barricade the doors

I once told a joke about a straight person.

They came after me in droves.

Each one singing the same:

Don’t fight fire with fire.


What they mean is: Don’t fight fire with anything.

Do not fight fire with water.

Do not fight fire with foam.

Do not evacuate the people.

Do not sound the alarms.

Do not crawl coughing and choking and spluttering to safety.

Do not barricade the door with damp towels.

Do not wave a white flag out of the window.

Do not take the plunge from several storeys up.

Do not shed a tear for your lover trapped behind a wall of flame.

Do not curse the combination of fuel, heat, and oxygen.

Do not ask why the fire fighters are not coming.


When they say: Don’t fight fire with fire.

What they mean is: Stand and burn.

—  Stand and Burn by Claudia Boleyn

 If there was a zombie apocalypse the best place to go would be Target.

Lets look at the facts:

  • Targets have at maximum 3 windows. And those windows are also doors. Otherwise they are giant concrete cinder-blocks of prison like retail. 
  • Target is filled with things to quickly barricade those window-doors. such as entire gazebos, lawn furniture, exercise equipment, etc. 
  • From that point forward all you have to do is worry about the zombies that are inside.
  • Target has an intercom system, which if accessed by the correct people can be used to quickly spread information and mobilize people to get things done. 
  • Target has a large section of both perishable and non perishable food items. 
  • Target also has a vast entertainment section. (how many societies have collapsed due to conflict spurred by stress and boredom. HOW MANY)
  • Target’s roof can be easily accessed for surveillance, gathering of rainwater (with the many buckets and mini pools target has. and all water can be boiled in the Starbucks kitchen) and sniping.
  • Target’s insulation would make the harsh winter months significantly more bearable.
  • Before the power goes out, Target has sun lights (which is why its not sad inside like in so many other stores… cough Sears cough) so people who have SAD won’t get depressed. Also, Target is large and designed to feel homey so people wont go stir crazy as fast like they do in jails.
  • When the power goes out, Target has large industrial generators that can be turned on in emergencies like for cooking. 
  • Speaking of cooking, Target has several kitchens inside of it. And once the power goes, guess what Target also sells? Grills. 
  • Target also has a pharmacy. And medical supplies. So, people inside who need meds to function have a hell of a lot longer time to live unencumbered by their illness than they normally would. 
  • Some targets have tools–including power tools.
  • Target also has a tiny jail. For miscreants and rabble rousers.
  • Bedding. Real Bedding
  • Reliable indoor plumbing.

I think you could reasonably live for at least two years inside a Target before completely running out of anything vital– provided food is well rationed.
And even so, the only thing you’d be sending out scouts for is food. Everything else would last for ages.  

Provided that the population not exceed 200, Target would run out of these things in this order:

  1. perishable food.
  2. electricity
  3. Potable water (that doesn’t require work)
  4. Non perishable pre-made food items
  5. Non perishable food ingredients (flour, mixes, etc)

    How to survive in a Target: Action plan.

    Undoubtedly, everyone will be rushing and screaming in the Target. First someone has to break into the manager’s office and commandeer the intercom to create some organization by shouting: If you do not want to stay and survive in the Target, leave now. 

    After that’s cleared up and only interested parties and zombies are left. the barricading can begin. Once the doors and windows are sealed, the new goal is to clear the undead from the usable space.The undead can be deposited neatly outside of the truck loading dock doors.

    Then, someone needs to do inventory. For the next week or so, food needs to be arranged by date consumed and a rationing chart should be made. Same applies to medicine and medical supplies and toiletries.

    After food and water has been qualified and quantified,  remaining time should be dedicated to turning target into a large “home”, Bedding should be laid out in one area, there should be an entertainment area. There should be a separate area for children and babies. All of the clothing should be pushed to the side or placed in the storage area, so there is more livable space. 

    I’m sure people have more ideas but that’s all I’ve got.

This has been brought to you with love by,

Not gonna die. 

Our group is hiding in a abandoned tavern, the druid and paladin have gone upstairs and are fighting maggots, the warlock is raiding in the kitchen, and the fighter is at the front door fighting more maggots.

DM: In the kitchen you find tomatoes, dried beef, and other foods.

Warlock: I’m going to start making spaghetti

DM: *ignores Warlock* Alright Magpie(the fighter) as you fight the maggots you see a figure approaching the door, what do you do?

