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The Flash (TV Show) Imagines

~Worried About You (Barry Allen/The Flash)- School and work have been keeping you occupied, and Barry has decided that it is his job to do something about it.

~I Think I Deserve A Re-Do (Barry Allen/The Flash)- After a really hard day, someone has to be there to pick the team back up, and maybe even bring them some holiday cheer.

Game of Thrones Imagines

~The Queen in the North (Robb Stark)-  Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed. {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

~If I Could Tell Her (Jon Snow)- Y/N has been in a black mood, even after the Great War ended. Jon had made it his mission to remedy the situation.

Harry Styles Imagines

~When Time Flies-  Y/N hasn’t looked at the timer counting down on her wrist in a few days, but her soulmate was on their way.

The 100 Imagines

~The Flirt (Bellamy Blake)- Y/N is a huge flirt that somehow always manages to make Bellamy Blake blush.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Imagines

~What Outfit He Likes You To Wear (Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Thor, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Bruce Banner/Hulk)

~A Little Convenient… (Peter Parker/Spiderman)-  Your best friend, Peter, has suddenly disappeared, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t a bit suspicious.

~The Captain of the Mathletes (Peter Parker/ Spiderman)- Even though you have been in the same classes for years, you haven’t had the courage to talk to Peter Parker, captain of the Mathletes. 

~Falling For Him- Captain of the Mathletes pt. 2 (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- You are getting your big test back today, and Peter is there to catch you when you fall.

~Worth It (Peter Parker/Spiderman)-  You and Peter are training in the tower, and a new move puts you in a bit of a compromising position.

~Just a Tour (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- Since you are new to the tower, everyone insists that Peter Parker gives you a tour of your new home.

~Somebody Has Danny (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- Your little brother disappears, and the only person you can think to call is Peter. Luckily, he has a secret that is going to help.

~It Didn’t Go According to Plan (Peter Parker/Spiderman)-  It’s your boyfriend’s birthday, and you had planned the perfect day. But when you are dating a superhero, things don’t always work out.

~Snooping (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- You had always trusted him, but after three cancelled dates, a casual look around Peter’s room couldn’t hurt.

~ Movie Night (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- You and your best friend had a long-standing tradition of Friday movie Nights, but when Aunt May isn’t there, things start to change.

~Here to Help (Souldmate!Peter Parker/Spiderman)- AU where Y/N has the first words of her soulmate tattooed on her arm. “Don’t worry, I’m Spiderman. I’m here to help.” didn’t instill much confidence.

~Get Well Soon (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- Y/N gets sick during school one day, and has an interesting conversation with one Peter Parker in the school’s office.

~Are You Okay? (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- While cuddling after school one day, Y/N notices that Peter has acquired some new muscles, concerningly quickly.

~A Secret (Peter Parker/Spiderman)- Y/N is so used to lounging around in Peter’s apartment, she just wasn’t ready for Spiderman to tumble in through the window.

~The Ballerina (Steve Rogers/Captain America)- Y/N has always worked best with classical music in the background, but she wasn’t expecting someone to be reading over her shoulder.

~Hey There Soldier (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier)- Y/N gets a bit tipsy one night, and is in close proximity to a certain super soldier with a very cool metal arm. 

~Russian Lullibies (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier)- AU where you hear your soulmate’s singing voice in your ear. Y/N has never met her soulmate, but his voice has been lulling her to sleep for a while.

