I have a theory now about Barry being in the coma after the lightning struck him.

I’m wondering if the lightning itself wasn’t lightning, but actually the speed force?  Or maybe the combination of the chemicals and the lightning created the speed force?  And then the reason Barry was in the coma for all of that time was because the speed force was attempting to absorb Barry back into the speed force?  

That’s a risk all speedsters have when engaging with the speed force - it’s kinda like a beacon, right - that would absorb them all back into it when they’re accessing it?

So, Iris - known in canon for being Barry’s lightning rod back to the real world by giving him a very human and very intense emotional connection back to his life - Iris sits with Barry and makes this impassioned plea in 1x20 (The Trap) for Barry to come back because they need him… and she needs him…

Then she puts her hand over his and a blue spark erupts between his left ring finger and her hand… I think THAT was the speed force reacting to her and I think THAT moment with Iris is actually what eventually propelled Barry to wake up… though it took some time.

I think whenever something really emotionally charged happens between Iris and Barry and they touch, I think the speed force will react that way.  Kinda like in Roswell how the aliens would get flashes through their connection with people and/or things when things got really intense.  But even better with Iris and the Flash, because it’s ALL about Iris and Barry.

I think the show just showed us the speed force concept and made it even more romantic than I thought it was.

I can sense a fic coming on, lol.


This scene really made me mad. It shows how far they’ve taken the lie. It’s to the point of no return, literally.

Iris has once again proved them all wrong. She’s her own hero. Not only did their little theory about keeping her safe blow up in their face, but Iris did it, even without Mason around. She cracked the code. She knew it was because of the explosion. She knew the burning man worked at STAR LABS (and most likely that he’s not some random cousin named Sam). And that’s how everyone has gotten their powers, including the Flash. She did it. And Barry can see that. He looks nonplussed by this. But she’s so proud of herself and he shoots her down. Which makes me infuriated. She shouldn’t have had to dig this deep in the first place if they had just been honest with her. The Reverse Flash still came for her did he not? They failed.

The part that makes me the most sick in this scene, is the fact that even though Iris did it; she found out the truth about everything and wanted to share it with the one person in her life that matters once, she still doesn’t suspect Barry in the slightest. When he lies about having powers, the way she says “obviously” is absolutely heartbreaking.

It’s heartbreaking because she never once thought he could be the Flash, because in her mind, Barry even though has been acting different, would tell her something this big. She trusts Barry with her life. And the ongoing lies, is just harsh. Especially when she’s so passionate about things and he basically tells her no. He’s bees doing this all season when it comes to the impossible. The fact is, this is life changing big and she would’ve wanted to be a part of it. But instead he shares with everyone but her, including her boyfriend. Which I think it’s still so messed up just to cover her mentor’s death.

I think that Barry knows that Iris trusts him with her life because in the last picture he looks up at her and his expression is just very telling.

I don’t know how he’ll come back from this. If I was Iris I would be devastated and honestly be done. No matter what lame ass excuse he gives, I wouldn’t want any part in it. And as much as I love Westallen, I wonder how she’ll move past this. He should’ve told her the moment he realized he had powers. It was his decision to make, not Joe’s. I get the part about keeping her safe, but by not telling her, all they did was put her directly in harm’s way.

Iris is definitely going to need time. She deserves so much more. She showed everyone how talented of a reporter she is, so she needs to keep focusing on that. She needs to be done with Eddie because same trust issues apply. She needs to move out and have something of her own. And most importantly, she needs to find herself without Barry. I want her to make other friends. I would love life if she could get close to Laurel Lance!! Ah!

As for Westallen, Barry better not only tell her everything and I mean everything, but he needs to know fight for Iris. He needs to MAKE TIME FOR HER. Fight to get her trust back. Fight to build their friendship back. Fight to build a future together. They’ll need to repair the foundation of their relationship, and it’s mayo to Barry to figure it out. Iris has given too much of herself this season and hasn’t received much back.

It’s time to respect Iris West.