barron barron

Hahahaha omg it’s so funny wow it’s hilarious that an 11year old boy thought someone had actually gone through and killed his father after thousands and thousands of threats on his life, threats to his family, and his home!!!  lmao Barron btfo ahahhaaha let’s make some more fun of a child who has no choice who his parents are and no control over his father’s words or actions lmaooo!!!

Hey, you see this kid? He’s a little boy. He has no control over what his father says and does. His father’s personality, language, and actions will not be changed by you cyberbulling him, calling him names, claiming he has a neurological disorders or otherwise challenging his mental state. Picking on him doesn’t make you edgy, it makes you as much of a bullying piece of shit as you’ve ever thought Trump was. His parents and half-siblings are all adults and can be judged for their actions, but he is a minor who has no say in any of this.

Leave 👏🏾 Barron 👏🏾 Alone👏🏾

Pop Quiz! Barron Trump thought Kathy Griffith was holding Donald Trump's actual head because:

A) He hasn’t seen his father enough times to be able to recognize him

B) He is an 11-year-old in 6th grade who we are supposed to believe is unable to spot a publicity stunt

C) He thought the Left had been plotting its revenge ever since Trump called for second amendment supporters to assassinate Hillary Clinton in an actual public speech

D) Kathy Griffith is a secret assassin but the Trumps knew the truth and were all instructed to be wary of her

E) Trump and the GOP are trying to use that poor kid for sympathy points as if we didn’t just spend the past eight years watching Republican voters outright trash Sasha and Malia