Chapter 1: So We Meet Again......


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I adjusted my lingerie underneath my trench coat. I had on a lot of make-up and a long blonde wig. I pulled my utility belt up my thigh some more and rang the door bell. I heard some shuffling around and the door opened. The man standing behind there looked at me and smirked.

“So I’m guessing you’re my gift?” He licks his lips.

I smiled and nodded. “Yes, I’m all yours for the night.

He smiled. “Then come on in with your fine ass”

I smirked and walked in. I looked around and took off my trench coat. He started grinning like a damn Cheshire Cat. I pushed him onto a chair and started dancing on his lap. I turned around with my ass in his face. He smacked my ass hard and I bit my bottom lip fighting the urge to kill him right then and there.

No, not yet. Big Daddy said not to do it too soon.

I got off his lap facing him. He unzipped his pants and his erected penis popped out.

“Suck my dick, ho” He ordered.

“No…..” I smirked pulling out my 9 millimeter out of my belt and aiming it at him.

“Give me all Big Daddy’s money” I finished and his eyes widened.

“What are you talking about?” He barked. “I don’t have shit!”

“Yes you do! You stole Big Daddy’s money and he wants that shit back!” I spat and he looked around.

I laughed. “Yeah he knows. He counted his money. Just give me the money and I won’t kill your ass.”

He chuckled. “You’re pretty stupid”

I raised an eyebrow. “Says the guy who’s insulting the person who has him at gunpoint”

In a swift move, he took out his gun. We both had guns aimed at each other.

“Come on, baby girl. Drop the gun” He cooed.

I smirked and lowered my gun. His face twisted into a smile.

In a fast move, I kicked the gun out his hands and gave him a quick kick in his jaw. He held his jaw in pain. I backed him up against a wall and grabbed his crotch hard.

“Damn, for a little girl, you’re strong as fuck” He grunted.

I gritted my teeth in anger, picked up my gun, and pistol whipped him. He fell to the ground and I aimed both guns at him.

“Now where is the fucking money?”

“In the safe. The password is 0000” He groaned.

I went towards the safe and cleaned out everything that was in it. I stuffed in my trenchcoat and pulled my gun back on him.

“What are you doing?” He asked in fear.

“I was ordered to get the money and kill your ass” I said putting ammo in the gun.

“Whoa, I thought you said you wasn’t gonna kill me!”

“I lied” I said before pulling the trigger.


“Kae? Are you ok?” Seiko snapped her fingers in my face.

I came back to reality and looked at her.

“Yeah I’m fine” I cleared my throat and looked down.

“Like I was saying, I thought you wasn’t gonna kill me!” She whined and I looked at her in confusion, shock, and fear.

“What do you mean? I didn’t!”

Seiko laughed weirdly. “Calm down! I’m talking about in Call of Duty! You said you wasn’t gonna kill me!”

“Oh!” I laughed nervously. “Um, my bad!”

I got up and ran into the kitchen. Seiko followed me.

“So how’s the job hunt?”

“Not Good.” I said grabbing a water bottle.

“Hang in there, girl. You gonna get one”

“Sure. Like a job is gonna knock at that door” I mumbled drinking my water.

There was a knock on the door and Seiko looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and kept sipping my water as she went to answer it. I was drinking my water when he walked in and I spit out my water.


“I’m telling you, my nigga, If Miley Cyrus keeps this shit up, She’s gonna locked up like Lindsay Lohan’s ass” Mijo shook his head as we walked up to his girlfriend Seiko’s house.

“Yeah yeah whatever” I sighed.

Mijo sucked his teeth. “Nigga, please tell me you ain’t thinking about that girl. Crazy chick got you sprung”

“Ain’t noboby sprung! She just said something to me that I’m still holding her to”

Mijo knocked on the door. “Nigga, she’s gone. You acting like she gonna be in Seiko’s house”

Mijo started laughing at what he said and I laughed too when Seiko opened the door and hugged us.

“Hey Guys! come on in!”

I walked in first and walked into the kitchen to see the girl. She spit out her water with wide eyes and I chuckled.

“So we meet again” I crossed my arms.

She grunted closing her water bottle. “Yeah ”

Seiko walked in with Mijo.

“Chris and Mijo, this is my girl Kae. Kae, this is Chris and Mijo” Seiko said.

“Uh, we met before” I said looking at Kae whose arms were folded.


“Yeah babe this is the crazy strong chick that flipped Hood over!” Mijo said and Kae glared at him.

“Damn really?” Seiko looked at Kae. She sighed and nodded.

“So, Kae, can we talk outside?” I asked.

“No” She answered bluntly.

“Whatever. I’m not gonna beg you. Let’s roll, Mijo” I was about to leave when Seiko stopped me.

“No. You two gotta talk about something” She said pulling Mijo out.

“So you remember your promise?” I sang.

She glared at me and scoffed. “It wasn’t a promise. It was a joke.”

“For a girl who has trouble looking for a job, I don’t think so” I indicated.

“Look, just forget about me and get someone else." 

"I don’t think I can forget a girl flipped over a big nigga” I joked and she mugged me. 

“Damn girl, do you ever smile?” I asked in frustration. 

She rolled her eyes and scoffed. 

“So you need a job and I need a bodyguard. So are you in?” I stuck my hand out to her. 

Surprisingly, Kae took my hand and shook it. 

“Fine, but our relationship is strictly business. We’re not friends. Just employer and employee. Got it?” She snapped. 

I put my hands up in defense. “Got it" 

She spun on her heel walking away from me. 

Damn, this girl is stubborn as fuck.