barred rock chicken

Have had the chickens for nearly a month now and can say that raising them as babies does affect how they react with you.

In this case, the troublesome birb Terry loves to jump on my arms and perch there.  I do believe she really likes me a lot since its always every time I’m in there.  Oreo the other barred rock also does this too but not nearly as crazy as Terry does.

Terry is also our escape artist because of the fact she can jump high.  We just changed up their enclosure and she and Genny both so far have managed to escape.  Luckily we have a door in this room so they are safe regardless if they escape.


Three paintings I finished last fall as a warm-up of sorts in preparation to start painting tiny remarques on my duck stamp prints!

All three are 5″ x 7″ and are acrylic paint on Claybord.

From top to bottom:

“Flooded Field - Cattle Egret”
“Early Morning Redhead”
“Boss Hen Moa”

Back when Paige was a baby birb, she suddenly stopped eating - she’d just sit around all poofy and sleep during the day. A very expensive trip to the vet’s revealed nothing helpful, but we did get a nutrient-dense powder mix that we could use to get her some much-needed calories.

After a week’s worth of extremely messy and sticky syringe feedings, we discovered something: although Paige wouldn’t touch any other food, she would eat strawberries. At first she’d carefully eat one strawberry at a time, but soon she was devouring them. Seeing her voluntarily - and eagerly - eat food on her own again was miraculous. Slowly she regained weight and was once again an energetic and healthy young hen.

Today my little Paige Monkey (a.k.a. Muffin) is rotund, bossy, and has a personality bigger than the sun. And every late spring she’s the first to wait (and whine, loudly) by the garden gate for strawberries. 

If my followers are wonder if Terry still thinks she’s a falcon… yep she still thinks that. 

Actually been working on training her to jump up when I put my arm out.  She’s the only one of our chickens that still does this and therefore also make her the easiest to catch out of the three older chickens.


Hey friends! Things have been a bit rough lately. Life has been dishing out the nonsense, things have been going wrong (at times, catastrophically), loss in the family has been had, and things are generally pretty distressing for me. In times like these I turn to the best therapy possible: Chickens.
Please enjoy some chicken photos with me.

Forgive ‘relly and her scruffy appearance, for she is molting, and….  actually…. she always looks like a muppet so there is that.

(I am the one making zainy faces with Moa, the Barred Rock. The person having some tea and chicken time is my friend!)


Planning on doing some spreads and maybe little article layouts about our chickens, garden, and random wildlife in our backyard, just for fun. Since the whole “living on 18.5 acres and growing/raising your own food” thing is a brand new experience for me, who grew up in suburbia and this will let me get out all the excitement and process everything visually.

One of those spreads will be some dorky little chicken profiles so of course I had to do portraits of all of them. The only ones not shown are our four Marans because they all look the same and the only names we’ve given them are collective (”Maran Maran” “The Four Sisters”). Still a work in progress!