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Barry Teams Up With Wells To Figure Out A Way To Close The Breaches, But They Are Distracted By A Meta-human Nicknamed Tar Pit Who Can Transform Into...
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Making some changes to my dash. So like this post if you blog about:

The Flash (prefer westallen)


Supergirl (karolsen…not that big a fan of supercat)


(NO ARROW…i don’t watch it! I don’t wanna see it)

Sleepy hollow (ichabbie…of course )

Htgawm (no hate on Michaela or connor)



Matthew daddario (i don’t watch shadowhunters but he’s pretty)

@ the westallen haters arguments.

“i’m not convinced” “they have no chemistry” “why can’t guy and girl be friends?” “ they are brother and sister ,ew incest” “ they had no build up”. just . please .stop.

1. “B and I or GG and CP don’t have chemistry !” excuse me but they have loads of chemistry ( the casting director said that gg and cp were sort of magical together so yeah.)  that’s why the writers didn’t give us any westallen scenes because they wanted to sell the whole sp@llen relationship okay? so stop. Barry and Iris can literally just look at each other and have more chemistry than sp@llen had in all of 2A ,example:

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2. Barry and Iris are best friends before anything else, and they will still be best friends when they’re together.

3. THEY ARE NOT SIBLINGS, not BLOOD RELATED. Joe never adopted Barry okay. Barry never thought of Iris as a sister , Iris never thought of Barry as a brother. i’m honestly so tired of this argument it shows up more now because somebody left….. just stop okay they are not siblings . i think you should just  look up the definition of incest.

4. HA! “ they had no build up” this probably coming from a sn*wbarry or sp@allen shipper. um im sorry B an C rarely interacted this season, because she was chasing after jay with jay. P and B relationship is based on awkward run ins, stalking,lies lies, AND LIES, there was no foundation joe had to push Barry to pursue patty so in conclusion it was based on NOTHING ,nothing. Iris and Barry have a friendship , and they trust each other more than anyone else, we can see that because of  the trust fall in 2.03. they now know  everything about each other and and are growing as individuals, they had the most build up because they are the MAIN COUPLE of the show, even if  they are not together yet.

stop it. stop with these stupid ass arguments.