Sick Day | Barry Allen #1

Words: 500
Warnings: Fluffy as Hell

“Y/N? Are you alright?” You heard your boyfriend’s voice through the phone.

You groaned loudly. “Yeah, I’m fine babe. Just not feeling great.” The bed sheets and pillows you had piled around you muffled your voice.

There was silence. “I’m coming home.” You could hear Barry shuffling to grab his things.

“No. You worked all last night and you need Caitlin and Cisco to check you out.” You said.

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Barry Allen hides his feelings towards a girl he likes (somewhere in the multiverse)

I shouldn’t love you but I want to

I just can’t turn away
I shouldn’t see you but I can’t move
I can’t look away

Just so you know
This feeling’s takin’ control
Of me and I can’t help it
I won’t sit around

anonymous asked:

IM OKAY GUYS, I AM JUST VERY GOOD AT ANGST!!! (okay yesterday was a really bad day but still) i like mystery thriller, but what if once its all wrapped up, Len is in the precinct waiting for his next case and Barry, his Barry, walks in with a smile on his face and it goes silent, Len walks up to him and Barry looks at him and whispers "You're not my Lenny" - Scarlet

Scarlet, wtf.

Screw law school, you should write horror movies. Psychological thrillers. I’m reminded of “the monster at the end of this book” except that’s a cute sesame street thing (and then Supernatural episode title) and you’re more… devastating.

Barry Bluejeans, arresting a necromancer: Wow so this is, uh, really interesting work how did you, uh, did you manage to get around the problems with the–

Kravitz: *coughs in cockney*

Barry: I mean, uh….. you’re bad and going to ghost jail, now hand over all your research to me for safekeeping


I cropped some of my TAZ fanart to fit into phone wallpaper sizes since I get a lot of messages of people trying to edit them to the proper resolution. Here are some Lup-centric ones (I plan on doing more but these are just the first). In case tumblr destroys the quality on these, here’s an imgur album with the proper 1080x1920 resolutions:

You can edit these into your theme or icons, I don’t mind. This goes for playlist covers, album art, AMV usage as well. Just don’t remove credit and give me a shout out when you do so! I’d rather people not just completely reupload these to other sites though.

Magnus during the first, oh, ten years of the Stolen Century had a solid half and half death to life ratio because he kept jumping into things without thinking. Finally around year twelve Davenport realized that he could guilt trip Magnus into staying alive by pointing out that he needed to protect the rest of them going forward, and that kept Magnus from racking up too many other deaths the rest of the century. He was shamed into living. 

“Magnus, you’re in charge of protecting us, if you die in month nine we’re defenseless. You can’t leave us alone with no one to protect us, Magnus. We’re intellectuals, we’re helpless. Look at Barry, do you want Barry to die just because you went cliff diving again? (Look pathetic, Barry) See, he can’t defend himself. Just a sad little science man. Doesn’t even know what a sword is. What’s that, a giant dissection knife? Blah, blah, science. It’s tragic.”

“Taako, he’s a lich now. He’ll be fine.”

“Okay, but what about me? I’m fragile as hell, pal.”