barry blair


maka and blair! cuz I love them- and then some notebook sketch that I went over with many awesome characters that I love (ann shirely, arya stark, diana barry- aka ann’s friend, tinkerbell and yuzu!) I have a lot of notebook scans from years ago that I hope one day to go over and color them (I don’t know if that ever gonna happen but yeah-) 


Dale Keown from Dragonforce #s 3 & 1, 1988. Co-created, written, drawn & colored by Keown for Barry Blair (Aircel Publishing Ltd.).

Keown started out as a Byrne clone on steroids, which is exactly what the Hulk needed as an artist. This pre-Marvel stuff is even tighter than that, with a little bit of Wrightson thrown in.


I don’t know what to say. 

Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty.


Chinese-born Canadian artist Barry Blair was author and/or artist of Elflord and it’s numerous spin-offs (published by a bewildering array of companies), other titles he produced include China Sea and Samurai. 12-year-old Barry also created the opening animation for the Canadian children’s TV program You Can’t Do That On Television. Barry’s Chinese childhood has had an obvious influence on his work.

Barry died in 2010.

The lower two illustrations are cards from Adventures Beyond Greenhaven, the pre-internet Elflord fanclub.