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The Raven Cycle: antagonists (1/5)

Barrington Whelk  

                                   Sleep deprivation made his life an imaginary thing,
                                        his days a ribbon floating aimlessly in water.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Tatiana & Alexander

22nd June 1941 ♥

“Her side of the street was already in the shade, but the side where he stood swam in the northern afternoon light. Tatiana stared back at him for just a moment, and in the moment of looking into his face, something moved inside her; moved she would have liked to say imperceptibly, but that wasn’t quite the case. It was as if her heart started pumping blood through all four chambers at once, pouring it into her lungs and flooding it through her body. She blinked and felt her breath become shorter. The soldier was melting into the pavement under the pale yellow sun.”

“To cross the street. To follow her. And she will give your life meaning, she will save you. Yes, yes—to cross.”


The harem is steadily growing and the ranks are being filled with the very best of book boyfriends!

What makes a good book boyfriend?

  1. Willing to lie for their significant other (not to them!).
  2. Willing to steal for their significant other (not from them!).
  3. Willing to kill for their significant other (but not violent towards them!).
  4. Willing to die for their significant other.
  5. The ability to choose a significant other who would reciprocate and do the previous four items for them (why Jay Gatsby only made the honorable mention list).

Below are those who’ve made the hall of fame (where there is no question of their worthiness), our honorable mention and our candidate for inclusion into the hall of fame. Who would you add to the list?


Gilbert Blythe
Colonel Brandon
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Marcus Didius Falco
James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser
Mr. George Knightley
Roger Wakefield Mackenzie
Romeo Montague
John Thornton
Captain Wentworth


Jay Gatsby

Is there a book boyfriend you would like to nominate as a candidate for the harem?