Mongolian-Chinese + Vietnamese/French

I’m finally at a place where I’m comfortable with my looks and the complexities of being mixed. My face was the subject of a constant barrage of backhanded compliments:

Oh you’re lucky you have a higher nose from your Grandma’s French side

Your skin is pale and milky because of your Chinese side.

You got your eye shape from your mom’s [mongolian] side - better than those Asian monolids!

Only Vietnamese girls get nicer full lips like yours!

Everything about my looks was to be appreciated because I didn’t inherit the supposed “bad” physical attributes of other parts of my heritage. It got to the point where I was embarrassed and ashamed to associate myself with any of these cultures. I was taught all of this internalized prejudice and I constantly hid behind the phrase “ambiguous asian” because I wasn’t proud of any part of me and I wasn’t even allowed to claim anything as I wasn’t fully one or the other.

So glad I’m past that now! Love all your faces Asian friends! @ioseppa

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Are you very much into the local Glasgow music scene? I understand that you like the Smith's from the occasional reference but what about some of the great bands here. I personally adore all of them, from the post-Thatcherite Arab Strap, the cult twee band, Belle and Sebastian, the post-rock noise barrage that is Mogwai, Kurt Cobains favourite band the Vaselines, and bridging into the more modern dance-tribal edm of Golden Teacher or reggae hype of Mungo's Hifi. What are your fav Glasgow bands?

Thanks for your email. I am even willing to forgive you for your unnecessary apostrophe abuse of my one of favourite all-time bands. I groaned when I saw it when I first read this email, although in part that could be because I was clinging onto the bed to stop the room from spinning. I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible. So since I’m largely going to be unproductive today, I thank you for allowing me to spend my day talking about indie pop in Glasgow.

My love for Belle & Sebastian is probably well documented already on here. Tigermilk and If You’re Feeling Sinister are pieces of art and should be considered mandatory listening for every angst-ridden awkward teenager.

It took me a long time to even get into Arab Strap. I’d put them on and my then flatmate would ask “are you listening to funeral music?” which, given my penchant for artists that were already deemed to be sadness-inducing, must have meant that this was the lowest of the low. I like them, but they’re not a band that I actively put on.

One Glasgow band that I genuinely miss seeing live is Sons And Daughters. I still remember where I was the first time I heard their music. I’d walked into the smoke machine fog they had in the attic at the top floor of the Garage (look, don’t judge me, the attic had a lot of good tunes! This was back in the day when they had booths and little tin-foil ashtrays and where you woke up with your clothes and hair smelling like you’d scrubbed yourself with Regal king size) and I heard Blood. Their music was good. A mixture of female/male vocals. I liked them. They were angry and loud.

Edwyn Collins, a man who has gone on to recover from a horrific brain haemorrhage and create some fine solo albums. He’s probably more famous for singing ‘A Girl Like You’ but his work as being the lead singer of Orange Juice is what you should check out.

Now, if you’re already familiar with The Vaselines, and while you’re right that they were one of Kurt Cobain’s favourite bands, but he also said that if he could have been in any other band, it would have been BMX Bandits. And here is wearing one of their t-shirts. As if that wasn’t reason enough for finding out more about the band!

Which also leads me The Bellshill Beach Boys, aka, Teenage Fanclub. I saw The Fannies last year at the Kelvingrove Bandstand and fifteen year old me was delighted when they played one of my all-time favourite songs; Did I Say.  My attention is grasped from hearing the first “Hey” whispered alongside the piano, and in anticipation of hearing the guitars jangle in from twenty seconds in, which causes the hairs on the back of my neck to rise. What a beautiful tune.

“Do you like casual sex” you ask someone at a flat party in Glasgow.

“I prefer monogamous relationships.” is one response you’re going to get, or you’re going to be asked to pick a window that you’ll be leaving from, or possibly, “yes, their music makes me smile.”

Since I can’t add more than five videos in an answer, I’m going to choose this as one the five because it’s quite a wonderful little video filmed in the streets of Glasgow.

I probably could include a few more bands, but why not take this opportunity to talk about a Glasgow band that I not just love, but simply adore; Camera Obscura.

You know that there are stories in music, little snippets of life that seem to stay with you forever? Well, there was the story about Don McLean, he of ‘American Pie’ fame. The story goes that when Lori Lieberman saw him perform live, it inspired her to write a poem, which was then turned into a song called ‘Killing Me Softly’. Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this, I know I am even as I’m writing it. There is a lyric in that song that goes “I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud.” I felt that way when I heard Tracyanne Campbell sing on ‘Let’s Get Out Of This Country’. That somehow she snuck into my room to read my diary and then say the things I did, but better. I still feel that way when I put that record on. Melancholic, heartbreaking lyrics, and whimsical music… what’s not to love about it, the band, or her? Sigh. Camera Obscura are my go to band when I want to lie on my bed, think about life and death, neither of which appeal to me. When I want to write, they are one of the bands that I actively choose to listen to, their music helps get me into the write (surely ‘right’? - ed) frame of mind. They are simply beautiful and I could never tire of listening to them. 


Sail #23

Close ups of Raheen castle.

 I didn’t hang around too long, as it was fairly apparent I was in the bottom of somebody’s garden, as the grass between the bracken was cut! You can see the pockmarks from the cannon balls in the font wall of the castle. These date back to around the Battle of Kinsale, which was in 1601. 

