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The fact that French students still barricade their high schools/university buildings with furniture to protest shit is the True™ les Mis legacy

Eponine lives in a small town, it might be just outside of Paris but it’s still a small town and people in small towns aren’t always the most accepting. Most of them aren’t outright homophobic, they wouldn’t exactly say anything but the disdainful looks and the mantra of ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’ are enough. Eponine quickly learns to hide who she is, she hates it but she does it because it keeps her safe. She hides behind black clothes and eyeliner and keeps her eyes on the ground.

But when she leaves her small town life to go to university in Paris. And Paris is a completely different world. Paris is full of colour and people that love each other regardless of what society thinks.

The first time Eponine sees two girls holding hands walking down the street, she doesn’t know where to look. Is she allowed to look? she thinks, or is she supposed to look away pointedly?

She finds herself staring, unable to take her eyes off of them. And they stare back, she smiles softly to try to show them that she knows and that she gets it.

Eponine meets Les Amis, a group of people so free and happy in their sexuality and gender identity. And for the first time ever she doesn’t have to hide. She can be free and open and can easily talk about how beautiful girls are without worrying about who’s around.

And then she meets Cosette…

if p!atd was a hardcore band

“i know we have a curfew, but i just wanna keep fucking playing for you guys, so fuck it. we’ll pay the fee - the fine - whatever it is. so before we go, i used to do this thing. so when i came up in vegas, i was in a lot of bands before i joined this one, and i was playing guitar and screaming in a lot of really shitty hardcore bands. trust me, you didn’t see us play, it wasn’t that good. alright - so give me 30 seconds boys, give me like - oh there we go.”

may 12th, 2016 || las vegas, nevada @ the cosmopolitan

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ann breaks something that with value for him, maybe something a bit more expensive (a necklace, a bracelet, a toy, a figurine, a mug) and one of the other replaces it and hes so baffled because why??? would you spend money on replacing something he broke???

Consider this:

- Roman and Ann get in a huge fight. The kind of fight were you’re both screaming through the tears and it feels like you’re being torn apart at the seams and even though they’re right there, you feel like the person you love is dead because you never even imagined they could hurt you so badly.

- In his anger, Roman smashes the vase of sunflowers he had given Ann the day before. Neither of them are hurt, but Ann can’t look away from the shattered glass, pretty but now forlorn yellow petals, and water soaking into the carpet. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wonders if he’ll get in trouble for the mess. Without his permission, his mouth is running and telling Roman to get out of his fucking sight. The most heart-breaking part is that Roman just nods silently and leaves. He leaves, leaves Ann with the mess and the broken class that shreds his hands when he tries to pick it up, much like the argument is shattering his heart.

- For a week, Ann barricades himself in Logan’s room so he doesn’t even have to look at Roman. But eventually he has to go back to his own to get a stuffed bear Patton bought him to cuddle when he’s away on business for days at a time. The first thing he sees is a brand new vase on the table, filled with water and a fresh bouquet of sunflowers.


Blow up the barricade!” said a sergeant, “and yourself with it!
Marius retorted: “And myself also.” And he dropped the torch towards the barrel of powder.
But there was no longer anyone on the barrier. The assailants, abandoning their dead and wounded, flowed back pell-mell and in disorder towards the extremity of the street, and there were again lost in the night. It was a headlong flight. 
The barricade was free. 
Marius inquired:—"Where is the chief?“ 
You are the chief!“ said Enjolras.” – Les Miserables 

Marius | Enjolras

The Barricade Project, Part I
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Fra Returns: Tweets from the Barricade — Part 74

One week after filming Courfeyrac's death at the barricades, Fra returned to the set to film another scene as Courfeyrac. He had gotten a sunburn just after filming at the barricades and no longer looked the part of a pale little Frenchman.

The scene in question is a mystery. As it was a bit in the background it may be very difficult to spot. And it may not have made it into the final cut.

Remember to add 8 hours to the time stamp to get U.K. time.


here upon these stones we will build our  b a r r i c a d e

enjolras on the barricade for anon


Saturday in Hong Kong                                      

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying set a Monday deadline for opening access to government offices barricaded this week by pro-democracy protesters, raising the possibility of further clashes. 

In an address aired on local television Saturday evening, Leung said the government and police had the “responsibility and determination to take any necessary action” to restore order. 

Student protesters seeking direct elections free from limits set by China’s central government have obstructed roads for more than a week, paralyzing much of central Hong Kong and forcing schools, stores and government offices to close. Attempts to disperse crowds on Sept. 28 with tear gas and pepper spray spurred support for the protesters, who saw their ranks swell to 200,000 by one student leader’s estimate. 

Talks agreed to by both sides on Oct. 2 were shelved by the students yesterday after protesters in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district were attacked by hundreds of men opposing the demonstrations. Police arrested 20 people, including eight with suspected ties to the city’s triad gangs. 

Photographers: Tomohiro Ohsumi, Lam Yik Fei/Bloomberg

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Week of Revolution:

  • Enjolras

Enjolras is best portrait in the colours of France, his one and only love. The military style blazer feels proper and rebellious at the same time, while the rest of the outfit are not only perfectly colour-matched, but also very clean-cut and practical. He is ready to die for his believes and for the freedom of his country at anytime, but he doesn’t mind looking good while doing it.

  • blazer: h&m 20€ (sale)
  • shirt: h&m 12,99€
  • pants: h&m 9,99
  • shoes: vintage

- L & Y


samantha barks + amanda seyfried

“Samantha is very observing and she is pretty serene on set. I mean, this didn’t at all seemed like it was her first experience on a film set, and I think the confidence that she brought with her was just because she knew the character so well, she’s been the character for so long and she is such an accomplished singer, she is a beautiful singer. I think that her ease kinda helped us in a way.” amanda

“[Amanda and I] actually bond. I’d been on set with all boys on the barricades. For a few weeks, I was the only girl on set, and Amanda arrived and I was like, ‘Yay, I can be girly!’ It was fantastic, I got along with Amanda so well. We were in London and we had a picnic, and that was one of our earlier bonding experiences. She is brilliant and she’s so beautiful in this film. And it doesn’t help that she is devastatingly beautiful, her hair is so stunning.” samantha