Fighter: I’m just going to kill the maggots

Fighter, now on 4 hp: So now the maggots are dead, I’m going to barricade the tavern door with a table

DM: You finish barricading the door just as the figure gets there. Suddenly the top of the door breaks and he keeps trying to break the door

Fighter: Yeah, no screw that, I’m going to the kitchen to cook spaghetti with the Warlock

It’s About Damn Time

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and Reader are working a vampire case. When Dean decides to go in alone, things go a little differently than planned.

Word Count: 5204

Warnings: Swearing. Because I’m a fucking lady. Vampire gore and killing. Being tied up. Smut. Again, lady. Fingering. P in V sex. 

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats 2k Follower Challange. My prompt was “Wanna try that again like you mean it?”, which is bolded in the fic. Beta’d by the ever lovely @wheresthekillswitch. Thanks for helping me make what I had even better! Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

Tags at the bottom. If you want added/removed, let me know!

“Dammit, Dean, answer your phone.” You’re starting to get worried now.

This is the fourth time you’ve called him, and when his voice comes over the line telling you to leave a message, it’s the fourth time you’ve had to swallow down the fear so it doesn’t come through in your voice. “You were supposed to just watch him, Winchester. If you’ve gotten yourself into trouble again, so help me God, you’re going to pay.”

You end the call, tapping your phone against your palm as you try to think. You suck a breath in through your nose, hold it for 5 seconds, then release it. You need to clear your head, figure out your next step. He’s got the Impala, of course, so if you plan on finding the him you’re going to have to borrow a car for a bit. You grab your leather jacket off the chair back, swinging it over your shoulders, shoving your hands through the sleeves as you grab your room key and head for the door. You check your phone one more time before sliding it into your pocket, shutting the door behind you as you scan the parking lot of the motel, eyes squinted to the bright mid-day sun.

There aren’t many cars parked in the poorly paved lot, and the ones that are there aren’t ones you want to trouble yourself with. You jog over to the diner across the street, eyes hopping from one car to the next until you spot a nondescript compact sitting in the back row. Yahtzee.

It’s old enough you shouldn’t have to worry about a security system but still looks like it should get you where you’re going without worrying that it’s going to break down. You walk to the car with purpose, looking for all the world like you own it. You slow as you near, hand automatically reaching out to try the handle. It always amazes you how many people just leave their vehicles unlocked in these small towns. You curl your fingers under the handle and give a tug, and sure enough, the door opens right up. With a smirk, you slide in to hotwire it and get your ass moving.

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2ps as High School Teachers

2p!America: History Teacher

  • Okay but first off, this dude is like Alfred with Science, He LOVES History
  • Especially U.S. History but he still loves all of history around the world
  • He’s not a big fan of the textbooks
  • Which he believes are wrong and when one thing is wrong he throws a fit
  • His class is next to James’s English Class
  • So James and his students hear Al’s rage about History books being wrong
  • Al’s class loves these fits. They find it hilarious
  • James, however, does not.

2p!Canada: English Teacher

  • His class is next to Al’s
  • He will hear Al rage about the textbooks while in the middle of teaching his class
  • Suddenly he has to stop when he hears a thump against the wall
  • He knows Allan threw the damn book
  • So now he has to leave his class and go calm Al down and remind him that Damaging property and cussing out the textbook is gonna get him fired
  • James also corrects Al Grammar
  • Which Further just angers Al who calls him a Grammar Nazi

2p!England: Foods Teacher/Home Ec

  • Sweetest Teacher ever
  • Unless you are really REALLY Bad
  • Shares what his class bakes with the other teachers plus the Principle
  • He’s known for an “Incident” that happened a few years back but all the students then have graduated since, so now only the faculty know what happened back then
  • No one likes to talk about it
  • Poor Kid should have been more careful than to anger Ollie

2p!France: French Teacher

  • Often gets personal treats from Oliver. All the students of them both ship it
  • Why the hell are you taking his class?
  • He’s more like a college professor, honestly?
  • He doesn’t care if you skip or not as long as you get the work done
  • Very laid back and lets his students listen to their music
  • Does care for his students but they should know how to be responsible

2p!China: Study Hall Teacher

  • Everyone loves him
  • Everyone knows he smokes weed
  • He’s dealt Weed to a kid before
  • Possibly dealt other drugs as well
  • Loves to let his class have small parties
  • Still makes sure they do their work though
  • Helps them if they need any help
  • Is seriously Chill and practically friends with the student body

