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Character Quirks

 Peter Maximoff

-Can’t sit still

-Constantly has ear buds in, even when there isn’t music playing

-Cracks his knuckles all the time

-Laughs at his own jokes

-Humming, all the time

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Kurt Wagner

-Doesn’t understand personal space

-Over salts/seasons his food

-Loves holding hands

-Is jumpy and anxious 

-Talks through movies

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Hank Mccoy

-Yawns loudly 

-Squints a lot

-Looses important things, like his glasses

-Gets excited about everything

-Calls rather than texts

-Always matches his socks

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Peter Parker (Tom Holland)

-Talks in his sleep

-Over shares everything that happens to him

-Needs reassurance

-Is horrible at naming movies, places, people, ect. refers to them generally and expects you to know what he’s talking about

-Is a horrible liar 

-Refuses to hurt any animal, even insects

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Bucky Barnes

-Is somehow never cold, AKA you always get his jacket

-Hands often clenched in fists without him realizing it

-Walks with long strides

-Reads every night

-Doesn’t understand Slang

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Barry Allen

-Always smiling

-Never takes anything too seriously 

-Talks too quickly

-Licks his lips a lot

-Buys you flowers to make up for every mistake

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Steve Rogers

-Stands with his hands behind his back

-Rarely curses

-Doodles a lot

-Gets excited about references to old things

-Always knows how to get places

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Erik Lehnsherr

-Sometimes speaks in broken german 

-Uses his eyebrows when speaking (raising them, furrowing them, ect.)

-Never sleeps in, meaning breakfast in bed for you

-Prefers listening 

-Is great at card games

Charles Xavier 

-Has an impressive vocabulary 

-Answers his own questions 

-Knows a lot of useless facts

-Constantly quotes things 

-Loves bad jokes and always laughs at them

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When people say that they think something I like is overrated…

Preference #4: Mornings

Included in this preference is: Steve Rogers (Captain America), Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier), Frank Castle (The Punisher), Lucifer Morningstar, Barry Allen (The Flash), Legolas, Sherlock Holmes, and Jim Moriarty.

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Steve Rogers

Worried Sick-Steve x Reader

Please Stay-Steve x Reader

Text au: Steve is a savage

Drown-Steve x Reader

Text au: Bucky jealously texting Steve about you

You’ll Leave Me-Steve x Reader

Pietro Maximoff

Avenge You-Pietro (ish) x Reader

Last Day-Pietro x Reader

Four Times Pietro Was Happy (And One Where He Was In Love)

Return-Pietro x Reader

After Hours-Pietro x Reader

Slow Dance-Pietro x Reader

Text au: Stupid Conversations with Pietro

Drabbles (x)

Bucky Barnes

Text au: Sexting Bucky

Text au: Bucky jealously texting Steve about you

Guardian Angel-Bucky x Reader Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

Text au: You’re pregnant and Bucky’s worried

The Goodbye-Bucky x Reader

Green-Bucky x Reader

How to Love-Bucky x Reader Part 2 (x)

Text au: Texting Bucky about the 40s

Sex with Bucky (gentle)-Bucky x Reader

Little Princess-Bucky x Reader

Lucky-Bucky x Reader

Fire-Bucky x Reader

Sigh-Bucky x Reader

Come Back-Bucky x Reader

The Best Apology-Bucky x Reader

Thor Odinson

idfc-Thor x Reader Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

Matt Murdock

Eyes-Matt Murdock x Reader

Wanda Maximoff

Text au: Wanda Misses Sokovia and Pietro


Text au: Texting ____ lyrics to ‘gotta go my own way’

Thor (x)

Wanda (x)

Clint (x)

Steve (x)

Natasha (x)

Pietro (x)

Tony (x)

Bruce (x)

Bucky (x)

Sam (x)

Fight and Fuck:



Multiple Characters

Avengers Chatroom-Avengers x Reader

Puns-Avengers x Reader

Patch Up-Steve x Reader x Bucky

Sam Wilson

Caffeine-Sam Wilson x Reader

Tony Stark

Drink-Tony x Reader

Mind Games-Tony x Reader

Bruce Banner

Drabbles (x)


