barrie girls

the real hero of justice league was the little girl that pulled out a can of bug spray when her home was being invaded by the alien monster insect things

So BlackPink made an appearance in Justice League?!?


Alrighty so I just got out of seeing Justice League (which was rlly good I rlly liked it) but there’s a scene where Batman first meets Barry Allen (the flash) and so Barry turns the lights on in his little living space and all of a sudden I hear a familiar tune aaaaaaand Blackpink’s As if it’s your Last is on in the background and the MV is clearly playing in the background 😂😂😂😂😂 I snorted so loud I had to cover my mouth to stop laughing !

So ya… in the movie DC universe Barry Allen listens to kpop and probably biases BlackPink. I love him more than I already did😁

A testament to dreaming

Three years ago, my wife Kristen and I watched the first episode of The Flash, and she said, “This is my dream show. This is the show I want to write.”

She was working as an assistant. She had no writing credits to her name. She had no clear path that would lead to her destination.

Then came three years of working her ass off, proving herself over and over again in an industry pretty much built to make you give up. Wonderful people saw how wonderful she was, and she made it as a writer. Then she had a baby and the industry was like “okay stay home but we’re not giving you any money and btw you may never work again” but she said “eff you industry” and she continued to dream and wrote a new original script with the sole intention of getting it on the desk of the showrunners for The Flash, and by working with her connections the script actually made it onto that desk, and the showrunners read it, and they loved it.

And here we are now. Kristen’s first writing credit on The Flash airs tonight. The episode is hilarious and empowering and exciting, much like Kristen.

So keep dreaming, friends. 

(And work your ass off.)

Honestly what I want is for it to flash back to the endgame present time and Lup just kicks the door in with Kravitz thrown over her shoulder like “sorry I’m late but SOMEBODY left their fuckin boyfriend in the astral plane so I had to make a pitstop, you’re WELCOME” and then just shoots a fireball at the pillars of darkness coming out of the sky