Hi, President Obama and Mrs. Obama. My name is Jacob and I’m five years old.
I wanna know who tells more jokes?



#: 500daysofsassy

A: almacoin ☆ allofthisiswrong

B: barrackobama ☆ bigbigday006 ☆ brookeeverdeen 

C: caesarflickermen ☆ chroniclesofpanem ☆ cornucopia ☆ cr3sta

D: diaryfuhrman ☆ districtmayor 

E: effiesgreenwig 

F: fauxface 

G: galehawthorne ☆ girlwhowasonfiregreatesthungergamesfans

H: hawthorners ☆ haymitchsemptybottlehiddlestonn


J: jasongraced ☆ jennahamiltonjenniferlawrencedaily ☆ josheeta

K: katnissandhersyringe 

L: loganslermans 

M: madeyemoody ☆ mearacle ☆ melark ☆ mjwatsonmrspollux ☆ muggleland ☆ mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou

N: nakedtribute ☆ niggas-in-panem ☆ nikola-nickartnotbolin

O: olympains

P: peetababy ☆ painterbakerpeetabrollark ☆ peetaslongbunpeetamellarkswifepeetasmoansprimisthebombprimsore


R: romulusthread ☆ ru3ful 

S: silentavox ☆ somuchhutch 

T: taissafarmigas 

U & V: 

W: whatthefinnick 

X & Y: yeahps

2 Termz!!! Yes we can, & yes we did...Again!

I was all over Twitter & Facebook, but I never got the chance to tell my Tumblr fam…I am deeply proud of Barrack Obama for winning 4 more years. I voted for the first tine this year & it was for Obama, because I truly believe that he deserve it. Listen to me when I say I don’t give a fuck about anybody’s negative opinion about Barrack Obama. He has done a lot for this country whether you may believe it or not. Obama killed in the polls. I mean let’s face it Romney’s state didn’t even vote for him. He was not going to be in the white house with 26 people in his family, & a wife that looks like the bride of Chucky. Anyways fuck what the haters say. My president is black, and is remaining black for 4 more fair years. And you don’t like it, well how about moving out the nation? #TeamObamaBiden!!! 2 termz!