2p!Russia: Principle

  • Wonders how his life came to this
  • Has tried to kick out Flavio so many times but he keeps coming back
  • Eventually he gave up
  • Also gave up on threatening Allan every time Allan threw a tantrum over the History Books
  • He’s really tired of this school
  • Natasha is a secretary in the office
  • Kat is the vice principle
  • Someone please give this man a break

2p!Italy: Art Teacher

  • Passionate about Art
  • He encourages his students with their art
  • Locks the door to his classroom so Flavio can’t get in
  • one student always unlocks the damn door
  • Lutz comes in during his free periods just to annoy Luciano 
  • Luciano has come so close to stabbing Lutz with a paintbrush
  • try him fucker
  • He’ll use your blood as paint

2p!Germany: Gym Teacher

  • Loves his job
  • Surprisingly Lazy when he wants to be
  • Loves his students
  • Usually has fun games planned for each day
  • Actually does have favorite students
  • Klaus picked out the gym uniforms
  • Lutz may have tried to get something more inappropriate
  • Klaus would not allow it
  • He’s a good teacher for the most part

2p!Prussia: Librarian

  • Everyone knows him yet everyone has a hard time noticing him
  • He hears a lot of gossip from kids in the library
  • Will tell Flavio cause he begs
  • Viktor actually likes him
  • Cause he does his fucking job
  • Passive aggressive little shit though like with Andres and unlocking the door
  • Also with the grammar nazi thing, he’ll sometimes walk by as James and Al argue 
  • when the brothers get to that point they freeze
  • Outside the door
  • The cold, red stare of the Prussian warns
  • ‘Say another thing and it’s your lives you should worry about not your jobs’
  • Is nice to the students
  • Won’t take shit from the teachers/Faculty (Unless they are Viktor)

2p!Japan: Math Teacher

  • Everyone sees him as a mean/Terrible teacher
  • A lot of his students think he’s still hot though
  • Like damn boii
  • Xiao randomly busts in his class cause he gets bored
  • Kuro kicks him out
  • Literally
  • He’ll even barricade the door if he must
  • Just keep Xiao out
  • Anyways, he’s actually a pretty chill teacher.
  • Just study up and take notes

2p!Romano: Literally just goes to the school to gossip with everyone even the students. He’s not even a teacher.

  • He’s mainly there for his brother and Andres
  • Viktor has tried to keep him out of the school 
  • Flavio has ways though, honey
  • He’s down for rumors and gossip
  • Usually goes to Klaus for details because Klaus knows all of it
  • He’ll keep the PDA away from the student’s eyes. Only cause he knows Viktor will seriously kick him out if he’s seen kissing Andres
  • And Andres wouldn’t stop Viktor
  • So PDA in front of students is a no no

2p!Spain: Spanish Teacher

  • Really fucking lazy
  • Like…really
  • He knows the student’s don’t care much to learn his language
  • So he only teaches the kids who care to learn
  • Everyone else just goes to a different room like the library and do their own thing
  • Also tries to lock his class room door
  • Does not work
  • Klaus is the lil shit who unlocks the door for Flavio
  • Fuck you, Klaus
  • He’s actually a good teacher when he puts forth effort
  • But like I said
  • Only puts forth effort for students who put forth effort back
Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 2

Originally posted by xehun

Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 4,945 

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Provo, UT Gothic
  • Only people who have lived outside The Bubble know there is one.
  • Everyone smiles. Your neighbors smile. The bus drivers smile. The pedestrians smile. Even the graffiti tells you to smile. You wonder what happens to those who don’t grin back.
  • Game day. Either you plug your ears or you become a part of the horde. 
  • You walk a block. There is a church. You walk a block. There is a church. You walk a block. There is a church. You walk…
  • Everyone prepares plans for the zombie apocalypse, pretending they will barricade doors and stock ammunition. That is a lie. All they really do when it falls is slowly eat burritos on their way to the testing center. 
  • UFO websites are blocked on campus. Virus protection, you are told by the R.A. You know better.
  • The mint brownies are our specialty, she says with a stiff smile. The cinnamon bears and the mint brownies. Everyone is watching. Everyone is showing their teeth. You swallow the gloppy mass past the lump in your throat. Aren’t they delicious? You nod. The eyes turn away. 
  • You know about the tunnels because every Sunday night, you can hear singing carried on the breeze. You have never seen the singers, but the harmonies hail from 1838.
  • Do not call the Provo police, you are told. Call only the campus police. They can handle it. The city need not know.
  • I spy a violation, crow the khaki-clad employees, handing you a razor. They speak of your stubble. The Honor Code is law. The Honor Code is all. The Honor Code demands a sacrifice.

