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my girl, she wears crowns

Description // Snowbarry - Twelve-year-old Caitlin Snow is lead to believe that she’s a lonely metahuman, that is until she meets a friendly speedster who tries to prove her otherwise. 

AN // Y’all know about Sky High? Well, it’s kind of a big deal inspiration for this fic.


The only distraction to draw her stinging, wet gaze up is the crackling, whirling force circling her now. It’s as though she’s in the eye of a tunnel of gusting wind, her hair whipping every which way.

It’s enough of a disturbance to knock over her icy creation, a perfect crystal swan, an arduous work of art that she had spent the better half of the afternoon slaving over. And she watches it shatter into too tiny, glittering shards of ice–her heart seems to crumble in the same way. It takes little more than a split moment, realizing that she cannot possibly recreate her magic the same way, for her to burst too, openly spilling tears the way she had been waiting to all day.

Then not a split moment longer than her first sob releases, she faces him. Big, green eyes and a splatter of freckles comes, sidling up close to her crouched figure, as if it was perfectly normal to crowd complete strangers. She thinks of her father then, knowing full well that strange boys were not to be trusted.

How did he even appear out of thin air? Strange, indeed.

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