Barry can’t stand to see even meta!Iris in pain.
(requested by dowhatyoulike)

When Caitlin said “No need for a hug or anything” And Barry put that expression on his face i was screaming, my head, my heart, my hair, my shoulders, me, entirely.

I mean… really… that face is not how a face of “She’s just a friend who don’t want to give me a hug” should be. That face is really more like if he were shocked, hurt or something. He was confused.

But then everything was better when they held hands♥ For no reason, he just did it [he NEEDed to show her something] and she was totally okay with that.

Everybody notice that right? Or… Am i being paranoic?

Sorry for the mistakes you may find. Gif not mine, i don’t know how to make gifs…