kittybooboo0147  asked:

Hey Injust saw your OW OC and was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting more about them? They look awesome and I'm curious!!

I guess I should make the presentations, it will be short tho, it’s kind of a work in progress.

Meet Caveira, Blackwatch agent, real identity, age, place and date of birth not disclosed.

Official records says she was recruited from a disbanded Brazilian spec ops specialized in Omnics surveillance and destruction… which never existed, her files are all made up but the UN bought it.

Unofficial records says Blackwatch raided her flat by UN’s orders to neutralize her but the unit dispatched there didn’t managed to kill her. Instead, they recruited her and burned all trace of her past life and probably their failure at completing their task. Everything but her dog, Barrage, a male Dogo Argentino and actual Caveira’s service dog. He’s also 99% of her impulse control.

Behind that mask hides an experienced soldier specialized in urban combat and counter-terrorism.

And that’s all for now… :p


Barrage is an interesting blend of projectile combat action and RTS gameplay in which you build bases and use a variety of devastating weaponry to crush your opponents.

In Barrage players must balance building a thriving economy, base building and real time warfare in which projectiles are aimed and fired at enemy planets.  The various forms of projectile weaponry are affected by the gravity of surrounding stars, planets, asteroids and black holes, so the trajectory must be carefully planned to avoid misses (or worse – hitting yourself with your own shot).

There are a wide range of tactics available, from launching small moons to directing powerful laser beams.  The mixture of RTS mechanics and projectile combat offer up some innovate and unique gameplay.  A planet smashing artillery RTS.

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