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So Much More

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: The Whisper Challenge is the stupidest thing to exist.

Warnings: Cursing, because we all know I can’t contain myself.


A/N: Jesus Christ, I’m literally garbage. Here I am, take me away, throw me into the dumpster. Or better yet, an incinerator. This is dumb. It’s trash. Also, I sat down in front of my piano to write something for this and I’m mad at myself because IT’S MISSING SO MANY PIECES AND I’M NOT OKAY WITH THAT. Another also, MY FAVORITE NERD IN THE WORLD is gonna slaughter y’all with the best writing in the world (as expected) AND I AM STILL YELLING ABOUT IT (also as expected) BECAUSE SHE’S SO AMAZING AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH (y’all expected that too, right? LIKE YOU GUYS I CAN’T COMPREHEND HOW MUCH I LOVE HER. I also love love love love love love all of you that actually bother to read my shit like it’s not even that great and like I always say I’m legit SHoooOooOOOOOOK ‘cause of it like I really don’t get it you guys are amazing what did I do to deserve you guys????????



“Holy fuck,” you muttered, staring down at it just sitting on the edge of your bathtub. “What the hell?”

Nope, nope, nope. This was insane. It wasn’t happening. That was wrong, oh, so wrong.

But wait, come to think of it, maybe– No. Not right. Nope. It was incorrect, false, a lie. None of it was true. There was a glitch in the matrix and this was its mistake.

It was impossible. You had taken every single precaution to ensure that this wouldn’t happen. Lin was busy working on his latest work about some lame dude (Babe, how do you go from writing about barrio life to– I hear rap songs in this biography, okay? Trust me on this!), and you were too overcome with the responsibilities of being the new editor-in-chief of your very own magazine. There wasn’t enough time for this. The two of you had decided it was best to wait until the time was right, until the hype of your brand new lives had died down, until you had enough time to do this.

Now was not the time.

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Sunday Night — New year at Mexico City Chinatown, by Abelardo Ojeda.

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No Skills

Words: 2502

Pairing: Usnavi x Reader

Warnings: mention of self harmUsnavi being an absolute DORK

The first thing you heard upon waking up was the radio, playing old boleros as always, it was a comforting sound, it was the sound of home. The morning sunlight was just beginning to shine through your curtains and you stretched, a monstrous yawn accompanying the sound of your joints popping.

The clock beside your bed read 5:17 and you swung your legs out from the comfort of your blanket and hopped out of bed. A delicious smell drew you into your small kitchen and you smiled, seeing your mom at the stove.

Buenos dias mamá.” You greeted, wiping the sleep from your eyes. She turned to look at you, a smile on her tanned face.

Buenos dias mi bebé.” She chirped, stepping away from the stove to plant a kiss to your forehead.

“Ah mamá,” you complained.  “I’m not a bebé anymore, I start my second year of college in two months.”

“Maybe so, but you’ll always be mi bebé.” You saw the familiar look of hurt on your mother’s face at the mention of college and your heart sank. It wasn’t that she wasn’t proud of you, she was the proudest mother in the world according to her, you were making it out the the barrio, making a better life for yourself. You were going to be the first person in your family to go to college, and you managed to get a full ride, it didn’t cost you and your mom anything.

But while you were away at college, things with your mom got bad. Ever since your dad died three years ago she hadn’t been all there. You noticed the scars on her wrists no matter how she tried to hide them and you were scared, terrified that while you were away at college there wouldn’t be anyone around to keep her from going too far.

“Well, I’m going to run to the bodega and grab a cup of café, do you want one?” You offered and she shook her head. After changing into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, you grabbed your wallet and kissed your mom on the cheek before stepping outside.

A smile spread across you face as the familiarity of the barrio hit you. You had only been home a few days and hadn’t had a chance to see anyone or anything. The barrio might not have been the nicest place, but it was your home and you loved every inch of it.

As you walked to the bodega, your neighbors were quick to notice you.

Mira! Nuestra estrella is home!”

El genialidad del barrio!”

“(Y/N)! We’re muy orgulloso!”

You smiled and waved at your neighbors, flattered by their kinds words, though feeling a bit guilty.

Mira! Is that who I think it is?” A familiar voice called out and you whipped around, heart swelling as you saw the elderly woman sitting on her stoop.

Abuela!” You exclaimed, practically sprinting to the woman and engulfing her in a hug. She laughed, happily wrapping her arms around you.

“How’s college mi estrella pequeña?” Abuela Claudia asked as you took a seat on the stoop next to her, holding her hands.

