If you think the political advertisements are bad now...

Just wait until the election is officially called. 

The airwaves will be filled with a barrage of political ads and attack ads every day for the next two and half months.

The Conservatives have the most money so expect ads attacking Trudeau’s inexperience or Mulcair’s economic policies during every commercial break, in every newspaper, on radio; EVERYWHERE.


“She is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. And it’s fun because she’s also a big tomboy in a lot of ways, too. She’s really down to earth and if I have to I will take a barrage of bullets. I’ll take a mortar to the chest if I have to, if that’s what we’re talking about.” - Zachary Levi


The first V-1 was launched at London on 13 June 1944. At its peak, more than one hundred V-1s a day were fired at south-east England, 9,521 in total. By September 1944, the V-1 threat to England was temporarily halted when the launch sites on the French coast were overrun by the advancing Allied armies. 4,261 V-1s had been destroyed by fighters, anti-aircraft fire and barrage balloons.

When V-1 attacks began in mid-June 1944, the only aircraft in the Royal Air Force with the low-altitude speed be effective against it was the Hawker Tempest, in the last gif we can see a V-1 destroyed by a Hawker Tempest.  


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Hah I keep thinking to myself "well why doesn't tourmaline just pull out the shield or something if they get blasted at with the ship?" And then another part of me is like "no cause then they'd DEFINITELY know that rose quartz is there cause the shield," then the last part of me is screaming and crying hysterically. Congratulations, you did this to me. Why w h y

*sly glances to the left* *sly glance to the right* But fusions have their own distinct weapons. It’s a merge of the two component weapons sure, but it’s NOT either distinct weapon.

totally not a lis episode 5 spoiler

takes place after Episode 4 of course

Max, Nathan(????), and Jefferson are in the same room, in the Dark Room, and Mark is about to use the injection on Max

…and suddenly Jefferson senses another person’s presence in the room.

He drops the injection, takes a sip of his red wine, and checks who it is.

Suddenly he is barraged by sprinkles of Holy Water and verses from the Bible. He grumbles and searches for its source.

A very bright light shines upon the Dark Room and Mr Jefferson is immediately blinded. Max’s eyes are wide open and all she could do is cry tears of joy as she sees who her savior is.

There, in her magnificent beauty shining so brilliantly, is the precious cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure Kate Marsh.

She tilts her head to see Alyssa wink at her, and that other students of Blackwell with glares for Mr Jefferson and Nathan are behind the religious girl.

“About time I saved you, Super Max,” Alyssa says as she cuts Max’s bonds away with a cutter.

“What are you doing here?” she manages to croak as she feels the duct tape being removed from her wrists and ankles.

“We’ve come to save you, Max,” Kate replies, smiling down at her friend. “After all, it was you who brought out the rebel in me. Now they have to pay the price.”

KTERA Tank Class Changes - 7/29/15

Small revisions to fix some tanking skills and endurance debuff changes on the patch with the new ghostly island dungeon release date. There was an issue where Warrior’s Combative Strike endurance debuff kept overwriting the Brawler that will be fixed.

Brawler - Skill list in English here
Raging Barrage: Decreases skill range from 24m to 20m.
Airborne Kick: Skill changed from knockup to stagger in PvP only.
Embodiment: Passive skill that deals 0.4 crit damage on airborne targets will only affect monsters.
Tempest: Endurance debuff changed from 0.7% to 1.5% per hit that stacks up to eight times. (ex. from 5.6% to 12%)
Iron Block: Changes done on Glyph of the Pump from 20% to 30% chance to increase power by 50% for 6 seconds on a perfect block.
Taunt: Bug fix where it doesn’t force enrage monsters now. 

Debilitate: Endurance debuff changed from 5% to 4% per hit that stacks up to three times. (ex. from 15% to 12%)
Wallop: Increases base damage by 10%. (ex. from 3786 to 4165 base damage)

Punishing Strike: Endurance debuff changed from 3% to 4% per hit that stacks up to two times. (ex. from 6% to 8%)

Combative Strike: Endurance debuff changed from 4.5% to 8%.

A few thoughts on Walter Palmer (the guy who killed Cecil The Lion)

This is not the best of humanity.

I’m talking about us.

What Walter did was deplorable, yes. But, the barrage of threats to him, his business and his family isn’t making us as a society much better.

We need to find a way to better channel our anger around these types of situations. We’re being reactive. We encountered something that was upsetting and have immediately vilified this man to a point of no return. Is there no redemption for him?

Times like these I’m reminded of an article I read about how African tribes deal with crimes. They take the person who committed the wrongful act and put them in the center of the town where for two days they’ll tell him of every good thing he has ever done.

It’s a way to remind someone that while they have strayed, deep down they are a good person.

What we’re forgetting is that we can create the people around us. We can make them villains, and fearful, and evil- or we can create them as human beings who have committed wrong.

Nobody is one thing. Good and evil exist in all of us, and our actions are dictated by the way in which the world occurs to us. I think when someone does something awful like this we tend to forget that.

I invite you to forgive this man for what he has done. Not to condone it, but leave room for him in our society for him to redeem himself and come back from the error of his ways.

If we went through and purged society of everyone who did something bad, even intentionally, we would be a very bare world.

Love you guys,



Barrage is an interesting blend of projectile combat action and RTS gameplay in which you build bases and use a variety of devastating weaponry to crush your opponents.

In Barrage players must balance building a thriving economy, base building and real time warfare in which projectiles are aimed and fired at enemy planets.  The various forms of projectile weaponry are affected by the gravity of surrounding stars, planets, asteroids and black holes, so the trajectory must be carefully planned to avoid misses (or worse – hitting yourself with your own shot).

There are a wide range of tactics available, from launching small moons to directing powerful laser beams.  The mixture of RTS mechanics and projectile combat offer up some innovate and unique gameplay.  A planet smashing artillery RTS.

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