What if the four founders hadn’t happened to have such thematically on-the-nose surnames?

“While you’re here, your house will be like your family. They are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff… and Barry.”


“What? It was one of the most common surnames in Ireland in the 11th century.”

Ten points to Barry.

Baby Raptor Squad Headcanons
  • Please picture Owen initially training his raptors with a spray bottle when they were little and being naughty
  • Please picture that he got the idea from Barry, who used a spray bottle on HIM when he thought Owen was being an idiot.
  • AKA All the time
  • Please imagine the first time Barry and Owen had to give the baby raptors a bath
  • Please picture the baby raptors freaking out because they don’t like the water, but then they discover bubbles
  • And imagine that raptors have the same reflexes as puppies, so they automatically start to paddle when you hold them over the water (thank you pitviperofdoom)
  • Baby Echo eats a soap bubble. She immediately regrets this decision.
  • Owen always has to wash Charlie separately because she loves baths and she splashes so much that there’s no water left in the tub after she’s done. Owen is soaked again
  • The baby raptors don’t have feathers like real velociraptors, so Owen and Barry give them foam feather manes in the bath.
  • After bath time is over, the raptor babies just dive head-first into a big pile of fluffy towels to dry off.
  • Their talons shred the towels, so Owen ends up using the remains to line the girls’ nest
  • Barry snags a few scraps for the first aid kit, because sooner or later they’re going to need it. Read: OWEN will need it.
  • Delta will only let Barry wash her, because he knows where her best scratching spots are (another awesome one from pitviperofdoom)
  • No matter how much Owen begs, Barry won’t spill the secret, but considering the other three love Owen baths, he can’t complain.
  • When the girls were very young, Owen would sleep with them in a big pile. Once in a while Barry would join them.

This came from a lovely chat with Pit, who let me throw baby raptor ideas at her and then threw stuff back that made them CUTER. Bless ur face, my friend.