barratt as a priest is kinda doing it for me

Booshlrs, could u help me out? Is the boosh racist??? I'm feeling a bit worried... :(

So I recently I read a short piece of writing about the mighty boosh being racist and using black face and it really upset me. I’d always found the way Rudi is portrayed in the Jungle episode to be problematic, but i figured that it wasn’t blackface and rather Julian was portraying a character who happened to be black… But really two white guys doing that kinda thing is problematic tbh… idk

I’d never considered the Priest and the Beast episode to be racist, nor the character the Spirit of Jazz, but now… i just don’t know. I’d never kinda picked up on it… I kinda just feel really bad now… :(((

Someone please tell me I’m wrong.. please tell me the boosh isn’t racist… :(