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I did the art for the comic “Religion”, written by Jennie Wood.  This is part of an anthology entitled Baroque Pop inspired by the  music of Lana Del Rey.  The producers make similar anthologies based on different music groups (previous editions have been about Queen, Tom Waits, etc.)

The book is done - you can order the comiXology version or physical copy through the kickstarter page here:

INTP Music

Lately I’ve received asks about INtP music tastes and asking for recommendations. Here is my answer.

INTPs tend to like complex music. All their cognitive functions play a role in the music they enjoy.

Introverted Thinking: INTPs enjoy music with many layers that they can analyze. They are very attentive to technical details and like to analyze the structure of songs, and how the different instruments come together as a whole. This leads to them often enjoying instrumental music, especially classical and jazz music. Ti’s need for independence and dislike of “popular” things often lead to INTPs having a bias against pop and hip hop music.

Extraverted Intuition: Ne users enjoy analyzing the “deeper meaning” of things, beyond the basic structure. They enjoy deep lyrics (often with figurative language) that invoke thinking about the meaning of the song and what the singer wished to express. They also thrive on innovative, unusual ideas and experiences. Indie, alternative, and baroque pop music would likely appeal to INTP’s Ne.

Introverted Sensing: INTPs can be nostalgic, due to their Si. They are likely to enjoy music they listened to when they were younger, or music associated with certain memories. They have a fascination for the mood and atmosphere of music and are often drawn to melancholic, quiet music. Folk and singer-songwriter music (or really anything with a melancholic mood) would appeal to Si, as would the genres mentioned above.

Extraverted Feeling: INTPs are not naturally good at expressing emotion, so they often turn to music. In my own experience, I’ve found that I enjoy music that puts emotions into words and uses comparisons and metaphors to express feeling. INTPs often prefer to listen to music that matches their current emotion, as do other Fe users.

Anyway, here is a list of artists and albums I enjoy and would recommend to INTPs (I plan on adding more to this list in the future).

•Panic! At the Disco: Pretty. Odd.

•Of Monsters and Men: My Head is an Animal

•Alison Krauss: mainly her later albums (which are deeper and more melancholy), such as So Long So Wrong and Paper Airplane

•Paramore- Brand New Eyes

•Ed Sheeran