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Wally, Barry and Bart S/o’s reaction when they used their speed during sex for the first time (Sin canon - NSFW)

Hello! I was going to this as anon but blaah! Yolo! Can you do hc for Wally, Barry and Bart? S/o reaction when they used their speed during sex for the first time? You know sex was common in their relationship but the superpower was a new thing the speedsters wanted to try.  - @azul23blue

(endorsed by) @lovekenya24 @whovianayesha @inn0centkidz @civilwarkilledme @tamanamohain @too-many-fandoms666 @insideoflit 

Barry: You’d been expecting and begging for him to use it and he finally indulged you. Even if it was because he was being called into a mission while inside of you, which pissed you off but dear god, you’ll deal with that after he comes home and the bliss fades away. He’d have to make it up to you again.

Bart: Would use it before he told you his secret identity… whoooops. So now he would have to which as it turns out as perfect timing because as you’re grinning ear to ear that not only did you orgasm, your fucking boyfriends a superhero.

Wally: Also lets it reveal his superhero persona. He’d been meaning to tell you tonight, but that chocolate on your chin, distracted him and before you knew it you were screaming in bliss. You’d kinda figured out his super secret but held off on the slight chance you were wrong. He played it off as the heat of the moment, and it only felt like a blur. He’s slightly confused as to why you’re screaming “I fucking knew it!!” repeatedly, but you’re extremely satisfied and he’s got a sandwich so he’s feeling content.


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