barrel racing tips

Anonymous asked,

I have a 14 year old gelding that I’ve had for three years now. He’s got a lot of speed and runs low 18’s in a standard barrel pattern. The problem is the patterns are never clean and his turns are far from smooth and make it hard to ride. His times would be so much better if the turns we’re smoother. Any tips or reasons why this is happening?

Usually when a horse is choppy in the turns they are stiff. Before you put him on supplements get your vet to check him out.

Here’s a few things to do for him if he is stiff;

  • Lot’s of turnout can help him loosen up
  • A longer warm up can help his muscles warm up better
  • After a ride let him stand in a safe cold stream for 10 mins or so
  • Gradually start him on a joint supplement if the vet gives the ‘OK' 

Start out at slow pace and gradually build your pace. Another reason your turns could be rough are he’s not getting his leads.(I think I have a post on lead changes.) Also check his equipment and make sure everything fits properly. 

I hope this helps. I kind of deleted the message on tumblr by accident ,but thankfully I had a email from tumblr with the question. If you need anything else just feel free to ask. 

anonymous asked:

Do you ever run hard at home? I've been told to only take it slow at home and to hit the trails

I hardly ever run hard at home. Barrel horses have just so many runs so, why waste them at home? You can run hard at home just don’t do it a lot.The fastest I run them at home is a fast lope. Hopes this helps you! If you have any other questions just ask.