“Ah, es muy difícil.” You confessed. “Pero me encanta. There’s so much for me to learn and so many different people.”

Estoy tan orgulloso de ti.” She praised, smiling brightly at you. “I always knew you would do great things (Y/N).”

“I owe some of it to you Abuela, you would always make sure I did my homework no matter how much I wanted to play.” You said with a laugh, remembering the times she would would all but force you to finish your schoolwork no matter how much you wanted to go play with the neighborhood kids. “Speaking of which, how’s Nina? I was muy decepciando I couldn’t make it to her graduation.”

Nina had invited you of course, but it happened to fall right in the middle of finals week and no matter how desperately you wanted to make it to your friends graduation it was impossible for you to get away.

“She’s muy nervioso, pero tambíen muy emocionados.” 

“That can’t be helped I suppose, I remember how nervous I was.” You recalled.

“I think talking to you would help ease some of her fears.” Abuela suggested and you nodded, the feeling of guilt resurfacing. 

“Of course, I can’t wait to see everyone.”

Ya sabes, Usnavi has missed you.” Abuela commented slyly and you felt your cheeks warm at the mention of him.

No me burlan.” You pleaded and she laughed.

“I’m not teasing you, it’s the truth mija.” She said, uncharacteristically serious and you looked down. You weren’t the most subtle when it came to your crush on the owner of the bodega. Pretty much everyone in the barrio knew about it and teased you mercilessly.

“Well I should go Abuela, mi mamá is making huevos rancheros, I was just supposed to be coming get café.” You said, placing a kiss on both of the elderly womans cheeks and standing up.

“Come visit mija.” 

“Of course.” Seeing Abuela helped lift some of the weight off of you shoulders, but made the guilt your were carrying in your gut heavier.

“Well look at who’s back in the barrio!” A masculine voice exclaimed as you walked through the doors of the bodega. Before you had time to process, a pair of arms were wrapped around your waist and you were being spun around.

“Benny!” You cried happily, recognizing your long-time friend. He spun you around a few more times, the two of you laughing.

“You definitely don’t look any smarter.” He teased after setting you down and you hit his arm.

“And you look as dumb as the day I left.” You shot back.

“What am I? Hígado picado?” Usnavi asked, walking up to the two of you. Your heart skipped a beat at the sight of him, it had been almost a year since you had seen him after all.

“Of course not Usnavi.” You said, wrapping your arms around him, missing the look Benny shot his friend. He always smelled like a mixture of coffee and cologne and it practically intoxicated you. “I’ve missed you, and your café.”

“Well let me get you a cup, on the house.” He offered, pulling back, refusing to look you in the eyes and a slight flush on his cheeks. It wasn’t that hot outside yet, weird.

“So how’s college Ms. Genius.” Benny asked, throwing his arm around your shoulders as you followed Usnavi to the counter.

“It’s not easy, but the thrill of learning new things every day is amazing.” You gushed, and it was true. Every day was like a new adventure. From a young age you loved learning, you were practically a sponge, absorbing everything your teachers would tell you. You loved college, but your mom wasn’t stable. No one knew, but you were considering not going back in the fall.

“Don’t forget us when you’re rich and successful.” Benny said causing you to roll your eyes.

“When I need a personal chauffeur I’ll get in touch with you.” You joked and he lightly pushed you in response.

“One cafe con leche.” Usnavi interjected, holding out a steaming cup of coffee. 

Gracias.” You thanked, grabbing the cup and simply inhaling the scent. The first sip burned your tongue, but it was worth it. You forgot how delicious Usnavi’s coffee was, nothing out west could compare.

“(Y/N)!” Another voice shouted and you whipped around, barely having time to put down your cup of hot coffee before you were engulfed in another hug.

“Hello to you too Sonny.” You laughed.

“You look even more beautiful than the day you left.” He complimented and you rolled your eyes.

“Laying it on a little think Sonny.” Benny said, punching his shoulder.

“You’re late Sonny.” Usnavi reprimanded, shooting a glare at his cousin.

“Chillax man!”

“You should come to the club tonight (Y/N)!” Benny suggested. “Maybe if you come we can finally drag Usnavi out.”


“Maybe another time, I kind of just want to chill ya know, spend some time with my mom.” 

“How is she?” Usnavi asked, concern lacing his voice and you forced a smile. Everyone knew your dad’s death was hard on your mom, they just didn’t know how hard. She wasn’t a very social person so she didn’t get out much, only taking trips to the store and going to work.

