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blue’s a over dramatic show off you cant convince me otherwise

I mean the vision blue showed the team of voltron was just super corny and just bragging about how awesome blue’s lion family is and showing what they can do together

seriously blue was on auto pilot and decided to do just a bunch of tricks and flips and roar just showing off how cool blue was because blue is that kind of lion

blue wasnt desperate to get home they where frilled to find some friends and a new paladin to pilot it and immediately wanted to show off to its pride I mean the lion spent at least two minute flying around doing barrel roles and flips and roaring that’s clearly look at me look at me behavior

Also I swear this lion has a smirk as big as lances look at it!

this lions great omg

imma take screens shots of the lions and try and get more info on there personalitys

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I'm thinking of making a fanfic of each of the ML love square ships and I also agree on the Marichat thing, so I'm kinda stuck lol. Would you be willing to explain how the dynamic would go properly (like, aligning with the show's canon material)? Thank you in advance! 🐞🐱

Wow, such faith in me *takes deep breaths*

I think that Marichat would go a lot like Ladynoir, actually, but still slightly different. One of the things that I find most interesting about canon Marichat is how Chat treats Mari. He’s actually more of a showoff around her than he is around Ladybug (I don’t see him announcing his barrel roles around her, wth Chat, lol). Which is interesting because he doesn’t really act that way with anyone but Ladybug and Marinette. Like, in Evillustrator, he’s actually actively, like, wide-eyed at getting to work with Mari, and the dorky flirting gets turned up, like, 200%. This tells me one thing–that Adrien has a slight crush on Mari even if he’s still more interested in Ladybug (or he’s still worried she doesn’t like him after the gum incident and is subconsciously trying to make up for it). It’s such an interesting dynamic because you don’t see him flirt with anyone else. And yet he singles out these two seemingly different girls who are actually the same, yet he’s completely unaware. I mean, that tells be right off the bat that Adrien is in love with all the “parts” of Mari, because he likes Mari too. 

What could really make this interesting, though, is Mari’s exposure to it. She only knows Chat as Ladybug, and Ladybug knows Chat is a flirt. If Chat had gone to help Mari in Evillustrator and not flirted with her, she’d probably have been more surprised. But because he did flirt, this solidifies in her mind that he probably flirts with everyone, even though that’s not the case at all. Which means that she assumes he’s the “Marichat stereotype,” but actually isn’t, not one bit. Which could spur some really interesting miscommunications. 

How it’d go though? I think we’d get a Mari that was SUPER comfortable around Chat, to the point that it endears Chat because she can’t get out two words in front of him as Adrien. It’d be so bad that Mari would be so comfortable that all of Chat’s flirting would go right over her head, because that’s the way she assumes he is, and so she’d be completely unaffected by it. Like, I could honestly see Chat being so puzzled by this, because he can’t get Mari to say a single sentence to him when he’s not Chat, and she’s a totally different person in school (around him anyway). And I’d like to see him discovering that she’s not shy at all around anyone but Adrien, and, like, getting offended by this? Or thinking Mari doesn’t like him? And so he’s afraid to tell her who he really is not because he’s afraid to disappoint her, but because he doesn’t want her to suddenly stop liking Chat. I dunno, there’s a lot that could be done that doesn’t have to be “Chat is a playboy and Mari is a fainting damsel, shy and weak in his arms.” Like, I don’t think Mari would ever be shy around Chat, or hesitant, or uncomfortable. Which, for some reason, she tends to get when she, suddenly, realizes she likes Chat. But I always figure she’d be more “well crap, I like this stupid Chat? But he’s so annoying.” And she’d still be very much her confident self around him, because that is her comfort zone around him. Where with Adrien, she hasn’t established a comfort zone.  

Like, I’d like to see a Marichat where Mari’s like “damn this cat, always flirting. Well, I’m gonna flirt right back and give him a taste of his own medicine.” And, like, just watch Chat fall apart and get nervous, because he never imagined that someone would so blatantly reciprocate his flirting. Or that, of all people, it’d be Marinette Cheng. Like, yeah. 

Hope that helps? Those are just some of my ideas *shrugs*

(Like look how smiley is in this gif, cuz Mari is ACTUALLY TALKING to him, and being the spitfire she is with other people, but never Adrien. He’s such an obvious doof). 

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attention passengers this is your pilot speaking. I’m gonna need you guys to hold on tight and remain calm. my copilot bet me that I wouldn’t do a double barrel roll and let me just say I’m about to be 25 dollars richer

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Cupid shot through the late afternoon sky, doing barrel roles and smashing through clouds as she flew. She dove down to the surface of the ocean and skimmed the water. She was heading back to land from Antarctica, she was close to land but not quite there yet.
The sky was filled with grey clouds and moisture was in the air, it was going to rain soon and she was very exited about it.

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Exhausted. Bruce and Mar'i. My dream please?

He’d thought the boys were bad. Full of energy, able to play or train all day and still get into mischief when his back was turned.

He was the Batman, trained in ways of the night. He was fighting fit, in the peak of health, stamina trained as well as quickness and somehow he still wasn’t able to keep up with the glowing green ball of energy which was his granddaughter.

A bundle of energy which enjoyed landing on his chest in the wee hours of the morning. “Mar'i, honey, it’s four in the morning.”

“I know!” she chirped, with language skills which exceeded the normal, human three-year-old. “Sunrise is in forty minutes but daddy said you needed extra help waking up.”

Groaning, he threw his forearms over his eyes. “Can’t your mother take you this morning?”

“She would but daddy said not to wake her. Coop'r was up most of the night.”

Two hours of sleep, ten hours in the last seventy two, even with Robin around to help, it was hard going lately. Crime was rampant and he was looking after with Mar'i while Starfire recovered from a rather traumatic birth.

He peeked at Mar'i.  “And daddy can’t take you because?”

Solemn green eyes peered at him. “He’s lazy, Grampa.” She pawed at his chest with her hands. “And I want you! Daddy never does barrel roles in the Batplane!”

Bruce peeked at her again. “If I do one, will you promise to pester daddy tomorrow to see the sunrise?”

She sat back and crossed her heart. “And stick and needle in my eye.”

He propped himself up on his elbows. “Good girl. Go see if Alfred can make me a coffee.”

“Already done!” she said, preening and bounded toward the door. “C'mon Grampa!”

Bruce rubbed his eyes and grabbed his dressing gown, ignoring the stiffness in his body. No matter how exhausted he was, he always had time for her.