I always say, I can’t do much but I can pearl a blunt. lemme see what YOU can roll. I wanna see fat blunts. I wanna see you rolling them. I wanna see you smoking them. the person who rolls up the toughest wins the #highlogic blunt rolling shirt by @highlogicjohnyy (you can see me talk about it in a video I posted yesterday) it’s a size medium and that’s al I got but it’s worth a shot so ROLL UP and hashtag #barsfordaze you must have you entry posted by 8:40pm pacific time Sunday to win, so get to it!

blunt ride home. I was gonna do a video but my brother was making fun of me so I stopped. here’s a photo instead. and remember to post your photos for a chance to win some stuffff! look at the #barsfordaze hashtag if you wanna know what’s up.