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Reader gets caught in the middle of a case Dean and Sam are working and learns that monsters are real.

Word Count:  2775

Warnings: Language, smut

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  There is still room on my Forever Tag list, you can add yourself here

Originally posted by winsync


Reader’s POV

“You okay?” 

A stunning man with vivid green eyes crouches before me, a hand on my shoulder. I blink a few times and take a quick assessment. Nothing seems broken, though I am most definitely battered and bruised. Blood trickles down from my brow, obscuring my vision. 

 Looking up at him, I nod. “Yeah, I’ll live.”

He stands and reaches out a hand, pulling me to my feet. Wait a second, I know him. He’s that Fed that came into my office at the museum today. Agent…Freed? Fredrick? Oh, wait, Frehley. Agent Frehley. That’s it. I remember thinking that he was cute. And a little flirty.

“Stick close to me, and no matter what, don’t leave my side, got it?” His jaw is set, he’s dead serious. As if I’d dream of doing anything else, after what had just happened.

“Got it.” Reaching around to the back of my jeans, I pull the gun out of my waistband. His eyes widen, surprised to see that I’m packing. 

“You just happen to have a gun?” he asks, his brows drawing together.

I shrug. As the daughter of a former policeman, I never leave home without it. “Looks like I’m not the only one, agent.” I spare a glance at the gun in his own hand. 

He nods sharply. It seems to please him that I’m armed. “If you see anything you can’t explain or don’t understand, don’t ask questions. Just…shoot. And keep shooting. It may not do much, but don’t stop.”

“I can do that.”  Again, he looks at me in surprise. Is he waiting for me to break into hysterics after what I’d just seen?  ‘Cause he can just keep waiting. There will be no breakdowns, not here. Once I get home and lock myself in, barricade the door, and arm myself to the teeth - that’s when I’ll have the breakdown. And it’s going to be one for the ages.

“With me,” he says and I take a deep breath before following after the man.

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Transparent Crystalline Solid (6)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: The battle, this is the last chapter before the epilogue! Enjoy! :) xx

Originally posted by daniel-wellington

The alarms blearing has Bucky sitting up in his bed abruptly. It’s the second week after Y/N and Thor’s return, and he’s proud to say that he hasn’t had another bimbo in his bed since. The first thing he does, as ordered by Steve, is grab his comm from his nightstand and put it in his ear.

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I want an Animorphs AU in the style of Invader Zim.

By which I mean an Animorphs AU where everybody is batshit stupid.

Like, our establishing moment for Tom is when he comes in like, “GREETINGS, EARTH-BROTHER! I have quit the basketball team, but it’s fine because The Sharing fills my human organs with far more joy. I’M NORMAL!”

(”Jake, I think that your brother may be a Controller.” “Gee, Marco, what was your first clue?”)

And the Animorphs don’t even try to hide their identities; when someone comes into class loudly proclaiming how The Sharing has made their pitiful human lives worth living, they’ll just stand up and be like, “Everybody, Bob is obviously an alien! Listen to what he’s saying!” And the rest of the class just rolls their eyes, not caring.

(This works both ways, though: whenever somebody stares at Ax in public, he can just put down the pencil that he was eating, fold his hands in front of him and say “I’m normal. Mull.” They’ll immediately lose interest.) 

For some reason the Yeerks just never think of attacking the Animorphs at home, aside from lots of shouting matches and attempted gaslighting between Tom and Jake. (Tom barricades Jake’s bedroom door from the outside whenever he goes off to do an evil plan, apparently not realizing that Jake can just fly out of the window.) 

And Visser One is Tak. Whenever she shows up, she and Visser Three just scream at each other. It’s great. 

Leveraging communication difficulties as an abuse tactic.

This is something my dad does a lot. He’ll use my difficulty with words under duress to steamroll over what I’m trying to say and force me to agree with him or he’ll keep pushing the issue until I explode in a meltdown so he can belittle and insult me.

