They’ve Got Your Back

What’s the best thing you could find in life?  Most people would say, “Someone to make me totally secure and take care of all my needs.” These people don’t know it, but that’s what we have in prison.

We used to scramble for everything we got—job, home, transportation, even advice and guidance. We had to work hard for everything, and everything we got was insecure.  You make a little mistake, and you lose your job.  A relationship breaks up, and suddenly you have no home.  An accident, and your nice new car is gone. The hardest thing of all is to find somebody to tell you where to go and what to do.  But we don’t have those problems anymore.

When they take us to the pen, they put us in a big, expensive bus, the kind of ride that gets everyone’s attention.  No danger from road rage—the windows are barred, and the door is locked and bolted. And it’s just for us—an exclusive tour.

On reaching our destination, uniformed guides are waiting to show us exactly where to go.  Those guides will be looking after us every hour of every day, for the rest of our lives.  On entrance to the building, our legs are chained together and our arms are chained to our sides, to prevent any random straying from the tour route.

That’s only one example of the fact that our new home is completely safe.  The doors of the bus don’t open until it’s inside the security gate, and the gate is locked.  That gate is massive!  The house itself is made out of reinforced concrete.  Every window is bullet proof, and every door is steel.  All double locked, of course.  And in case anybody ever tried to crawl in over the roof, he’d find that the edges of the building are protected with razorwire.

By special contract, our home is covered by a lifetime guarantee, backed by the government, from which none of the parties can escape.  The deal includes free food, free clothing, free healthcare–free everything, always.  To minimize the possibility of any problems with relationships, all residents are required to follow the same rules, accept the same guidance, and even wear the same clothes.  No discrimination allowed!  Yet our individuality is fully respected: our wrist bands are plainly stamped with our own individual numbers.

It’s an all-inclusive personal maintenance plan—and it’s easy to sign up for!  Why not give it a try?

3t4 Conversion of Cyclonesue Airlock Windows and Deco Pipes.

This set contains:

  • Small Port-hole Window (barred)
  • Large Port-hole Window (barred)
  • Small Port-hole Window
  • Small Port-hole Window (no bars)
  • Airlock Port-hole window
  • Large Port-hole Window
  • Airlock Large Shaft (end piece with fan)
  • Airlock Small Shaft (pipe)
  • Airlock Small Shaft (end piece with fan)
  • Airlock Large Shaft (inner piece)
  • Airlock Large Shaft (end piece)
  • Airlock Small Shaft (joining pipe)
  • Airlock Small Shaft (inner piece)
  • Airlock Large Shaft (barred end piece)
  • Airlock Small Shaft (end piece)
  • Airlock Small Shaft (end piece - barred)

Most swatches are shown in pictures. Items have 5-6 swatches each.
*Some doors were turned into windows instead as I found it better suitable for the game.

CC used:
Fidledeedee hl2 dumpster 1 by sanoysims
Fidledeede hl2 metal pipe 2 by sanoysims
SO boards by grannyzaza
Cage container alien vs predator by Dinha
HL2walls9 by grannyzaza
SO sign 04 by grannyzaza
Old floors 2 by grannyzaza
Trashbags by blvcklifesims
Tincan 03 by helen
Broken wooden crate by helen
Grotto steampunk hot tub ladder by (me)


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Help yourself

A/N - another one for B

Tim looked over at his friend hitting the books.

“You know I owe you big time for this.” You looked up to see the boy wonder sitting in your window and smiled.

“You say this every night Tim.”

“Yeah but you doing my homework so my grades don’t slip, you’re saving my ass.” He climbed in and sat on your bed.

“Shhh before you wake my uncle.”

“Sorry!” He whispered

“You need to be more careful, I found your spare mask next to my lamp last night.” You scolded him “seriously he’s like two steps away from putting Harry Potter’s bars on my window!”

“Oh I did wonder where it went.” He muttered “oh i forgot, I brought these to say thanks.” He held up a bag of junk food

“Oh thanks just stick it in the usual place.” He nodded and pulled a storage brick full of potato chips and other snack foods.

“You know if you ever need somebody to come and eat your food, I’m there.” He grinned

“Help yourself.” You laughed before you pushed his homework aside and climbed into your bed.

“Are you staying tonight?”

“If you don’t mind.”

“Do I ever?” You giggled and yawned “just make sure you hide it all properly this time.

You had another storage container in your room full of spare clothes for him. It was a common occurrence for him to come over if he had a rough day with his dad and he’d often stay the night. He got out some clean underwear and a T-shirt before going into your ensuite. Your uncle and aunt never really noticed due to the fact you did your own laundry and his at the same time while they were out.

