• me: time to take a shower and think about fluffy things
  • also me: did Grantaire see Enjolras' smile? did he see it? did he realise that he was making Enjolras smile? that he, R, was making Enjolras SMILE? did he died with that idea in mind and that happiness in heart?
  • again me: but what if he didn't? what if he was convinced that Enjolras took his hand with pity, just because he couldn't reject him? what if he was convinced that he was spoiling Enjolras' death? did he feel that he hadn't the right to die with the sun, him, the shadow? what if he was regretting his actions, not because he was going to die but because he suddenly thought that Enjolras didn't want to get shot with him, the drunkard, the useless one?

The Transformers Reaction Force is indiscriminately hunting ALL Transformers, and Barricade is in their sights! This cruel cop has cheated death twice over - can he do it again?!

More secret files from the TRF have surfaced across the internet! Can you find all seven? Berserker, Dreadbot, Megatron, Mohawk, Nitro, and Onslaught are waiting for you!

  • me *writing happily a "permets-tu?" on my hand*: there there it looks cool!
  • a friend: ohhh what does that represent?
  • me *thinking about how deep was the love of R for Enjolras to have R die with him without hesitating one second because he didn't wanted his life without Enjolras even if he wasn't sure of his initiative being welcome and how emotional it is that he and his love and admiration are finally accepted by the man that had always just seen in him the worst and neglected him because he was just too cynic and how beautiful it is that Enjolras finally saw R like a proper brave person and how astonishing the symbolism of this scene is*: notHING aT aLL

aphroditois-verme  asked:

Would you consider Barricade's popularity to be a reason as to why he lived in pretty much all the movies? Like the dude out lived Starscream, Soundwave & Shockwave, The Main Cons, I remember reading somewhere that at one point he was more popular than most of the main cast(probably cause he's a bad cop)

The idea behind Barricade - that of a Decepticon posing as a nominal “good guy” by being a police car - is probably one of the neatest, creepiest ideas the film series has had. Heck, for the first…. half? let’s say half… of the first film, he embodies the threat of the Decepticons hiding in plain sight. It’s not hard to see why he caught on as a character!