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What about a Pokemon au? Like everything's the same but everyone has little pokepals it'd be adorable

Oh honey, I KNOW it would be adorable!! You’re talking to the same person who gave the entire Hamil-cast Pokémon!! Okay, let’s start!! (I’ll just start off with one per person, but if you guys wanna add more to make a full team, go for it!)

Usnavi: Ambipom - Mostly because of breeding purposes with Glameow (see Vanessa). But I could also see it fitting because Ambipom’s would be GREAT for helping with a store, swinging around and using their two tails to grab stuff.

History - Ambipom was a gift to Usnavi from his parents, given to him as an Aipom. The two hit it off great and Aipom was a source of comfort when Usnavi’s parents passed away. While Usnavi had to run the store at a young age, Aipom made sure to remind him to relax and have fun every once in a while. Now an Ambipom, that continues to be its job, making small jobs around the store into fun for everyone. It’s greatest challenge though, is trying to impress Glameow with its tricks; it hasn’t succeeded yet, but feels it’s getting close.

Sonny: Pikachu - Not just because of my profile picture but I can just…picture it, ya know? I can just easily picture Sonny running around with a little Pikachu, both of them pulling pranks together and messing around with Usnavi.

History - Sonny met his little buddy when it was just a Pichu. He found it abandoned in an alley way in the barrio when he was around ten. So he took it home, helped Abuela nurse it back to health and they became inseparable. The two can almost always be found playing and scheming together, and Pikachu plans to be right by Sonny’s side when he invests in protest. Pikachu was a great help in defending the bodega along with Sonny. Sonny also has a Thunderstone that he got from Abuela, which he’s saving for a special day.

Vanessa: Glameow - Why? Well, not only because it is fabulous, but the thing is known for being fickle, meaning, it constantly changes how it feels about things. In other words, this thing would be just as emotionally pent up as Vanessa. (also there’s no way in HELL she’s letting it evolve; WHY DOES PURUGLY EXIST??)

History - Glameow and Vanessa’s first meeting was great, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Glameow was a present from Vanessa’s died…right before he died. But when Vanessa’s mom turned to alcohol, Glameow was there to keep her company. The two are a force to be reckoned with; don’t mess with Vanessa and her glamerous but deadly cat. It may act like Ambipom is annoying, but it really finds its playful tricks and shenanigans kinda cute; not that it’d ever show it. 

Benny: Luxray - Again, mostly for breeding purposes with Nina but ALSO because thanks to the anime (specifically the Pikachu short ‘Pikachu and the Pokémon Band) I know that Luxray can do SICK beatboxing to go along perfectly with Benny’s raps!

History - Benny met his little partner in crime as a Shinx back when he was a trouble-making little kid. They ran into each other when they were both on the run from the authorities and stuck together after a couple more meetings and conjoined little crimes. It evolved into Luxio when Benny started work at the dispatch, but evolved into Luxray during the blackout, giving both Benny and Nina a literal light in the dark.

Nina: Buneary -Seems pretty fitting, and both are super adorable and you want to give them both big hugs! And considering the pressure Nina has to go through, I think she could use a fluffy cuddle bunny Pokémon.

History - Received as an egg from her parent’s Pokémon, Buneary and Nina have pretty much grown up together. Buneary serves as Nina’s comforter, getting her through her tough years at Stanford, by providing hugs and plenty of moral support. It still continues that to this day. It’s a bit shy around Benny’s Luxray, but they are good friends.

Daniela: Chatot - What other Pokémon would be perfect for the Queen of Gossip? The only one who can talk of course! …That’s pretty much it. Plus, imagine that thing using Hyper Voice to get everyone’s attention in ‘Carnaval del Barrio’ XD

History - It was pure coincidence how these two met. Daniela was gossiping with her high school friends, when another voice joined the conversation. After seeking out the voice, Daniela saw a little Chatot sitting on the phone wires. They held a conversation for a good while, and at the end of the day, Daniela held out her arm, the Chatot perched, and the rest is history.

Carla: Delcatty -I originally thought Delcatty would be good for Vanessa with the cute charm thing, but its most prominent quality is its soft fur, and I think Carla would be ALL OVER a cute thing like that. Delcatty IS popular among females, after all. Also, Delcatty is a TM BEAST. It looks cute, but it’s DEADLY. Imagine Carla doing battle with that thing! AWESOME!

History - Carla found Delcatty as a Skitty, and purely by accident. She was walking as a child, saw a cute pink kitty wandering around and instantly decided to take it home with her. Luckily, this Skitty was totally fine coming with her, with all the affection Carla showers it with. When she met Daniela, the older woman gave her a Moon Stone, allowing Skitty to evolve. Most of their time spent together, is doing each other’s hair.

Claudia: Swanna -Mostly reminiscent of the birds that Abuela loves to feed. I wanted to give her a bird Pokémon and this was the best IMO. According to Pokédex entries, Swanna can fly for miles and miles which fits 'Paciencia y Fe’

History - Swanna was Claudia’s first friend when she came to America. She was feeding birds when she came across a weak Ducklett. It had lost its family, and was weak from hunger, so Abuela gave it all the bread she had, and the little guy just…stuck around after that. They both grew up, aged, and endured the hardships of time together, and formed the strongest bond imaginable until Claudia died, and Swanna, in its old age, flew off and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Pete: Smeargle - I mean, duh. There’s no other painting Pokémon around. And in the manga there’s a Smeargle who’s pretty notorious for painting graffiti…on other people, so I think these two would get along great.

History - These two have been together for as long as Pete can remember. Just wandering around the barrio and painting together. But what Pete loves about his furry buddy, is that while they may be good at tagging walls, Smeargle is a PRO at tagging people. Just a quick swish, and you have glasses and a mustache painted on your face. They were Usnavi’s worst nightmare as kids, and they’re still a great source of entertainment for the rest of the barrio. 

Kevin: Stoutland - Stoutland just looks like the kind of father that Kevin reminds me of. Plus, it’s a giant guard dog; that’s LITERALLY Kevin when Benny’s around Nina.

History - Stoutland has been with Kevin since he was born, running around the farm with his young owner as a Lillipup. It was the only one who supported Kevin in his want to go farther and try to change the world. While Stoutland is a but more prone to thinking how their actions will effect others, he and Kevin want the same thing: for their family to do well.

Camila: Lopunny - Again, breeding with Stoutland, and also, I could see Lopunny being a good mother Pokémon that can be caring and kick ass. That thing can learn Hi Jump Kick; don’t mess with it, just like Camila.

History - Camila met her Lopunny as a Buneary, hungry and alone as a teenager. She gave it food and took it in as her own, finally giving her a companion after being alone herself. Both of them cherish family above everything and aren't afraid to rip into anything or anyone that threatens it. 

Piraguero: Vanillite - If you can’t lure kids in, have a cute Pokémon do it with the promise of a cold treat…that sounded A LOT less creepy in my head. Anyway, yeah, we have an ice cream Pokémon, may as well use it, so why not here? X3

History - Not much is known about their history together, but some say that Vanillite met our Piraguero in the islands, and saved it from getting overheated by giving it a home in his piragua cart.

Again, these are just ONE Pokemon, feel free to add to their respective teams if you wish!! (Oh, and Lincoln would have a Krickitune which he met when he ran away to New York, because it liked his music, keeping him company as he traveled alone.)

Sunday Night — New year at Mexico City Chinatown, by Abelardo Ojeda.

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