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Caitlin Snow + Barry Allen = Snowbarry
Flash + Killer Frost = Flashfrost
Caitlin Snow + Flash = Snowflash
Killer Frost + Barry Allen = Frostbarry
Savitar + Killer Frost = Savifrost
Savitar + Caitlin Snow = ????

“Sorry?” Pt. 2

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Authors Note: So here is part 2! I hope y’all enjoy! Also, this takes place before the season 3 finale. 

Warnings: minor swearing

Summary: Y/N and the team get to know each other a bit better. A situation comes up and Barry handles it. 

Word Count: 747

As Y/N watched from a short distance, she couldn’t help but think that Barry Allen was kind of cute. Almost as if he could tell what she was thinking, he turned to her and said, “Hey Y/N, come on over here and get to know your new team a bit better.” He smiled a warm smile and Y/N thought to herself, Gladly.

Y/N had spent a few weeks with team flash and had really gotten to know everyone. Iris and Caitlin had taken an immediate liking to her and they became fast friends. As Y/N was training, Cisco calls over the comms. 

“Guys, we have a situation.” He says nervously. Y/N stops hitting the punching bag and runs out to the cortex. Barry was already there, obviously, and was waiting for the rest of the team to get there. 

“Alright Cisco,” Barry said as Julian and H.R. walked in, “What are we up against?” 

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(Y/N): “Barry i think you should dress up as The Flash for halloween!”

Barry: “Well… i do have a pretty cool costume. Do you want to see it?”

(Y/N): “Of course-” you where cut of by Barry running you to S.T.A.R Labs.

Barry: *2nd gif* “Do you like it?”


Requests are open. *Not a request*

  • Me: *sees two characters that would make a cute couple *
  • Me: would you look at that, my fleet of ships has gotten larger

I remember Candice Patton in comic con 2016, saying that she and Danielle Panabaker, the characters they play will never fight because of one guy. They rather help each other and understand each other instead of fighting. So I hope this goes to WestAllen & SnowBarry shippers. You don’t need to say mean things about the other OTP to prove anything. Can we just enjoy that both OTP exists and they make us happy?
I am a SnowBarry shipper but I have nothing against WestAllen.