baroque organ

Concerto in D minor for violin, organ and strings RV541, II. Grave
Marcelo Bussi, Manfred Kraemer
Concerto in D minor for violin, organ and strings RV541, II. Grave

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741).

Vivaldi’s music was innovative. He brightened the formal and rhythmic structure of the concerto, in which he looked for harmonic contrasts and innovative melodies and themes; many of his compositions are flamboyantly, almost playfully, exuberant.

The genre of the “Organ Concerto” first evolves in the 18th century, when composers including George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach wrote organ concertos with small orchestras, and with solo parts which rarely call for the organ pedal board.

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of getting the Fan + Friend 'Baroque Organ' print, but I'm stuck debating between black and red - I tend to wear Gothic Lolita and the grey fits in with my monochrome better, but the organ print seems to look a bit faded on the grey fabric, whereas I'm not sure if I can co-ordinate the red dress as well (I have a red wig, but most of my things are black) but the print looks a lot better and blacker on it. Any suggestions?

I actually really like the printing on the gray one. I think the slightly faded look gives it a bit of an antique feel which works really well for the design. I think that idea could actually serve as a great jumping off point for a coordinate.
Although if you like the red version better, I don’t think it would actually be as difficult to coordinate as you think. You could easily put it with an all black coord since there’s already a good bit of black in the dress and then just get red accessories to add to it and the balance should work out just fine.