp moment of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. People hate cops in such bad manner, that they prefer to defend criminals. It makes me think that government should make a drastic police reform. The situation in the USA turns into chaos. Violence, hatred and intolerance are everywhere. And each of us should try to be confident and kind.