barry reese

“Barry Reese is not only an exceptional author who vividly captures the thrill-a-minute essence of pulp fiction in his work from The Rook to Gravedigger to Lazarus Gray, but he’s also clearly a fan at heart who loves what he’s doing. That passion seeps into every spine-tingling chapter he writes. Bravo!”

Michael Uslan, Executive Producer of all the Batman movies from “Batman” to The Dark Knight Trilogy and author of his memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman.

“Poor Mr. Axford,” Kato mused. “I wonder what he would say if he really did find out The Green Hornet’s identity.”

“Hopefully we’ll never find out. The fewer people who know the truth about us, the better.” Britt stepped over to Kato and placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Any lingering effects from those drugs?”

Kato’s smile never wavered. “Occasionally I still feel the overwhelming urge to hit you… but otherwise, no.”

Britt’s laughter rang out so loud that his secretary looked up and stared at the door in wonder.

From “Summer of Death”, by Barry Reese, one of the short Green Hornet stories in “The Green Hornet Casefiles”, published by Michael Uslan of Moonstone Books.