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The Flash 4.09 “Don’t Run” Synopsis and first thoughts

The Flash just released the synopsis for the winter finale

Technically, this should be a situation where Caitlin can save herself. This is a girl that stayed awake and directed her own surgery. All she has to do is be a good doctor and stall until Team Flash can come get her. Iris needs to save her man!

This could be a great opportunity to highlight Iris’s strategic leadership skills. She’s in a chess match with The Thinker of sorts. Ultimately I think it will comes down to which one Team Flash needs to save the other. If they need Killer Frost to help break Barry out of Thinker’s speed prison, go get Caitlin first. If they need Barry to take down Blacksmith, get Barry first.

Person: if you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?


“My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.”

The Flash poster, digital 

How The Flash: 3x18 Should Have Ended:

Abra Kadabra: I know what Savitar’s real name is, and I’m not telling unless you let me go.

Barry: *Looks at Cisco* You thinking what I’m thinking?

Cisco: If what you’re thinking is going on Supergirl’s earth and asking to borrow Martian Manhunter for his mind-reading ability, then, yeah, I’m thinking what you’re thinking.

Barry: Awesome; let’s go.


*Julian rips the necklace off of Caitlin’s neck*

Julian: She’s healing!

*Julian immediately puts the necklace back on the moment she’s completely healed*

Cisco: Phew! That was close!

Julian: I know, right? I mean, can you IMAGINE if I just stared in awe and forgot to put it back on?

Cisco: I know, right? That would have been a HUGE disaster!

Julian: *Laughs* Yeah. We’re never going to to tell Caitlin about the fact I nearly did just that, are we?

Cisco: Dude, this is a CW show; if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s keeping secrets from each other; so I won’t tell if you won’t.

A testament to dreaming

Three years ago, my wife Kristen and I watched the first episode of The Flash, and she said, “This is my dream show. This is the show I want to write.”

She was working as an assistant. She had no writing credits to her name. She had no clear path that would lead to her destination.

Then came three years of working her ass off, proving herself over and over again in an industry pretty much built to make you give up. Wonderful people saw how wonderful she was, and she made it as a writer. Then she had a baby and the industry was like “okay stay home but we’re not giving you any money and btw you may never work again” but she said “eff you industry” and she continued to dream and wrote a new original script with the sole intention of getting it on the desk of the showrunners for The Flash, and by working with her connections the script actually made it onto that desk, and the showrunners read it, and they loved it.

And here we are now. Kristen’s first writing credit on The Flash airs tonight. The episode is hilarious and empowering and exciting, much like Kristen.

So keep dreaming, friends. 

(And work your ass off.)