Weekly 60-minute Challenge
The theme was “Magic in FF world”
So I picked Reno’s skill “Pyramid”
It was a horrible skill at the moment because you might easily end up as “Game Over”

Sorry for bad quality of scanned image and poor handwriting.

Final Fantasy VII
Publisher: Square Enix (JP PS1, PS4, Windows re-release, iOS), Sony Computer Entertainment America (NA PS1), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (EU PS1), Eidos Interactive (Windows)
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: PlayStation, PlayStation 4, Windows, iOS
Year: 1997 (PS1), 1998 (NA/EU Windows), 2012 (Windows re-release), 2015 (PS4, iOS)

Happy 20th anniversary, Final Fantasy VII!

AVALANCHE food headcanons

Barret likes the greasy food. His favorite meal would be huge burger, french fries and some beer. He was one of the most annoyed AVALANCHE members when Cloud would just shrug while Barret was ordering pizza. He didn’t like it when Tifa started to push her cooking down his throat. At first. Soon he realized how much Tifa’s cooking reminded him of his deceased wife’s, Myrna. Because of Myrna’s sickness, she always cooked the healthiest meals, and although Tifa’s didn’t taste the same, it tasted like home. He had a hard time teaching Marlene to eat healthy while he wouldn’t, but Tifa’s presence really helped him out. 

Tifa was very picky as a child. That wasn’t something that bothered her father all too much because it was a strong trait shared with her deceased mother. Zangan, on the other hand, would get really angry. “How do you want to be a great warrior if you won’t eat your veggies?” After his death, Tifa’s life changed a lot and she had to adapt. She learned to cook really well and always comes up with the most detailed diets ever. Because of that, she always cooks for the gang the healthiest meals and always has snacks in her backpack. Marlene got really mad once because she thought those were candy. Yuffie asked her if she went through those diets so she would look prettier, but Tifa clarified it was because she wanted to be at peak performance levels. You can’t beat Sephiroth running on sugar, only.

Cloud doesn’t care about food, something that pisses all of the AVALANCHE crew. If he has to eat noodles, he will eat noodles. If he doesn’t get to eat that day, that’s fine too. Food is certainly not a way to Cloud’s heart. He also doesn’t drink alcohol often, but something Cloud needs on his daily life is coffee. Cloud simply does not work properly if he doesn’t drink coffee by the time he’s up, and don’t even think about talking to him before he’s at least halfway past the second cup. If he doesn’t get his coffee, he becomes this sarcastic, moody and rude teenager. That’s because the lack of caffeine gives him the worst headaches.

Aerith would get an upset stomach if she ate in any of the fast-food chains in Sector 5. Because of that, she rarely ate anything that wasn’t her mom’s food until she left with AVALANCHE. She would snap pictures of everything herself and Tifa were ordering to send it to her mom and Marlene. She was the most likely to eat “weird” local food. Once, at Fort Condor, she ate the smelliest egg on the face of Gaia. Whenever Tifa remembers the smell, she thinks about going vegan for good. Once Yuffie had a serious talk with Aerith about how easily Shinra could poison her, since she accepted any food anyone offered outside of Midgar. Aerith vowed to only eat what Tifa cooked for the rest of the journey.


Straight Outta Final Fantasy VII | Part I 

Focused narrowly on the towns where the characters are from. I must admit that these look awesome in B&W.

And yeah, that’s the very place where poor Vincent’s origins lay  ^^”