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Dodge Tradesman A-100 Barris Supervan, 1966. Originally designed by George Barris as “The Love Machine” and reincarnated for the 1977 movie “SuperVan.” It appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, such as “Back to the Future II,” “Sea Quest” and “Solar Crisis.” It sold at auction in 2016 for $62,700

Your Enemy [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: OMG. EVIL BARRY! YES! Okay, so I’m totally in love with the idea of a fight beforehand and smut. Maybe reader did a scheme without him and they get into a big fight and just pure kinky smut™ because we all know that evil Barry is a kinky son of a — well, you get my point 😊

a/n: ah my evil barry i missed him


The Flash was always too fast for you, except for today; you finally captured him. Peering back at you, he holds his cuffed wrists straight in front of him as you lead him to the pipeline. “I can phase out of these, you know.” he smirks, black hoodie swaying around his torso.

“Actually, you can’t, Barry. They were specially designed for speedsters by yours truly.” you tut, shoving him forward. Unexpectedly, he spins around, converse squeaking, body pressed to yours. “Get in the cell, Barry.” you frown, taking a step back. Control yourself, Y/N.

He follows your movements, leaning close to you; his breath touches your ear. Lime green eyes drop their attention to your breasts in your tight teal suit. “Make me.” he challenges, tongue licking across his upper teeth in an act of seduction. “I know you want me…so take me.” he purrs, pressing his hard on to your thigh.

Gasping, you bite your lip, eyes jumping to the security camera. In a second, it’s dismantled, thanks to your powers. Barry grins wickedly, catching your earlobe in between his teeth and tugging. With his hands still cuffed, he unzips the small zipper to your black and teal leather pants. “Don’t think this means you’re free…” you warn, nibbling on his pale neck.  

He chuckles, pushing your pants down as far as he can. “I wasn’t.” Barry says while he gets on his knees. “Trust me, seeing a hero beg for me will be payment enough.” he smirks, mouth hovering above the waistband of your panties.  His teeth latch on to the thin fabric, pulling them down your thighs. “Ah, you’re already so wet for me. Interesting…” he hums.

You rest your back against the padded wall, watching his lips move closer to your sex. Instantly, his mouth latches onto you, tongue teasing your pussy. “Barry, Barry, Barry…” you chant, closing your eyes while he dips his tongue in and out, long fingers lazily doodling on your bare thighs. His eyelashes brush against your skin, finally fluttering up at you, green eyes sparkling.

Barry flattens his pink tongue, hollowing his cheeks. His black hoodie tumbles off his shoulder, landing in a pool at his elbows. You let out a shallow breath, tugging on his milk chocolate hair, causing him to moan deeply, lapping up your juices. “I’m… Oh god… I’m gonn-” you yell, head thumping against the cushioned wall. Oh my god, who knew a villain’s mouth was so good?

The second you cum, Barry cleans up your pussy, swallowing everything; you groan, hips bucking at him. When he pulls away, a trail of drool on the corner of his lips, smirking his signature way. “How was that, princess? Not too bad for a villain?” he teases, voice hoarse and gravelly, like pure sex. You really shouldn’t be thinking that way about your enemy…

“It… Wow.”

The speedster stands up, holding his chained hands in front of him. “Imagine what I could do when my hands are free…” he winks, sashaying into the cell. Your chest heaves up and down, eyes watching the clear door seal shut; Barry brushes off his tan jeans nonchalantly, licking his lips. Maybe you don’t want to be his enemy after all.

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I’ve been seeing some comments along the lines of “HR does none of the work but takes all of the credit.”

Um… what?

Before I start, I’d like to make clear that I’m in no way saying “everyone has to like HR!” It’s totally cool with me if you’re not into HR, or like Harry better, or whatever. What irks me is when people mischaracterize him.

Firstly… exactly what credit is HR taking? I can’t think of a single time since 3x05 that he has taken credit for anything (including his own ideas) or that a member of the team other than Wally has shown any appreciation at all for what he does. The team has twice shot down his museum designs. Barry immediately assumed he was responsible for trying to get Wally out of the cocoon. Joe called him “psychotic”. Thea essentially said he was useless in a deleted scene. No one has ever commended him for doing anything at all, even when his ideas have led to lives being saved.

Secondly, he does none of the work? Clearly Barry is the one doing the crimefighting. Cisco is the one making the gadgets, and so on. But HR’s being doing a ton of research and coming up with decent ideas. And he’s now made a museum from scratch. Obviously we don’t yet know if the museum will be worthwhile or a total mess (I can’t see the point of the show building it up since 3x06 just to have it be a disaster though), but this is a project HR has clearly put a lot of time, effort, and skill into. He also helped Wally despite it being incredibly risky for him to go against the rest of the team, and asked Wally not to tell anyone about it. That’s not the act of someone seeking unearned glory.

HR’s character is not “okay everyone else go do stuff, aren’t I brilliant?” It’s “I kinda suck, everyone is just looking for an excuse to send me home, so I have to prove myself despite the fact no one cares.” 

Some fans seem to be stuck on the team’s perception of him from 3x05 without looking at the actual reality of what he’s been doing since then.