barrett richards


Some Pink Floyd doodles inspired by a few of their songs :)

💎 Syd Barrett: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
⌛️ David Gilmour: Time
🕊 Rick Wright: Learning to Fly
💫 Roger Waters: Astronomy Domine
💵 Nick Mason: Money

“I love Pink Floyd! I like the album with the triangle on it the best.”

“Pink Floyd is just over-glorified elevator music”

“Roger Waters sucks/is a big baby”

“Roger Waters should stay out of politics and focus on his music”

“Who’s Syd Barrett?”

“Pink Floyd is really just too weird”

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The Signs As Albums
  • Aries: (What`s The Story) Morning Glory?-Oasis
  • Taurus: Abbey Road-The Beatles
  • Gemini: Appetite For Destruction-Guns`n`Roses
  • Cancer: Sticky Fingers-The Rolling Stones
  • Leo: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-Pink Floyd
  • Virgo: Transformer-Lou Reed
  • Libra: Moving Pictures-Rush
  • Scorpio: All Killer, No Filler-Sum 41
  • Sagittarius: Rocket To Russia-Ramones
  • Capricorn: Be Here Now-Oasis
  • Aquarius: In Utero-Nirvana
  • Pisces: Jagged Little Pill- Alanis Morissette