Final Fantasy VII
Publisher: Square Enix (JP PS1, PS4, Windows re-release, iOS), Sony Computer Entertainment America (NA PS1), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (EU PS1), Eidos Interactive (Windows)
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: PlayStation, PlayStation 4, Windows, iOS
Year: 1997 (PS1), 1998 (NA/EU Windows), 2012 (Windows re-release), 2015 (PS4, iOS)

Happy 20th anniversary, Final Fantasy VII!

Can I just say omnislash is the most ridiculous limit break sidequest in all of ff7
Like most of them are somewhat meaningful either to the story or to character story and then there’s omnislash
It’s just kind of there and you have to do a ridiculous battle gauntlet to get it
Not because of a rite of passage or anything like that
Just because
Like Yuffie gets her final limit from surpassing her father and conquering the wutai pagoda, being given his blessing to continue on her journey
Barret gets his final limit when he saves his old home town from literally being demolished by a train
Tifa gets her final limit break in the form of a note from her old master who saved her life and disappeared
Even Vincent gets his final limit after encountering the woman he loved that he thought was dead for years
And then there’s cloud
Who’s final limit break is literally being given out as a prize at a side attractions for an over glorified theme park
You know
The kind of prize you could probably buy for like… twenty dollars elsewhere
That’s clouds final limit break and it is absolutely ridiculous when put into perspective