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Ok, I regret every word in this ask. *Inhale* Soldier 76 comforting Ana after she nearly or actually losing Pharah on the battlefield.

How dare you attack my heart like this

  • Pharah’s heart was one of courage and strength and sacrifice. Her soul determined to protect the innocent. And she did, using her rocket barrage until the sniper caught her in the air.
  • Ana watched her daughter fall. Mercy got to her first, but at the moment, she could hardly keep herself together to be useful. 
  • Now, she’s in surgery. The nurses explaining that Dr. Ziegler has to piece together a lot of organs. That the bullet is still inside.
  • She knows Angela is capable, and if anyone can save her daughter its her. Still, that does not put her soul to rest.
  • It’s him, after its been three hours surgery with no new updates, to finally calm her racing heart. Even when she covers her mouth with her hand, and bites back a sob, he pulls her close. His hand stroking her white heart while patiently holding her.
  • She whispers all her fears, telling how she never wanted this for her. Jack knows. He does, and he tells her Pharah’s strong, like her mother. In anyway it ends up, she’ll be okay, and he’ll be here for her.
  • When Angela finds her 16 hours later, with a tired, sad shake of her head, she tells her what happened. Ana thanks the doctor for all she’s done, and not to blame herself. Angela leaves. Now its just her, Jack, and the empty hole inside of her.
  • She can’t bare to go see her yet… to see her body. She falls against Jack. He presses her tightly against him, willing this cruel, dark world to give her daughter back to his lover. She doesn’t even make a noise, but he feels the tremble of her body, of her breaths. How his neck is stained with her silent tears.
  • She finally pulls away, and Jack wipes away her tears with a gentle hand. Her good eye finally lifts to look back at him, and she only whispers her daughter’s name over and over again. Saying she also loves him so much. 
  • Jack offers to come with her to go see the body, but she refuses. Saying she has to do this alone, she has to accept this by herself. It hurts, but he understands that it’s what she needs. 
  • He lets her go, watching the strongest women he’s ever known keep her head held high as she goes to say goodbye to her daughter’s corpse. 

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When will you have mineral lots again? Or warehouse sales? I know you mentioned crystals purchased in your shop update on Friday would probably ship out before Christmas, will any of the above sales maybe ship out before the next year? Thanks and sorry for the barrage of questions.

No worries at all!

We will try to squeeze in some more of those sales in time to ship before Christmas :)

Well, I’m 19 (!!!) I did a lot of good shit this year, including not actually killing myself™ and avoiding slipping back into self harm©

One of my “Big” things for 2017 is that I’m going to be seeing a long-term therapist to work through a lot of my issues, and my main one will be that by 2017, I want to not have to have the girl who fucked things up for me blocked on facebook, because I won’t care anymore. Also I have a barrage of 2017 goals which are set to be posted on NYE, 

My two main focuses for my 20th year on earth is that I want to be able to speak decent spanish and run 42 km by this time next year. 

S P A N I S H   G O A L: 

  • I’m signed up for a class next year (through the student organisation!) 
  • I’m going to start doing Duolingo on the regular
  • I’m going to force my friend maria to exclusively text with me in Spanish, so I learn to read it.
  • In 2018, I’m going to take a Spanish paper at Uni <— this is my measure of ability. 

R U N N I N G   G O A L 

  • I’m going to run a 6.5 km in February and a 10 k in March
  • I have a training plan laid out, and I am going to run 3 days a week for the next 6 months + 
  • I have another rewards system 
  • I’m going to run the Park Run as often as I can and try to get my 25 runs t-shirt in 2016. 
  • I want to be able to run the marathon in the Round the Bay’s race in 2018 <— this is my measure
  • I want to be able to have a marathon and half-marathon charm on my pandora bracelet by 2018. 

moon, mars, mercury, venus, jupiter!  

Read a little about these ladies at:

Someone asked:  "I love these! How would you feel about people cosplaying your version of the girls?“

Yes!!!  Send me pictures!