~Reports (Steve Rogers/ Captain America)- Y/N walked in on Steve humming something a bit odd when she came by to drop off the reports, the national anthem.

~~~Like a Fairytale Series

~Right this Way, Cinderella (Steve Rogers/Captain America x Cinderella!Reader)- AU where someone decides to throw Steve Rogers a birthday and someone else convinces Y/N to sneak out and attend.

~The Mystery Girl- Right This Way, Cinderella pt. 2 (Steve Rogers/Captain America x Cinderella!Reader)- Steve can’t stop thinking about the mysterious girl that slipped through his fingers at that masquerade birthday party.

~Have an Apple, Dear (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier x Snow White!Reader)- Y/N takes a mysterious apple from a stranger- not her best idea. 

~I Am Not a Damsel in Distress (Thor/Hercules x Megara!Reader)- Y/N thinks that she can handle herself, Thor has other ideas, and Loki certainly does.

DC Extended Universe Imagines

~Two Can Play at This Game (Barry Allen/The Flash)- Y/N always tries to hold everything in, but after a truly terrible day, she has to rant, and Barry just happens to be there.

~Well, You Took Your Time (Barry Allen/The Flash)- Y/N is kidnapped by someone that wants to get back at The Flash, yet she doesn’t even think that she knows the Flash.

~They Are For You (Ezra Miller)- Ezra is in and out of Y/N’s flower shop every other day, what she doesn’t realize is why he is buying so many bouquets.

~It Just Felt Right (Ezra Miller)- Y/N has always been under the impression that her best friend was uninterested in her, put this Christmas, that may change.

~Are You Jealous? (Barry Allen/The Flash)- Barry was late for an office Christmas party and a particularly pushy coworker does make for an interesting night. 

~Christmas Cuddles (Barry Allen/The Flash)-  Y/N has worked very hard to have a festive night with her boyfriend, and she isn’t about to let him ruin it…

Jurassic World Imagines

~Reunited (Zach Mitchell)- Y/N had told Zach to be careful before he left, and she can barely fathom the footage she’s seen on the news while she waits for her best friend to come home.

~I Don’t Know What I’d Do (Zach Mitchell)- Y/N gets on a plane to go and see her best friend after the attacks at the park.

X-Men Imagines

~Slow Down (Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver)- Y/N has a tendency to overwork herself, and Peter certainly is not okay with that.

Star Trek Imagines

~I Have Been Waiting All Night (Kirk)- Y/N owns the restaurant that Kirk brings all of his dates to, but tonight, he has shown up alone. 

~Impatient (Leonard McCoy/Bones)- Y/N is at the base, waiting anxiously for her boyfriend to come home to her. Not only has he been gone for months, but now she has to deal with his crew as well.

Star Wars Imagines

~Not So Bad Afterall (Cassian Andor)- The rebellion is having a Christmas Party, and Y/N is not about to waste that opportunity.

~He Promised (Cassian Andor)- Cassian had promised to come back to Y/N, but some promises just can’t be kept. Thankfully, he has his earpiece in and she can talk to him one last time.

~Hope (Cassian Andor)- (He Promised Pt. 2) Cassian died on Scarif, but the Force was miraculous, and it was definitely able to find a way to bring them together again.

Hamilton: An American Musical Imagines

~A Basket of Bread (Alexander Hamilton)- Y/N has seen a group of men in the square everyday, and she can’t help but think that they look like they could use a little something to eat, and maybe a helping hand.

~Dream Bigger (John Laurens)- Y/N is best friends with the hamilsquad, and they have been trying to get her to think outside of the Box for years. After walking her home one night, Laurens makes a pretty convincing argument.

~Blushing Like A Rose (Lafayette)-  Y/N is spending the holidays with the Schuyler’s and she knows that Eliza is going to meddle, no matter how many times that she insists she leave well enough alone.

~Amost Strangers (Lin-Manuel Miranda)-  Y/N is shocked when a customer comes in claiming to be a regular but she has never seen him before. Three days later, and she can’t help but think that he wasn’t lying.

~Nice To Meet You (Lin-Manuel Miranda)- Pride and Prejudice AU Y/N meets the particularly introverted Lin and just maybe gets the wrong idea.

~Call Me Thomas (Thomas Jefferson)- After the Schuyler sisters drag Y/N to their dinner party, she meets her souldmate, the archenemy of some of her best friends. Thomas Jefferson. {Part One} {Part Two} {Part Three} {Part Four} {Part Five}

