The real deal, LosAngeles…Clanton St. O.G.s the “PACHUCO” or commonly known as “ZOOT SUITER ” or as i like to put the “BARRIO DANDY” OR “HOOD DANDY” a style and culture born and defined as they defied social, econimic, class and race systems that alienated and marginalized them as men and women of color or lower social class. They created themselves and empowered themselves thru clothing, style, music , language and dance.

A testament to the Zoot Suiter: A Series of Artworks by John Carlos De Luna

These Pieces of art are a testament to the enlightenment of a creative process that would come to develop my entire artistic practice as well as my own self identity. Thus,  allowing this art to become a vehicle for healing and self empowerment. The evolution of the Zoot Suiter, of the Pachuco, and the Barrio Dandy.

These first two Pieces are are the main pieces in the series and the development of other works from visual to written and performance art.

“ Ni De Aqui, Ni de Alla” (Not from her nor there) Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 18in X 24in 2009

“The Pachuco visited by the Ancestors” 2009 Acrylic on Canvas. 

“El Nopal, East of Corruption” 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 

Mural of Whittier Blvd “ Los Lowriders, the Eternal Cruise” 2010 East Los Angeles Ca.

Mural “ El Vato Chuco Zepeda, Stuck in the Middle” 2010 East Los Angeles ca.

“They Have my back” Ink, Water color & Color Pencil on Archival Paper 2010

“Hepcat Chuco” Ink Illustration 2008

“The Drape Shape, Boyle Heights Chuco” 2010 Ink Illustration 

“El Mero Mero” Ink Illustration On paper 2008

“Dirty Lowriden’ Vato” 2011 Ink Illustration on Archival Paper

East Los Angeles music, style pioneers and Barrio Dandies….style and culture was a true inspiration.

Thee Midniters were an American group, amongst the first Chicano rock bands to have a major hit in the United States. Also they were and one of the best known acts to come out of East Los Angeles in the 1960s, with a cover of “Land of a Thousand Dances”, and the instrumental track, “Whittier Boulevard” in 1965. They were amongst the first rock acts to openly sing about Chicano themes in songs such as “Chicano Power” and “The Ballad of César Chávez” in the late 1960s.The band was promoted by Dick “Huggy Boy” Hugg on local radio station KTYM, Inglewood and by his fill-in Godfrey [Godfrey Kerr]. Huggy Boy was later the most popular DJ on KRLA.

A real vintage Zoot Suit , looks to be a more American East Coast zoot suit popularized by African American artist Cab Calloway as opposed to the more popular American South west versions worn by Mexican and Mexican American Youth of the South West and Mexico and Popularized by Mexican Artist German Valdez also known as “Tin Tan” during the late 1930s and 1940s.


The Barrio Dandy and The Gentlemen of Eastside Luv Bar Y Queso.

Doing  Reservoir Dogs meets Fight Club in Boyle Heights. 

Self Styled: John Carlos De Luna (Barrio Dandy)

Photo Credit: Richard Briseno 

Shot @ Eastside Luv Bar Wine Y Queso in Boyle Heights Ca. 

December 2013 


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