For Comic Con, I’m planning on going as Miss Pauling, from TF2, and I decided I’d try my hand at making her gun to add to the cosplay. So far it’s going pretty good (a whole lot better than I expected it to) so I’m excited to see it when I’m done painting it.

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How did you meet your best friend?

I have many but probably tumblr or school

Favorite band to listen to when you’re upset?

Mayday Parade

Favorite article of clothing that you own?

Goldenblackhawk T-Shirt

What are some of your talents (weird ones like balancing cups on your face are the best just saying)?

writing of all kinds, advice

Favorite movie character?

Furiosa or Tony Stark probably 

What’s the best kind of weather?

Cool breeze, cool air, just anything between 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Best ice cream flavor?

There was something in my old town called “Cow Tippin’” and it was vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate swirls with little chocolate pieces shaped like cows.

Best idea you’ve ever had?


What’s an embarrassing story of yours?

I walked into the wrong classroom once and wasn’t paying any attention until the teacher handed me a quiz…in spanish. I was there for Biology. (it was the first week of school so she didn’t realize i wasnt in her class)

Do you have a blanket/stuffed animal from childhood–what is it?

I have a red sheet blanket.

Favorite city to visit and why?

Vegas ;-) babyjakey

My Questions: why do i have to write questions?

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That Article was horseshit. It was also biphobic, but that's not the only reason it was horseshit.

So everyone on the Queer Internet– or at least Queer Twitter– has been talking about this awful article in XOJane, and there are a few things I want to say about it.

The first is that this is biphobic as hell. Bi people get our queerness policed all the time. I get that people are mad that we have passing privilege, but the privilege to pretend to be something you aren’t and have a part of your identity unrecognized unless you are constantly reaffirming it isn’t fun. In addition, we’re disproportionately subjected to violence and suffer from higher rates of mental illness and suicide than lesbians. (spidey_j, over on Twitter, did a great round-up of the facts on this.)

I saw responses on Twitter that were attempting to turn this around by saying “well if you’re really bisexual you aren’t who the article is talking about”, sometimes actually including that maybe we’re the biphobic ones by thinking it was.

Here’s the thing: when a bunch of bi people read a thing and say “hey, this contributes to a culture that explicitly marginalizes and excludes us”, you should fucking believe us.

The second thing is that this is yet another thing that is trying to place gayness at the center of what it means to be queer, and that’s fucking bullshit. Queerness is an intentionally big umbrella because there is room for a lot of different people under it. For all that the article drops some stuff about dating non-binary folks, it’s explicitly about women who, for whatever reason, don’t date women, and saying they’re co-opting queerness by claiming that identity.

There’s a ton of women who absolutely have claim to queerness if the want to, even if they don’t date women. Transgender women, asexual and/or aromantic women, women who don’t date or fuck at all for whatever reason, women who aren’t able to publicly out themselves because of danger, and a lot more kinds of women who aren’t– however they present themselves, since many people have been coerced into the closet– cisgender and/or heterosexual.

The third is that this article made me feel less welcome in queer and/or lesbian spaces, and the women who posted agreement with it made me feel less safe, even though I’m doing the “correct” things that the author wants me to do, like outing myself all the time and shoving my queerness in the straights’ faces all the time. This kind of piece gives people permission to play Queer Police, to make us have to make sure we’re Gay Enough to occupy queer spaces, that we’re passing the You Must Be This Gay To Ride test. Knowing that well, I’m not one of those bisexuals doesn’t help, because my queerness isn’t a condition that can be erased just because the “real gays” don’t approve of it.

That Article was horseshit. It was also biphobic, but that’s not the only reason it was horseshit. was originally published on barrl

Frech bescheiden - Schweden im Finale

Was für ein Spiel! Und endlich, endlich mal ein Sieg über eine deutsche Mannschaft in einem Spiel, in dem es um etwas geht. Die schwedische U19 steht nach ihrem 7:5 nach Elfmeterschiessen gegen Deutschland im Finale der EM am Montag und trifft dort auf Spanien . Da haben die Schützlinge von Calle Barrling schon bewiesen, dass es einige Lichtpunkte in der Zukunft des schwedischen Fussballs geben…

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Sverige hoppfullt inför semifinalen

EM-guld med F19-landslaget 2012. På måndag hoppas Calle Barrling få uppleva ett nytt firande. – Alla har det som inspiration, säger förbundskaptenen inför semifinalen mot Tyskland.

bot idea list

Bots that I think would be cool, but do not yet have the skillz to make (if you want to make one of these feel free to! just credit me in the bot’s Twitter bio or something):

  • a bot that grabs descriptions of videos on pornhub and replaces all the sex-related words with business buzzwords
  • a bot that grabs parts of two sets of quotes, Headline Smasher/Two Headlines style, and mashes them together, attributing them, incorrectly to a third person
  • a bot that grabs a list of 12 related nouns (such as 12 different vegetables, 12 fictional characters, etc– maybe using Wikipedia categories?), assigns each one to a horoscope sign, and posts them on Tumblr, a la the zodiac meme. This would also work with images. Hell, you could probably just grab a dozen images from giphy and end up with something surprisingly coherent at least half the time.

Bots that I totally could make but haven’t yet that I might make someday and which I could absolutely make if someone wanted to pay me to make them:

  • terrible names for bad guys in RPGs
  • a bot version of Orcwanker
  • a Tumblr aesthetic generator
  • a bot that says nice or encouraging things
  • artisinal beer name generator
  • creepy Lush products generator
  • terrible workout tips
  • travel/vacation ideas
  • a (pseudo) Markov bot that grabs tweets from all of my bots and smashes them together
  • a random horoscope generator (maybe for every sign?)
  • a random tarot reading (with or without interpretation)

I’ll add links if I make any of these. You can support me on Patreon to get me to make ’em a lot faster; once I get to the $250 mark I’ll be doing an extra project a month, and that can be an essay or a bot.

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Sverige hoppfullt inför semifinalen

EM-guld med F19-landslaget 2012. På måndag hoppas Calle Barrling få uppleva ett nytt firande. – Alla har det som inspiration, säger förbundskaptenen inför semifinalen mot Tyskland.