Teen Wolf Imagines

~Uh Stiles? (Stiles Stilinski)- Stiles is very worried about Y/N’s safety, after all, she is a bit of a klutz.

~He Comes to See You on Opening Night (Stiles Stilinski)- Y/N is the lead in her school musical, and one person’s face in the audience makes all of the nerves disappear.

~You Have Flour on Your Face (Derek Hale)- Y/N decides that her new next door neighbor needs a bit of holiday cheer. After a while, he decides that she might be right.

~Just a Bit of Snow (Derek Hale) (You Have Flour on Your Face pt. 2)- Derek seems to be warming up to his next door neighbor, and Y/N seems to agree.

~Uh, Derek… (Young Derek Hale)- Y/N has been anxiously awaiting the return of her boyfriend, but she wasn’t expecting this version of him.

~Happy Birthday (Jackson Whittemore)- It’s Y/N’s birthday, and even though she wants to be happy, she can’t help but miss her best friend.

~I Think You Should Take A Break (Isaac Lahey)- Y/N’s boyfriend is worried that she is simply spending too much time on homework, and he has plans to change.

~The Girlfriends I See Them With (Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar)

~You Have a Movie Night (Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Aiden Derek Hale, Peter Hale)

~The Outfit He Likes You In (Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Peter Hale, Aiden)

~When You Are Upset (Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar)

Criminal Minds Imagines

~Merry Christmas… I Guess (Dr. Spencer Reid)- Y/N has always supported her boyfriend, but she is missing him during the Christmas season, and she certainly wasn’t happy about having to visit him in the hospital.

~An Unconventional Office Christmas Party (Dr. Spencer Reid)A certain Dr. is going to be at the office Christmas party, and Y/N doesn’t know if her heart can take it.

Harry Potter Imagines

~Perhaps This Year Will Be Better (Neville Longbottom)- Y/N is staying at Hogwarts for the holidays, and so is Neville Longbottom. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Imagines

~Falling (Newt Scamander)- Newt was hesitant to show Y/N his case at first, but now he can’t imagine life without her. If only he had the courage to tell her.

~Something Worth Keeping (Newt Scamander)- Newt and Y/N are traveling to Egypt after catching wind of a Thunderbird in need of help. Even though they both have work to do, Y/N gets distracted by a certain magizoologist.

~You Know? (Newt Scamander)-  It isn’t often that Newt meets someone who knows about magical creatures, much less someone who wants to protect them. So when he meets Y/N, he can’t help but be impressed.

~The Star (Newt Scamander)- Y/N wanted to surprise Newt with a decorated tree, but getting the star on the top of the tree was proving to be a bit of a challenge.

~Sickly (Newt Scamander)- Y/N isn’t feeling well, and falls asleep in the case. Newt finds her in a… strange position, to say the least. He, of course, helps her along.

~A New Adventure (Newt Scamander)-   Queenie drags an awkward Y/N to the MACUSA Christmas Party, and she somehow ends up under the magical mistletoe with one Newt Scamander.

~Mating Call (Newt Scamander)- Y/N has a bad habit of wandering off, and Newt finds an… original solution to the problem.

~A Nice Ring (Newt Scamander)- BurlesqueDancer!Y/N meets an awkward Newt when he stumbles into her club one night.

~The Light of Day (Newt Scamander) A Nice Ring Pt. 2- Newt is back at the club, and this time, he asks Y/N out on a date.

5 Seconds of Summer Imagines

~Overprotective (Luke)- Y/N’s older sister has always been your biggest supporter, also making her the biggest judge of your new boyfriend.

~You Are Super Sick (Luke)- Y/N is down for the count, but Luke isn’t going to let her go through it alone.

~College AU (Calum)- After an awful day, Y/N doesn’t know if getting invited to a coffee shop is a blessing or a curse.

~College AU (Calum) (pt. 2)- Y/N is getting ready to attend Calum’s band’s show, and her nerves couldn’t be worse.

~The VMA’s (Luke, Calum, Michael, Ashton)

~Their Favorite Thing About You (Luke, Michael, Calum, Ashton)

~What You Wear to the Concert (Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael)

~What You Do On His Day Off (Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael)

Youtuber Imagines