I always try to warn people when I’m out of sorts and may not be able to be nice and smiley for whatever reason. If I’m having a negative emotion, I can’t pretend to be happy and pleasant. I warn in advance that I’m not in good spirits that day and that I don’t mean anything personal if I’m less than pleasant. I try to not say mean things or be insulting, but my tone of voice may sound cranky, and I have zero control of that.

But my dad will steamroll anyway, then get mad at me for having an abrasive reaction when I warned him of what would happen and why I need to be left alone. 

Let’s get real silly here: It’s like somebody ignores a fanfic author’s warnings about a fanfic containing clouds. The warning about clouds is in the summary, the tags and the very top of the fic itself. The cloud-hating reader reads the story despite having three warnings that the fic contains clouds. Then they flame the author to say what a hideous person they are to write about clouds.

Yeah. How’s that fair?

Here’s what usually happens with my dad. I’m using a recent real-life example.

Me: Dad, I’m having a really bad day. I might end up yelling at you because I can’t control my tone of voice or my emotions. I would prefer to avoid talking to anyone unless it’s extremely important.

Dad: Fine.


Dad: *Dings the ‘I need help’ desk bell on his TV tray.*

Me: *was hyperfocused, as I thought dad saying “fine” meant he was going to finally leave me alone for once*

Me: *hears bell ding again* Shit! *Gets up and runs in, wild-eyed and frantic* What?! What do you want?! *angry sounding voice*

Dad: What the hell? *Stares at me* What’s your problem?

Me: I told you. What do you want?

Dad: Don’t talk to me in that tone.

Me: Tell. Me. What. You. Want.

Dad: Why are you so mad at me?

Me: I’m not mad at YOU. I’m mad at ME. Now what do you want?

Dad: I just wanted to tell you that Bill Paxton died. Geez. You’re such a fucking baby.

Me: Dad, I warned you earlier that I have no control of my tone or my reactions right now.

Dad: You can control yourself, you just don’t want to.

Me: *Shrieking* NO, I CAN’T! 

Dad: What’s wrong with you? 

Me: *starts slapping my hands against my hips* I told you, I’m mad! I can’t talk right now! I can’t find words! You never listen to me!

Dad: Bullshit! *Yells* You can talk fine, now tell me what the fuck is wrong! You owe me an explanation.

Me: I don’t own you shit! I said I can’t talk! I can’t talk! I’m losing my words! *frantic hip slapping* I can’t talk!

Dad: You’re talking now. Stop being a baby and talk to me like a fucking adult. Why are you so mad at me?

Me: *No longer able to speak coherently, so I flee from his room and slam my door, taking advantage of his inability to get up and chase after me*

Me: *Barricades the door with two heavy bags, a chair and my body, and has a four hour self-injurious meltdown*

…and after all that, my dad still thinks I’m the one who was wrong. I wasn’t wrong. He was.

Here’s why:

  • I was highly aware of the state I was in.
  • I set a clear interaction boundary to protect myself and others from my emotional state. 
  • I gave a clear warning of what would happen if that interaction boundary was crossed for any reason outside of a dire emergency.
  • My dad ignored that boundary and got mad at me for having the exact reaction I said I would have if that boundary was ignored.

This is an emotional abuse tactic. It may get used often on people with communication difficulties. It’s not okay.

On the subject of Glanni having a Youtube channel-

Imagine he kidnaps the kids and does a series of vlogs about it. It starts out as taunting Ithro, but halfway through the first one they manage to escape the cage or the ropes or whatever and start running around in the background knocking things over and yelling

It all quickly descends into chaos. Glanni chases them around the room for a while but gets tired and falls over. Halla shoots the camera with her slingshot and knocks it over and the rest of the video is blurry brightly-colored shapes harassing a pink-and-black blob on the floor.

Glanni uploads another video the next day but his hair is messy and his eyeliner is crooked. He tries again to threaten Ithro, but gets hit in the head by a spitball. He shoves them in the bathroom and barricades the door but they all start singing ‘Rikki Han ur Bestur’ really loudly and you can’t hear what he’s saying over that.

By the final video Glanni has stickers on his face, the room is a wreck and the camera lens is cracked. The first half of the video is just him sobbing with his head in his hands while the kids construct a chair fort in the background. Nenni is wearing Glanni’s hat and standing on top of the fort, Solla is sitting on his jacket and Maggi and Siggy are pulling it around like a sled, Goggi is doing something with the power outlets that is making the lights flicker on and off, and Halla pulls funny faces behind Glanni’s back.