“She’s okay, better now that I’m home. Thanks for asking.” You said, smiling at him and he ducked his head, still not meeting your eyes. Okay. “Speaking of, I should probably head home, she made breakfast this morning.”

“Um!” Usnavi shouted as you turned to walk out. You turned and quirked an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue, noticing Sonny and Benny snickering out of the corner of your eye.

“Yes?” You prompted, taking another sip of coffee. Heavenly.

Que tengas un gran día!” He rushed out before returning to his spot behind the counter.

“You too!” You replied happily, albeit confused. As you walked out, you heard Benny and Sonny howling with laughter.

“Man, you still aint got no skills!”

“Shut up!”

You spent the day with your mom, talking about everything under the sun, excluding you leaving again in two months of course.

“So you saw Usnavi?” She asked and you groaned.

“Ah, not you too mamá!” You complained, leaning back on the couch and covering your face.

Que? He’s a nice boy, always asks about you when I go to the bodega.” She said offhandedly as you blushed a hundred shades of red.

“We’re just friends.” You stressed. “He’s nice to everyone.”

“But not everyone gets their café for free.” She pointed out and you stammered, not having a defense for that. You never really noticed before, but thinking back you couldn’t think of a single instance where you actually paid for your coffee. 

“I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything.” 

“Whatever you say.” Your mom conceded, standing up and stretching. You made it a point not to look at her arms as the sleeves of her shirt rolled up. “Well why don’t you run to the bodega and pick up some frijoles for dinner.”

“Subtle mamá.” You said sarcastically but standing and grabbing your wallet.

Te amo.” She said, placing a kiss on your forehead. 

“I love you too mamá.” You replied, a storm of mixed emotions going through you as you left your apartment. It was dark outside already so you were left to your thoughts as you walked to the bodega.

You didn’t know what to do.

“Ah, (Y/N)!” Usnavi exclaimed as you walked in, straightening his posture. The sudden intrusion of your thoughts caused you to jump. “Lo siento! I shouldn’t have shouted.”

“No, I should be paying more attention.” You said, wincing when you realized how melancholic you sounded.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, picking up on your mood and you sighed.

“No lo sé.” You confessed, walking up to the counter and jumping up to take a seat on it. Back when you were in high school it was where you spent most of you time. When you weren’t in school or at your part-time job, you would be found at the bodega, doing your homework or just chatting with Usnavi.

“Is it your mom?” You smiled wryly, of course he would guess the source of the problem on the first try.

“I’m thinking about not going back to college in the fall.” You admitted, hearing it out loud even worse than you could imagine.

Por qué?” Usnavi questioned, leaning against the counter.

“I’m scared to leave her alone.” You confessed. “She has cuts on her wrist, more than when I left and any time I even mention leaving in the fall she gets this look in her eyes. I don’t want to drop out, but if it’s college or my mom I’m going to choose her.”

Nothing was said for a few minutes, your words hanging in the air.

“Do you think she’ll be happy if you stay home?” Usnavi finally asked, moving from behind the counter to stand in front of you.

“I mean, I think so.” You responded, playing with your thumbs instead of looking at the man in front of you.

“I don’t think she will.” He said, causing your head to shoot up. “She’s proud of you, we all are. I think if you drop out of college because of her it will only make her feel worse.”

“I don’t know what else to do Usnavi.” The tears were flowing before you could stop them, the helplessness that you had been feeling since you got home finally catching up to you.

“I’ll keep an eye on her for you.” He offered quickly, taking a hesitant step towards you. “Make sure things aren’t getting bad, and if they are I’ll call you.”

“You would do that for?” You asked, wiping the tears from you eyes.

“I would do anything for you.” He replied automatically and his eyes widened in panic when he realized what he said. “I-I mean, I just, I care a lot about you and I want you to be happy so the least I could do is, ay dios mio, Benny always teases me for not having any skills but I didn’t think he was right. I-

“Usnavi.” You said, interrupting his babbling. He nervously fidgeted with his hat, taking it off and flattening his hair before putting it back on, unable to look you in the eyes. “Bésame

You don’t know where it came from, you were shocked at yourself. Usnavi froze, processing what you said before taking another step towards you. Sitting on the counter made it so your faces were at the same height and he was only inches away. He was nervous, unsure, you could see it on his face.

“What?” He questioned, wanting to make sure he heard you right. The blush on your face was practically neon.