Luckily since he was so quiet you guys never got caught, but in the mornings he’d drop down,and knock on the door to get some breakfast with you and your uncle and aunt.

He tiptoed back into the room and crawled into the bed next to you.

“Hey Y/N, you still up?”

No response, he smiled and closed his eyes

“I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, sweet dreams.”

the-lone-wolf-huntress  asked:

A soft whimper comes from a cell. she had been in this asylum for as long as she could remember. no one was permitted into her holding cell without an armed guard. She whimpers looking out the barred window. She wasn't allowed out of that cell... She was pale, her hair was matted and she was thin and lonely. no one brought her good, no one cared about her.

Ozpin walked to her cell a guard behind him. “Leave.” The guard looked at him before standing outside the cell. Ozpin walked in, no medication in hand, nothing with him. His upper torso and arms were Cybernetic with dark green plating. “I want you to come with me, I want to show you something.” Ozpin offered a hand to her. He had Grey hair with dark green trousers and black dress shoes. He didn’t wear a shirt so his entire cybernetics were exposed. He saw fear in her eyes but just wanted to help.

Your Joker, His Harley

Thunder roared like a lion chasing its prey and bright lightning lit up the room momentarily before darkness came seeping back in again. The only light source was that of the moon, its dim rays penetrating the glass and casting shadows that lay menacingly before you on the concrete floor - shadows that danced every time you moved. But even in the absence of light you could see him clearly as if it was day. You could always see him.

He sat. A luxurious arm chair beneath him, covered in plush red velvet that stood out from the bleak room and juxtaposed with the barred windows. He didn’t look at you as you watched him, concentrating on his actions. He never did anything with a lack of concentration. The sleeves of his purple jacket tightened around his arms from his movements as he brought the barrel of the loaded silver gun closer to his face, inspecting it without a drop of fear. Running over it with his eyes again and again and again. You knew how much he hated to get blood on his gun and tonight was no exception. He would be wordless until it was clean for there would be no bat in the sky tonight. With a final wipe of the side, the drawn on smile tugged at his lips. He was satisfied.
You loved his lips, with their pink silkiness. You loved the way they wrinkled in all the right places when he spoke. The skin forming around every crazy word that left his heart shaped mouth. And you loved his laugh and the voice that went along with it. Psychopathic and melodic with notes that could raise chills from your soul, making you feel things you’d never felt before. Things no man had ever made you feel before.

And then he was looking at you. Eyes drilling into your own from across the room and your entire body was on fire even though goose bumps pricked your skin.
“Come here, my sweet.” He whispered, softly but just loud enough for you to hear and you went flocking to him like a puppy to its master. He placed the gun down and patted his lap for you to sit and you did, arms instinctively going up to wrap around his neck, one hand getting tangled in his mop of coloured hair.
“You did well tonight baby.” He spoke and his voice was still a mix of adrenaline and exhilaration from tonight’s kill and it was tantalising to your ears. “I thought you were going to run away from me my love.” He quipped and you broke out into a grin, pulling yourself closer to his body.
“I’d never run from you Mr K.” You said sweetly. He grinned in response and tightened his grip on your waist, blood rushing to your head.
“Of course you wouldn’t.” He grinned maliciously. “Where would you go? You have no one.” You nodded in response for he was all you needed. You were an addict and he was your favourite addiction.

The lion roared again and the room was illuminated once more. And you were his prey. He ate away at your soul and your sanity and you let him because there was no one else like him in the world. He hummed as if reading your thoughts, before pulling your head down for your lips to meet in a kiss, the gold of his teeth reflecting in your eyes before they shut in the sweet embrace. He bit down harshly on your lip and you whimpered in response. And you love him, not for the way he silenced your demons – but for the way his demons danced with yours.
Two twisted souls colliding, ready to destroy the world together.

Anonymous asked:

So I’m writing an episodic story and MC’s work place is a common setting, but only when it ties into the plot. After the other anon ask I wonder if I should add mundane things rather than just ones that are plot convenient. What do you think? :)

Unfortunately, I answer dozens of questions per week, many of which are anon, so I have no idea what question you’re referring to. That’s why I ask for a post url when referring to a specific post.

If you’re writing about a common setting, you want to focus on the details that make it different from other settings like it. There are lots of schools, but a school that’s in a very old building would certainly be unique. There are lots of gas stations, but one with bars on the windows and doors would definitely be out of the ordinary. So, look for unique features like that to make your setting stand out a little. You can build in a new detail each time the setting appears, which allows you to layer on the detail without going overboard. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)