Back then small force of Spanish soldiers had landed at Castlehaven and were in control of the O’Driscoll castle at St Barrahanes at the mouth of the harbour(now no longer standing). News of this prompted an English fleet to sail from Kinsale, to deal with the Spanish threat.

Raheen castle above was an O’Donovan castle. Despite this it was also targeted by the English fleet which entered and then promptly left Castlehaven, due to a barrage of cannon fire from atop battery point, which is at the mouth of the harbour. Before the fleet left though, they managed to sink the Spanish flagship, the Leon de Oro.

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lots of love to you <3 hope you survive the barrage of angry questions and hate that are about to come your way :(

Hahah. You know what? I decided a long time ago that if I will answer some things, I will be honest.

People who follow me, need to know about some of my opinions about the fandom issues.

Horrible Racist Woman Launches Barrage Of Bigotry At Latino Mom In IHOP (VIDEO)

Horrible Racist Woman Launches Barrage Of Bigotry At Latino Mom In IHOP (VIDEO)

According to a Facebook post by Carlos Steven Vasquez, he was visiting a local IHOP with his parents, when a complete stranger began to hurl racist insults at his mother. Part way into her bigoted tirade, Vasquez pulled out his cell phone and began recording the woman. “So today at IHOP a white lady stepped in and insulted my mother for speaking Spanish. She told my mom to learn English Or get…

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theoriginalclone replied to your post “It’s been DAYS since I caught up to this point, but… JACK BOUGHT…”

i honesty cried over the oven, admittedly i was on day 4 of live below the line and most food related things made me want to cry, and the barrage of tweet notifications woke me up at four am so by the time the oven happened at 10 i was a hot mess, BUT STILL ACTUAL TEARS OF A FICTIONAL OVEN HAVE OCCURED

This is a completely understandable and normal reaction. Other options include: screeching like a dinosaur, walking away with your hands thrown up in the air, and heavy breathing. Or combine all of them :)

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omg after the barrage of thigh high related questions id like to ask one more - what shoes go well with them?

Knee high boots ankle boots platform shoes lace up oxfords c:


Barrage is an interesting blend of projectile combat action and RTS gameplay in which you build bases and use a variety of devastating weaponry to crush your opponents.

In Barrage players must balance building a thriving economy, base building and real time warfare in which projectiles are aimed and fired at enemy planets.  The various forms of projectile weaponry are affected by the gravity of surrounding stars, planets, asteroids and black holes, so the trajectory must be carefully planned to avoid misses (or worse – hitting yourself with your own shot).

There are a wide range of tactics available, from launching small moons to directing powerful laser beams.  The mixture of RTS mechanics and projectile combat offer up some innovate and unique gameplay.  A planet smashing artillery RTS.

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Damien he running the Starling City police force?

So, back in May as I was watching the finale, a thought occurred to me as I watched this scene…

Cop to Lance: “We’ve got two suspects up on the dam, don’t know why they’re fighting each other, but the Chief says they’re responsible for what’s happening. He’s ordered me to take them out as soon as I have a clean shot.”

Later, Lance calls Felicity and warns her saying that he’s got men not listening to him to call off the shot.

At the time, I thought it was weird because A) how did the Chief KNOW for sure that these two were responsible for the attack B) wouldn’t most law enforcement try to take the bad guy in first before shooting to kill?

And then I forgot all about it over the past few months since the finale aired.

And then we got this barrage of BTS photos from Paul Blackthorne

Why is Paul Blackthorne/ Captain Lance around Darhk so much?

Could Darhk be the Chief of police? 

Going off of that assumption, could this mean that the entire police force, along with other branches of the government, has been infiltrated by his HIVE of followers?

They’ve said repeatedly that Darhk will be the biggest bad, the most evil villain they’ve had. 

How terrifying would it be if Team Arrow slowly discovered how deep the HIVE went, that they could trust NO ONE in the city.

It could be the push Oliver needs to jump into the political scene, in whatever capacity he can. It may be why he would support his mother’s friend’s race for the campaign…

And the threat on her(Jessica Danforth) life that they’ve teased could very well be from HIVE in an attempt to insure that one of their own wins the election…

“ Jeri will play Jessica Danforth in the episode, a friend of the Queen family. Her political ambitions will place her in the crosshairs of a menacing antagonist.” (source)

*i’m thinking Patty has become Jessica Danforth*

Lance, after balking at the idea that his boss is evil and telling Team Arrow to get lost, will somehow discover that he’s surround by crooks and he’ll have to put his trust in Oliver and Team Arrow again, possibly leading to a reconciliation between Lance and Oliver.

Furthermore, tying in Andy Diggle’s death, perhaps someone Andy Diggle was protecting(someone important) was actually a part of HIVE and Andy found out, attempted to go to the authorities, and unbeknownst to him, he tells more HIVE members, resulting in the contract hit on him to silence him.

Yea…this theory just got away from me…


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“She is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. And it’s fun because she’s also a big tomboy in a lot of ways, too. She’s really down to earth and if I have to I will take a barrage of bullets. I’ll take a mortar to the chest if I have to, if that’s what we’re talking about.” - Zachary Levi

The Trauma Of Police Encounters

For many African Americans, tuning into the nightly news and skimming through social media timelines has become an exercise in maintaining psychological well-being. The barrage of videos in which police officers attack and kill black people, along with ongoing discussions about race-based violence, can elicit fears that they, too, may succumb to an officer’s bullet.