Thank You Susan Walters

This gorgeous woman gave birth to two amazing, intelligent, brave and kind women who coincidently are also one half of my ships and I could not be more grateful. 


(Y/N): “Barry i think you should dress up as The Flash for halloween!”

Barry: “Well… i do have a pretty cool costume. Do you want to see it?”

(Y/N): “Of course-” you where cut of by Barry running you to S.T.A.R Labs.

Barry: *2nd gif* “Do you like it?”


Requests are open. *Not a request*

  • Me: *sees two characters that would make a cute couple *
  • Me: would you look at that, my fleet of ships has gotten larger
I feel more alive than I ever have before. In 3x07 ALL of Caitlin and Barry’s scenes were a work of art. I loved how Danielle Panabaker played Killer Frost. She was so real, honest and sexy. She played her differently from Earth 2 version. This Killer Frost was more broken and dejected from life whereas the other one was just a straight up killer. Something tells me that this isn’t the last time we are going to see her. I’m so grateful for everything! The Snowbarry moments! The Flashfrost kiss! The scenes in the pipeline. Barry has so much love for Caitlin to trust her with his life. I’ve never scene Grant so into the scenes as he was in that episode. Even the way Barry punched out Julian was great! Barry quit his job to protect Caitlin! There is so much love between them I can’t breathe. Writers, I wish you would write more episodes like this. Make. Snowbarry. Endgame.
—  Anonymous