barry dale loukaitis

One day, Loukaitis told a classmate: “Some people don’t deserve to live; some people should just die or be killed.” When the girl later argued with him over answers on a worksheet, Loukaitis exploded in anger, telling her, “Do you think you deserve to live?” It was a question he had begun to ask many students before the shootings.

To put it simply, I was an asshole. I felt isolated from everyone, and didn’t fit in. Rather than see this for what it was and embrace individuality, I chose to be mean to people. I had a very puerile ‘they’re not worth befriending anyway’ attitude, which insulated me from the feeling of rejection. Suffice it to say that I adopted an identity which wasn’t really who I was. Deep down I knew this but I ignored it. I tried to project a fearsome image, but would never act accordingly. When I was challenged, I backed down. After this happened several times I felt I needed to prove myself, that I was what I claimed to be. The result was me murdering people.
—  Barry Loukaitis on the decision that landed him in prison for life.

The Frontier Junior High School shooting was a school shooting that occurred on February 2, 1996 at Frontier Junior High School in Moses Lake, Washington, United States. The gunman, 14-year-old Barry Dale Loukaitis, killed his algebra teacher and two students, and held his classmates hostage for 10 minutes before a gym coach subdued Loukaitis. He is currently serving two life sentences and an additional 205 years in prison.

The question remaining for Loukaitis and Grant County Prosecutor Angus Lee is whether Loukaitis’ two life sentences should run consecutively or concurrently.

If they run concurrently, he would be eligible for parole in 2021, if they run consecutively he would be eligible in 2046.

Lee said he would ask the court to run Loukaitis’ sentences consecutively.

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On February 2, 1996, the Frontier Middle School was devastated by a hostage-taking incident and shooting spree that occurred in an algebra class. It took the lives of three people (two students and a teacher) and resulted in the critical injury of one student. The person accused was a 14-year-old boy named Barry Dale Loukaitis, who was experiencing delusional and messianic thoughts before the shooting. Barry was dressed to look like a gunslinger from the Wild West in a black duster, and armed with a .30-30 caliber rifle, a .357 caliber pistol and a .25 caliber pistol that belonged to his father. The students were held hostage for 10 minutes before a gym coach tricked and outwitted the boy.

It was believed that, aside from a history of mental illness and dysfunctional issues in his family, Barry was influenced by Pearl Jam’s song and video “Jeremy.” The video shows a troubled youth committing suicide in front of his classmates and teacher. It was also reported that he said “This sure beats algebra, doesn’t it?” when he saw his classmates panic. This is a quote from a Stephen King novel, Rage, in which the protagonist kills two teachers and takes his algebra class hostage. Barry is currently serving two life sentences, with an additional 205 years in prison.