~Can I Borrow a Pencil? (Phil Lester)- Y/N has been in love with the most forgetful boy in the world, and he just so happens to sit in front of her in math class.

~The  Outfit They Love on You (Jack Harries, Finn Harries, Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Alfie Deyes, Jim Chapman)

I put everything that I could find on my blog on this, even some super cringe-worthy stuff that I wrote when I was first starting out.


The Flash AU: Bariscowest ||

Barry, Cisco and Iris grew up together as best friends and spent every possible moment together making memories. Barry was still severely into his academics and clubs as was Cisco. Iris was Valedictorian of their class. Barry loves Gaga and the Beatles and most especially Iris, who confesses to having mutual feelings their sophomore year of High School.

[Yeah, so this took forever: finding and creating photos of them as teens. Some of the celebs I chose to be their teens selves didn’t have many photos on the internet, so I alternated between 2 different celebrities to play them. Lemme tell ya, we do not have very many…IF ANY young Latinx celebrities. Hollywood sucks man. Anywho…enjoy!….Oh…and this is just one part of a larger project I’m working on. If it turns out well…then I can’t wait to show you guys!!!]


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Teen Wolf

Sneaking Around / Big Talks with Big Brother / Behind Closed Doors (Liam Dunbar)

Sock on the Door (Brett Talbot)

Just Breathe Baby (Stiles Stilinski) 

Awkward Moment (Brett Talbot)

Naughty Thoughts at Naughty Moment (Scott McCall)

Secrets (Garret)

Playing Games in the Dark / Part 2 (Brett Talbot) 

Frustrations (Derek Hale)

Fast and Furious / Flashbacks (Deucalion)

Siren Song (Brett Talbot)

Movie Night (Derek Hale) 

Drunken Love / Love is Love (Derek Hale)

Daddy Does Not Approve (Peter Hale)

I Like It Rough (Nogisune Stiles) 

Hot and Dangerous (Cora Hale) 

Jealous (Liam Dunbar)

Winner (Brett Talbot) 

0-100 (Liam Dunbar)

More Than Friends (Derek Hale)

Beast Mode (Scott McCall)

Green as Envy (Liam Dunbar)

Heavy Breathing (Liam Dunbar)

Experimenting (Ethan and Aiden)

You’re Mine  (Scott McCall)

Detention (Peter Hale)

Can’t be Late (Aiden)

Better Day (Liam Dunbar)

Get Your Facts Checked. (Scott McCall)

Make Your Dreams Come True (Liam Dunbar)

Hands Off (Isaac Lahey)

Teen Wolf Preferences

He finds out you’re a witch  (Derek Hale)

The Vampire Diaries

Show You (Kol Mikaleson)

Little Black Dress (Damon Salvatore)

5 Seconds of Summer 

Birthday Surprises (Ashton Irwin) 

Wanna Get Out of Here? (Luke Hemmings)


Before You Exit (Riley McDonough)  

Good Boys Gone Bad (Hunter Hayes)

Shower Sex (Dave Franco) 

Don’t Walk Away from Me (Dylan O'Brien)

Honeymoon in Paradise (James Franco)

Endlessly (Dylan Sprayberry)  

Red Carpet (Robbie Amell) 

Surprise Surprise (Dylan O’Brien) 

I Miss You (Myles Parish)

Sweet Dreams or a Beautiful Nightmare (Colton Hayes)

First Time  (Evan Peters)

Soft and Slow (Finn Nelson)

Call Me Daddy (Dylan O’Brien) 

You’re So Beautiful (Nick Robinson)

Forever (Barry Allen) 

Lose You (Myles Parrish)



The following list regroups some of the most important dates in Haitian history. Other important instances (such as the complete chronology of the Haitian Revolution) have been omitted to make this list more comprehensible. (Furthermore, this outlined timeline does not go beyond the end of the Duvalierist Regime.) References provided at this end of this page should be used for a fuller analysis of the dates presented. This document ought to be regarded as an introductory tool.


1492-1500: European arrival to Hispaniola (present day Haiti and Dominican Republic); island inhabited by Taino Arawak population 

1492-1560s: Steady decline of Taino population, + or – 86% of population dies within few decades of European contact (original population estimate vary from + or – 1 million to 3.77 million in 1492, to a scarce dozens by the 1560s)

1502: Introduction of first African slaves

1521: First slave revolt in the New World 

1600s: Rise of French Flibustiers culture on Spanish territory 

1664: French West Indian Company administers island of Tortuga

1685: Louis XIV’s Code Noir issued

1697: Treaty of Ryswick, France gets ⅓ of the Western shore of Hispaniola (Saint-Domingue, now Haiti)

1724-1803: French government directly administers Saint-Domingue as its colony

