But I love, love, LOVE that scene in 1x15 where Iris asks Barry if he thought they were acting “you know...” during the double date and he  goes  “NAWW” and means it too

Because for them it’s totally normal behaviour: 

Barry giving Iris a wedding band as a X-mas present while she’s dating another man is normal. Iris wiping food of Barry’s mouth in front of his girlfriend (and her boyfriend) is normal. 

Had Eddie and Linda comment on how their behaviour felt inappropriate Iris would never have noticed because that’s how her relationship with Barry always was. As for Barry he totally thought it was OK and didn’t even pay attention to the fact that his girlfriend was having a terrible time at this double date because HE was busy having a great time with the love of his life.

Their kind of messiness is the best kind


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always late 

Fanfic - Helping a Neighbor Out - 1/1

Summary: Night after night Iris’s neighbor sets off his fire alarm after failing to cook his dinner leaving her no choice but to help him.

Pairing: Westallen

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1289

Author Note: Who is in the mood for random fluff?

Iris knew living in her own apartment was never going to be an easy thing. For starters there would be no more of the luxuries she enjoyed when living with her dad such as free laundry and food always being in the fridge. The apartment itself wasn’t much better with its run down kitchen and barely enough room for a few pieces of furniture. 

The biggest downside was the paper thin walls between her and her neighbors. The person who lived above her seemed to enjoy doing gymnastics at three in the morning judging by the loud thumps and bumps she heard every night. In the apartment to the left was a couple who seemed to only communicate through loud shouting. Then there was the apartment to the right of her where a rather cute but frustrating boy lived.

Iris had seen him from time to time in the lobby or in the laundry room. He was tall and lanky though he always seemed to slouch down. Iris liked his cute freckles and shy smile on his lips whenever their eyes met. Several times Iris tried to chat him up but he always stuttered out short answers and turned bright red. She found him adorable in a awkward and nerdy way that Iris really loved. She would have asked him out several months ago if their conversations lasted more than a couple minutes.

However there was one downside to being his neighbor.

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