Chris Evans

Don’t Look at That!-Chris Evans x Reader

Forced Away-Chris Evans x Reader

100 and Counting Down Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

The Big Question-Chris Evans x Reader

No More-Chris Evans x Reader

Sebastian Stan

Tease-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Stressed-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Moan-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Fake? Really?-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Got What You Asked For-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Cute-Sebastian Stan x Reader

One Step Closer To You-Sebastian Stan x Reader


Oliver Queen

Day Together-Oliver Queen x Reader

Barry Allen

Doors Shutting are Doors Opening-Barry Allen x Reader


We Are Liars-Draco x Hermione

My mom: All you do is talk about Tumblr!!!!!!!! Me: Not true!!! I talk about The Avengers, Supernatural, The Walking Dead,American Horror Story, Doctor Who, New Girl, X-Men,The Flash, Sherlock, 5 Seconds of summer, I complain about Pietro’s death, I talk about Bucky, Dean!!! Ashton’s hair! ..... Mom:.................... I didn’t understand half of that.
Preference #1: Kissing

A/N: My preferences will be done by selecting three random characters from three different fandoms. In the parenthesis will be the show or movie they’re from. If they’re from multiple movies spanning a number of years, the one in the parenthesis is the time period they’ll be plucked from. Here we go:

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{warning, most of these are old and terribly written. the titles suck and the writing sucks and everything sucks in general, but please, enjoy!}



Lydia Martin:

Your Soul Still Lives

Allison Argent:

It’s Not Fair

Stiles Stilinski:

You Can’t Save Him Now


Wanda Maximoff:


Kiss Me

Is There A Reason You’re Naked In My Bed?

Is There A Reason You’re Naked In My Bed? - Part 2

Beast Inside

I Almost Lost You


Steve Rogers:

Devil Within

Key To The Past

Peter Quill:

I Love You

Daisy Johnson:


Pietro Maximoff:

Grief Or Love?


Barry Allen: 



Jason Todd:

She is Dying


Battle Like No Other

Zach Mitchell:

Keep You Safe






Owen Grady:

Weighing Me Down


My Hero

Like Father, Like Daughter


Lowery Cruthers:

Horribly Good

Going on a 35 hour trip to Sweden with no wifi. PLEASE flood my inbox with good fics about:

Tom Holland/Peter Parker

Steve Rogers/Chris Evans

Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan

Barry Allen/Grant Gustin

Dean Winchester

Fictional dicks we all know are packing extra large:

- Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)
- Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan)
- Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)
- Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton)
- Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson)
- Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)
- Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh)
- Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears)
- Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgard)
- Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard)
- Loki (Tom Hiddleston)
- Jon Snow (Kit Harington)
- Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney)
- The Joker (Jared Leto)
- Vlad/Dracula (Luke Evans)

There’s more but I’ll stop here. For now.

And let’s be honest. The actors are probably packing the same so it’s all canon, anyways.

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  • Fic picks of the week; Be sure to check these out and send some writer love! These guys and gals put a lot of work into these writings and deserve all the appreciation xx

[note- these are what I’ve read this week, not necessarily written this week]

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But if Barry learned how to properly kiss a woman from Oliver, wouldn’t that mean Oliver let Barry practice on him in that barn? ^__^

How else do you explain the subtle flirting between the boys and the way Barry is holding Iris’s face the exact same way Oliver held Felicity’s? ^__^

What I WILL Write And What I WON'T Write

So, this is my first time actually writing for people and yeah… I would appreciate it if you guys take it easy on me👌 I do write reader inserts! Anyway, here are the fandom’s that I write for:

•The Walking Dead
•The Flash
•Marvel(except for Logan and Doctor Strange)

And that’s it for now…

I will write fluff, angst, and a TINY bit of smut… I will NOT go into full detail with the smut(sorry). I will NOT write anything about actors/actresses! Just the characters! I WILL NOT WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT SUICIDE OR SELF HARM, but I might write about depression. I will be writing one shots, imagines, headcanons and drabbles… I’m new to this, so I’m trying to get used to it… I hope that I can get good at this:)

  • Me: please let my children be happy and okay, let them be safe
  • Writers: *kill or injure them, or kill and injure their loved ones, causing my children to suffer*
  • Me: well, I won't say another word, because you seem to be doing all this shit just to hurt me