barr camp

I’ve been off on a much needed (though still exhausting) adventure this weekend. Pikes Peak has been called “America’s Mountain” and yesterday, after 7.5 hours, 7500 feet of elevation gain, and 12.5 miles, we took to the summit. Thank you to crossfit and corsets for a strong and shapely physique with which to take on the challenge!


I’ve been volunteering at Barr Camp for awhile. It’s the most beautiful experience! This cabin sits at 10,200 feet elevation on the side of Pikes Peak mountain. It is a bed and breakfast and camp ground that serves as a midway point to the top of a 14,115 foot tall mountain. The three caretakers, Anthony, Renee and Tim, live here 365 days of the year, making dinner and breakfast for hikers that stay at the camp. They are all amazing and loving people!

So here are some pictures of the snow that fell on the mountain a few days ago! This is what I woke up to ✌️