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That wasn't a fic that was a bad rp looking log and really embarrassing to see when I know y'all can do better. I might get sassed to all hell for sending this but it's disappointing. Shouldn't be considered a fic.

Alright listen up, this goes for you and every other person who may be too pussy to send these asks off of anon:

We are so close. So FUCKING CLOSE to being done with this and we loved this, we love our fans but quite frankly we are SO DONE with Striderclan. At this point you’re lucky if you get ANYTHING. We’ve already started on the last story just in case we decide to call it quits a few weeks early. So don’t you DARE be ungrateful for ANYTHING we give you. It’s better than another skipped Thursday and a barrage of those super fucking annoying “oh no story this week?” asks.

If it’s Friday and a story didn’t come out yesterday then no, there is no fucking story this week.




Aeacus’s additional note: This wasn’t meant to be a full fic. If you read it as just a fic, I feel bad because you obviously missed the AUDIO part of it because Hal did a wonderful job of taking this and making it better than I wrote it. I was trying new shit because guess what? This blog doesn’t get paid and only exists as writing practice and to stroke our egos. We got other shit to do.

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Your cats eye gem strikes me as someone who would use some sort of flail weapons or chains. Maybe a cat of nine tails made of chains in one hand and a casting chain lasso or chain net in the off hand? Tangle them up in chains and then barrage them with rapid attacks from the flails?

ah, maybe! I like the idea of her tying someone up before attacking, that seems like something she’d do. Although, I’ve actually been thinking of a sickle! ‘Cause the way they’re shaped kinda look like a cat’s claws, and according to tvtropes they’re a weapon that, “psychos for hire” use. I don’t like that trope and I don’t think it quite fits Cat, but she’s unpredictable and kind of cruel so a sickle would work, I think.

I really like the idea of her tying people up though! Maybe she carries around a ball of yarn in her gem? She is based on a cat, after all!

I think a sickle suits her!


These color photographs show the troops getting ready for the D-Day assault at an British port. Most of the color stills in the National Archives show the preparations rather than the invasion.

You can see more color photographs on the Media Matters blog.

Image:  111-C-1258, “These American troops have loaded their equipment onto an LCT and are waiting the signal for the assault against the Continent.”

Image: 111-SC-1237, “American troops at a British port descend into barges which will take them to troop ships from which they will launch the attack against Hitler’s Fortress Europe.”

Image: 111-SC-1248, “Medics and litter bearers going up the ramp of an LCT which will take them to France for the assault against Hitler’s Europe.”

Image: 111-SC-1232, “American troops at a British port descend into barges which will take them to troop ships from which they will launch the attack against Hitler’s Fortress Europe.  Note Barrage balloons in the background.”