Bésame.” You said again, lower this time, barely above a whisper, but he heard. His face slowly inched closer to yours until you could feel his breath on your face. 

When his lips finally pressed against yours every nerve wire in your brain short circuited. The only thing going through your mind was how he tasted like coffee and you weren’t surprised. His hands gently cupped your face so softly, as if you were some fragile thing that would break if he was too rough.

You don’t know how long the two of you stayed like that before you broke apart, the both of you sporting similar flushed cheeks.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” He admitted, a mopey smile on his face and your heart fluttered.

“Me too.” You said, grabbing his hand and linking your fingers together, resting your forehead against his shoulder and he stroked your hair lovingly.

“And Benny said I didn’t have skills.” He huffed.

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Hawaiian Percy having ignorant kids going up to him and being like "you're Hawaiian? Do you know hula? Cool! I can do the hula! *hip wiggle and hand flap*" and Percy's just trying to not strangle the kid because it's sO INCORRECT

I’m so here for this, anon

  • It happens for the first time at their monthly group meet-up
  • They manage to have all “the seven+” squad minus leo bc he’s still MIA with Calypso present,Grover and Rachel  too because reasons
  • The stench of Tartarus on Percy,Annabeth and Nico is enough to drive away any monsters in the area so for the first time in a long while they all get some peace
  • they’re chillin’ in Central Park, and it’s one of those nights where you can feel that summer’s just around the corner
  • they get to talking about the first war
  • Will tells everyone how that winter afterwards, he went on relief trips all over the Carribean, trying to work through the grief and loss
  • Percy really feels sorry for him, the kid was thirteen when all this stuff happened to him, his brothers dying and him having to step up and be a leader in their places
  • he notices Will is careful not to mention what all the trips were relieving, but he knows how bad the battles his father had waged against Oceanus were, there’s no way the mortal world could have gone by unaffected
  • everyone laughs when Will admits that his trademark “Surf Barbados” tee was actually bought at the airport gift shop after they lost his bag, and he can’t surf to save his life
  • and then Percy’s like well I kick ass especially piper’s at surfing because I’m the Son of Poseidon and actual queen Sally Jackson, who’s Hawaiian
  • Since he’s lived in East Harlem, aka El Barrio, most of his life ( the east 104th and 1st address in tlt), most people assume he’s latino
  • Will Solace was one of these people
  • And he’s all “no way Percy I didn’t know you were Hawaiian! When I was in El Salvador they taught us this dance and they didn’t call it a hula exactly, but I think it’s kind of the same thing
  • Nico sees this as a prime opportunity to embarrass him and is like “ Yeah Will show us all how it goes”
  • If Solangelo is your cup of tea Nico and Will are definitely still just friends/sort of toeing the line at this point like let’s be real it would take them forever to get together
  • so everyone gets up and is led through this dance than in no way resembles a hula and percy’s just sitting there with his hands over his eyes shaking his head
  • Percy stand up and put his hands on his hips and say in the most serious tone “ there’s only one person who can fix this.”
  • when faced with such a dilemma, he does the natural thing and calls Sally
  • “Mom, scrap your movie night with Paul we have a serious crisis on our hands”
  • Five minutes later the whole gang is huddled together on the subway ,headed to Percy’s
  • Please just picture this in your head for a second like all nine of them in a subway car crammed with business people
  • They all tumble into the Jacksons apartment and feel sort of bad about crashing Sally’s date night
  • But then she’s so nice and starts fussing over everyone like “ Oh my goodness Nico you’ve gotten so tall! Reyna I love what you’ve done with your hair! and Rachel I haven’t seen you in ages how’s the fundraising going? Frank I have this book I think you would like, ask me about it later”
  • he’s having a moment but he tries to keep it on the dl because he knows demigod/mortal parent relationships can be messy
  • Sally’s always made sure Percy knew about not just his Olympian family history but hers as well, teaching him about Hawaiian culture and to be proud of his heritage
  • She got him a ukulele the Christmas after the first war and playing music helped not only with his ADHD and general fidgeting but it also helped him with processing the loss of so many friends
  • He plays it a lot on those nights he just can’t close his eyes post-tartarus 
  • He brings it out and plays a song that reminds his mother of Montauk in the heat of July
  •  “Show em how it’s done, Mom.”
  • Sally hasn’t danced Hula in ages, and you can almost see the years of worry disappear from her face when she starts to move
  • by the end of the night, most of them haven’t improved much from where they started, but they start to feel normal again, well, as normal as things can be, like this night is the start of a long road to finally feeling okay again.