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Can we stop acting like pregnancy is accidental?

I’m 29yrs old and have never had a pregnancy scare. You know why? Cause condoms and birth control work. There are tons of non hormonal options and barrier methods other than condoms too! Do your googles and take charge of your reproductive health.

Obviously this sentiment is geared towards consensual sex

Birth Control Methods: Diaphragm.

What is a Diaphragm?

A diaphragm is a flexible, latex, dome-shaped cup with a bendable rim. It is designed to fit securely in the vagina to cover the cervix. Diaphragms have been used since the 1830s and require a prescription to obtain. They are considered to be the first major innovation for women seeking personal control to protect themselves from an unintended pregnancy. Due to improvements in design and effectiveness, diaphragm use still remains a popular birth control choice for many women.

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I have a friend I was counseling through an STI scare and she just got her results and she doesn’t have herpes or any bacterial/fungal infections. However, she has had genital itching and sores for three years.

I’ve given her information on avoiding infections:

Avoid using Bubble baths, soaps, vaginal contraceptives (spermicide, diaphragms, cervical caps, and the sponge), feminine sprays, and perfumes. If you use lube make sure it doesn’t have glycerin or parabens. Never get food near your vulva. If you use condoms try latex free condoms. Using barrier methods during sex (vaginal, oral, manual, and genital rubbing) can help as well.

Avoid tight fitting non absorbent clothing. Wear cotton underwear and loose bottoms.

Avoid disposable tampons or pads. Menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads work better.

Upping the immune system can help tremendously. Using  vitamins like vitamin C and eating garlic and taking Echinacea help. Eating yogurt (especially organic or sugar free) can help a lot.

Only wash your vulva with water. Avoid using soaps, “feminine hygiene products” and douching. Wipe from front to back and never put anything that has been in your anus in your vagina.

Always urinate and clean up after sex.

Drink plenty of water and limit sugars as much as possible. Eat good food and exercise regularly. Get lots of sleep and avoid stress.

and on genital bumps:

If it’s a large, red, painful bump with a head it sounds like a cyst. If you put a warm compress on it it’ll help with the pain. If the bumps are on either side of your vaginal opening it could be a bartholin gland cyst. If it’s painful you need to go to a doctor. Usually the infection goes away before it gets painful but if it doesn’t it’ll need treatment. If it’s a clump of bumps that looks like a cauliflower it’s genital warts. if it’s a few to a lot of painful red blister looking things that pop and crust over it could be herpes. If it just looks like regular acne, vulva acne is common and will go down as you age just like regular acne. If it kind of looks like gooseflesh (or your arm whenever you get “goosebumps” and you’ve always had them, it’s probably fordyce spots. They can occur on both penises and vulvas and are totally harmless. If it is small, painless and kind of resembles a pearl it could be  Molluscum contagiosum. It can also occur in a line of bumps. This is a viral infection and you should see a doctor for it. If you have multiple red lesions and blackheads that enlarge, break open and drain pus it could be Hidradenitis suppurativa. It is a skin problem that’s considered a severe form of acne.

and I told her to make an appointment with her GP and try to get tested for hormone imbalances, blood sugar issues, and immune issues. I also told her to check her medications to see if that’s causing it.

Is there anything else I’m missing that could help her?

In today’s Fact Friday we answer an anonymous question: “When having sex should both people wear a condom?”

Condoms are made to be used one at a time.

Someone can choose whether to use an external condom that goes over a penis OR an internal condom that is inserted into the vagina. Either of these barrier methods can help prevent STDs and/or unintended pregnancy.

If someone chooses to have oral sex (mouth to penis) they can use a flavored condom or a latex barrier (for moth to vulva).

Someone should always use a new condom or barrier for each act of sex.  

So, I’m getting into Private Practice, the spinoff from Grey’s Anatomy and I’m up to the season three episode “Parent Trap” in which Violet and Charlotte treat an Orthodox Jewish woman who doesn’t want to have any more children, and tell them that birth control is not an option.

Which means that in this universe, doctors have twice treated Orthodox Jewish patients and had them refuse “modern” treatments for religous reasons, even though those treatments are not against halachiac law. Orthodox Judaism prohibits barrier methods such as condoms, but allows for hormonal birth control such as the pill or an IUD. Interestingly enough, the reason for this, that the prohibition is against spilling the seed and hormonal birth control doesn’t involve that, is freaking brought up by Charlotte when the team consults with a Rabbi and the Rabbi disagrees with her!

The other time was in season one of Grey’s Anatomy, when Alex had his Orthodox Jewish girl who refuses to have a pig valve transplant, because she won’t put a treif animal in her body. This is so not Jewish law it isn’t even funny.

If my memory serves, there is only one other time a patient has been explicitly Jewish, the one where a thirteen year old boy wants breast reduction surgery, and his Judaism amounts to a passing reference to his bar mitzvah.

It just pisses me off so much. It’s not like these shows don’t have the budgets to just ask an Orthodox Jew what the halachiac view on birth control and pig valve transplants are. A simple google search would suffice. They are just assuming that all Orthodox Jews are backwards and irrational and then are too lazy to fucking check. Hell, in this episode of PP they couldn’t even bother to find out the correct pronunciation of Shimon.

I know Shonda Rhimes gets a lot of praise, but her track record with Jewish characters is fucking abyssmal.