Eventually Ithro breaks down the door and the kids cheer. Glanni immediately jumps into his arms and cries on his shoulder. Solla comandeers the camera and the rest of the video is just close-ups of peoples’ nostrils and blurry shots of Glanni clinging to Ithro and crying.

Later Glanni uploads another video from jail (nobody’s sure how) that’s called ‘So That Didn’t Go So Well’ that’s just him putting his chin in his hand and looking at the floor for five minutes. He still has a sticker in his hair. Half the comments are from the kids saying stuff like ‘thanks for the fun time glanni! hope we can play together again :)’ and the rest are from his fans and they’re all along the lines of ‘BUT DID YOU FUCK THE ELF YET’ ‘IS THE ELF GOOD IN BED’ etc. etc.

the most upvoted comment is from Ithro and it’s literally just this face: ;^{) 

I found a hidden door in my cellar, and I think I’ve made a big mistake

by reddit user v0ids

My wife and I have lived in our house for around 5 years, and in that time we’ve probably been down into the cellar a handful of times. Our house is an old Victorian terrace house, and so the cellar is cold and damp. When we first moved in we kept wine and stuff down there (because my wife liked the idea of telling people we had a ‘wine cellar’) but it got annoying going down there every time so we stopped using it. There’s only the two of us living here so we never really needed to use it for storage space.

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Dean WInchester x OC- a/b/o one shot

Summary- Alpha!Dean finally takes what he has been waiting for since Suzannah joined their family in the bunker.

Warnings- Explicit Smut. Non-Con/Dub-Con, Fingering, Oral, Knotting

Not tagging anyone since this is a fandom I haven’t written for. Not sure if any of my Negan readers would be interested in this. First time writing Dean and a/b/o.

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Suzannah didn’t know how it had happened. She took her suppressants religiously. But here she was, her body burning, aching, and aroused. She was in heat.

She locked the door to her room in the bunker, hiding herself away from the others who lived there, especially Dean. He was the only Alpha, and she didn’t want to deal with any fall out from this episode. She had never told them she was an Omega, letting them assume she was a Beta.

She’d been found by Dean and Sam a few months ago. They had rescued her from a vampire attack that had left her family dead. Surprisingly, it was Dean that suggested she stay with them, helping with research and learning the family business.

She knew it was risky. Desperate for a place to belong, a place to feel safe, she accepted. She found herself a place among them, researching, organizing, cleaning, and cooking. Soon the bunker had become a place of domesticity. It gave them a sense of home they had all been missing. That had been a mistake.

Now she was going to have to leave the one place she had felt safe all because she couldn’t control her biological makeup. It was unfair. She didn’t ask to present Omega. She didn’t want it. She didn’t want to exist to please someone else. She wanted to be useful and appreciated in her own right, not for what her body could do. Where was she going to go?

She stripped out of her sweat soaked clothes. Left in her tank top and panties and laid on the bed. It’d been so long since she’d been in heat. She’d forgotten how horrible it was. All she had to do was survive the next few days and avoid Dean.

“Suzie-Q! I sent Sammy and Cas on a run. Wanna watch an action flick?” Dean called down the hall. The sound of heavy footsteps grew louder. A loud knock resounded on the door before the door knob jiggled. “Sweetheart, what’s going on in there? Unlock the door.”

“I’m just not feeling well. I don’t want to get you sick. I’ll be fine, Dean,” she managed to say in a steady voice.

“Suzannah, unlock this door.” His voice was low and commanding.

Fighting the urge to obey she replied, “Dean, really I can’t. Please just go away.”

The door knob started to move. He was picking the lock. Panicking, she looked around her room for anything to barricade the door, but it was too late. The door swung open. Dean crossed the threshold, his nostrils flared, his green eyes rolled back and closed as he inhaled the air deeply. When his eyes opened his pupils had dilated in a predatory gaze.

“Dean, no. Please you have to leave,” she pleaded trying feebly to cover herself with a sheet.

He took a step closer, shut the door behind him, and locked the door. “Now why would I do that? I’ve been waiting for this since we met.”

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losing a life (to gain another)

Summary: Dan’s a ghost and a bit of a cock block but Phil likes him anyways.

Wordcount: 11,200

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Warnings (spoilers): homophobia, brief mentions of child abuse and neglect, cheating

please don’t repost!! :) 

likes and reblogs are appreciated (ᵔᴥᵔ)

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