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10 OTPs (series)

1- Olicity (Oliver x Felicity)  Arrow

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2- Malec (Magnus x Alec) shadowhunters

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3- Karamel (Kara x Mon-el) Supergirl

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4- Captain Swan (Emma x Hook) OUAT

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5- Sanvers (Alex x Maggie) Supergirl

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6- Westallen (Barry x Iris) The Flash

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7- Sherlolly (Sherlock x Molly) Sherlock

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8- Nadalind (Nick x Adalind) Grimm

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9- Shamy (Sheldon x Amy) the big bang theory

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10-Diley (Riley x Danny) Baby daddy

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War on Everyone (2016)

Directed by John Michael McDonagh

Cinematography by Bobby Bukowski

(#1-20) 100 reasons to watch John Michael McDonagh’s War on Everyone (2016) Part 1

Besides the fantastic cast (and the 16 reasons above and yes, I know Alexander Skarsgård is in there twice - he’s worth it) it’s also:

1. very funny - like, laugh-out-loud funny

2. it’s by John Michael McDonagh who wrote/directed Calvary & The Guard

3. it has the music of Glen Campbell (Glen!!!)

4. it’s coming out on Blu-ray/DVD next week!

Stay tuned for the rest* while we count down the days until the movie is available on Blu-ray/DVD in the US on April 11! (also available in Australia on April 19 and in Japan June 2)

*Hint: the “rest” is just 80 pics of Alex. Deal with it.😁


“The Emperor Jones” by Eugene O’Neill

Irish Repertory Theatre, 2017

Starring Obi Abili, William Bellamy, Carl Hendrick Louis, Sinclair Mitchell, Angel Moore, Andy Murray & Reggie Talley