1785-1790: Peak of colonial era; approximately 30, 000 African slaves are imported each year to Saint-Domingue (slave population of about 500, 000 by outbreak of the slave uprising)

1789: Beginning of the French Revolution, hostilities explode in Saint-Domingue between (and among) whites and the gens de couleurs 

1791 (21August): Bois-Caiman Voodoo Ceremony?

1791 (22 August): Slave uprising begins (first in the North)

1793: Gradual abolition of slavery in Saint-Domingue via French commissioners Sonthonax and Polverel

1794 (4 February): National Convention abolishes slavery in all French possessions 

1794-1801: Louverture rises to power in Saint-Domingue

1795: Treaty of Basel – Spain cedes Santo-Domingo to France

1801 (January): Louverture campaigns in Santo-Domingo, now part of the French Empire 

1801 (July); Louverture’s Constitution, partly in reaction to Napoleon seizing power in France 

1801 (November): Moïse rebellion against Louverture

1802: Napoleon’s Leclerc expedition 

1803 (November): French capitulation, Battle of Vertières

1804 (1 January): Haiti proclaims her independence; Jean-Jacques Dessalines becomes the first leader

1806 (October): Assassination of Dessalines

1807-1820: Henri Christophe succeeds Dessalines

1807/11-1820: Haiti secedes between a kingdom in the North (governed by Christophe) and a Republic in the South (presided by Pétion)

1811: Henri Christophe crowns himself Henry 1er, governs the North of Haiti as kingdom until his suicide in 1820

1807-1818: Alexandre Pétion becomes president of Southern Haiti until his death in 1818

1818-1843: Jean-Pierre Boyer is president of Haiti

1820: Boyer reunites the two Haitis after the death of Henri Christophe; annexes the Dominican Republic

1825: Indemnity to France for recognition of independence, originally 150M Francs (at 1789 values)

1826: Boyer’s (particularly unpopular) Rural Code

1838: Indemnity reduced to 90M, advantage tariffs for French commerce maintained

1843: “Liberal” Revolt against Boyer

1844: Dominican Republic declares independence from Haiti (and in1864 from Spain)

1844: Piquet Rebellion 

1844-1915: With few notable exceptions, beginning of a period of political instability

1849-1859: Faustin Soulouque becomes president and crowns himself emperor of Haiti

1879-1888: Presidency of Lysius Salomon

1890s-1915: Greatest period of political instability, sovereignty undermined, less Haitian-owned businesses, social classes tighten; “color question” intensify 

1915-1934: US Marine Occupation, puppet presidencies to serve US and elite interests 

1917-1929: Cacos Wars againts the US Occupation

1919: Death of Caco leader Charlemagne Peralte, photo of dead body paraded by Americans to discourage further resistance 

1920s: Emergence of the Haitian Indigéniste movement

1928: Haitian intellectual Jean Price-Mars publishes Ainsi Parla L’Oncle and strongly criticizes the Haitian elite for their lack of social usefulness 

1930s: “Color question” intensify further; Marine occupation seen as an humiliation  

1934: Departure of Americans, yet political ties remain

1934: Creation of the Haitian Communist Party with members such as Jacques Roumain

1930s-1940s: Noirisme movement “grows out” of Indigénisme

1946: “Revolution of 1946”; victory of Noirisme movement; election of Dumarsais Estimé 

1950: Coup against Estimé

1950-1956: Presidency of Paul Eugène Magloire

1957: Election of 1957; François Duvalier becomes president

1957-1986: Duvalier Dictatorship 

1964: François Duvalier names himself president for life (until 1971)

1971-1986: Jean-Claude succeeds his father as next dictator of Haiti

1986: End of Duvalier dictatorship

1986-?: Interminable transition to democracy

* Please do not copy this list without permission from its authors, that is, both moderators at HH and universalayititoma. Use for educational purposes only. 

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Trouillot, Michel-Rolph. Haiti, State Against Nation: The Origins and Legacy of Duvalierism. Monthly Review Press, 1990.

Wilson, Samuel M. Hispaniola: Caribbean Chiefdoms in the Age of Columbus. University of Alabama Press, 1990. 

Zodiac signs as American Dad characters

Aries: Snot
Taurus: Stan
Gemini: Principle Lewis
Cancer: Steve
Leo: Klaus
Virgo: Francine
Libra: Toshi
Scorpio: Barry
Sagittarius: Hayley
Capricorn: Jeff
Aquarius: Roger
Pisces: Reginald the Koala

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