barrier master



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Okay, you all knew it was only a matter of time before I show off some robot master action.  It’s Skullman from one of my favorites in the classic series, Megaman 4.  Robot masters also get backgrounds as special treatment :3.  I based it on my Metalman gif I did a few months back, where I animate the same poses as their NES game.  Plus he gets to show off his spooky Skull Barrier weapon.

not only is this album AMAZING (with a new cypher, solo songs, plus great sound + diversity) the lyrics are so heart-wrenchingly beautiful?? they’re so personal… i feel as if im hearing namjoon’s story, not rap monster’s. hoseok’s story, and not j-hope’s. yoongi’s, and not suga’s. and so on and so forth.

please, if you have the time, read the translated lyrics. they make music to tell their story and we are fortunate enough to have translators to help take down language barriers.

here is a master post to all translations.